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Looking for advice...

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Hello - I am looking for nursing advice/tips for my sister.  My sis had a beautiful baby girl this Saturday morning at 1 am.  After the birth, the baby was placed under the warmer for about 30 min, bathed, then given to my sis for skin-to-skin.  I gently suggested that maybe she should try BFing - the baby wasn't interested.  I know babies are very tired after birth, but my sis also had nubain given IV before the birth and had an epidural.  When my sis periodically tried to nurse that night, either the baby wasn't interested or screamed and fell back asleep.  Saturday was a nursing nightmare.  Unfortunately, I wasn't there...but my sis found out that the lactation consultation staff was not there during the weekend.  A few nurses tried to help...but no one could help her.  I tried to help as best as I could over the phone.  Finally an older nurse helped her get the baby to latch, and the baby nursed!  Then my sis was told to only feed on one side for 20 min, then switch to the next for 20, then stop.  She followed the directions, even when the baby protested when she was unlatched.  She was also told not to bother burping the baby.  So, of course, the baby started spitting up.  I am so upset at this so called, "mother and baby friendly hospital."  My sis told me that she was ready to give up nursing by saturday afternoon.  Who can blame her though, with all of the crap advice she was given.  

Sunday I was able to go back to the hospital and suggested that my sis let the baby nurse as long as she wanted on each breast.  The baby started nursing about 45 min on each side.  

Ok, so, today, my sis is in the process of being discharged from the hospital.  I am not there, but I am about to leave to meet her at her house (a few hours away).  She was told that the baby has a "little bit" of jaundice and to supplement.  The baby has had several muconium diapers and maybe 3-4 wet diapers so far.  So, my sister gave her her first bottle of formula this am - the baby sucked the whole bottle down like she has never eaten before and of course, spit most of it back up.  She was also told that the baby has lost down to 6 lbs 1 oz, she was born at 6 lbs 10 oz.  Now my sister feels guilty for "starving" her baby.  

I am trying to tell her this is all normal - that she needs to nurse and nurse and nurse and nurse.  Her milk has not came in yet.  I am taking a breast pump, baby wraps, and plan to make lactation cookies and lactation tea and encourage her to nurse as much as possible.   

What else can I do????? 

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Well - for starters, explain about 'paced feeding' - babies suck a bottle down because someone is holding this leaking thing in their mouths and if they dont suck it down - they will drown.

Loss of weight is normal and so is 'a little bit jaundiced' - hopefully a little nakie time in front of a sunny window will help that? - Also some jaundiced babies can stay drowsy and need to switch every sides every 15 - 20 minutes, have a diaper change - or something that will wake them up - so they are actively sucking, not just sleeping at the breast.... - of course some sleeping at the breast is to be expected and many actively sucking babies can take 45 min per side at this age - BUT just saying - something to watch out for.

the spitting up is a little off...- i agree with the hospital nurse that a newborn doesnt really need to be burped.  - and since it happened after formula - im immediately thinking dairy intolerance - but i really am jumping the gun here!    Dont add more to your sisters plate right now - its just something to keep in the back of your head....

Just remind her that newborn nursing behavior is unlike anything else she has ever done before and it can be difficult, but it doesnt last long - like childbirth, its not like it is in the movies!

I had a terrible time nursing my first and three years later i was really afraid to nurse my second....one thing my sister did for me (since we were also long distance) was to call me every day - at the same time - and ask me how i was feeling.  I realized after about 8 - 10 days that i was actually doing OK - and breastfeeding was getting easier every day.  It helped to be able to vent that new motherhood was not all flowers and soft music - and when i heard myself complaining that there was nothing good on TV - i realized i was really OK!  

good luck and congrats on being an Aunt!!

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