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SCH diagnosed at 7 weeks

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It turns out my ultrasound last Tuesday showed a Subchorionic bleed :( The midwife said I should not lift my kids (3 and 5 yrs) and I was just carrying my 5 year old down the street last week before my appointment!!!

She sounded surprised that I haven't had any bleeding or spotting yet, and said if I do I need to go to the birthing center inside the hospital to be monitored by the on call midwife.

I swear this pregnancy is just a lesson in patience and trust. All of this is pretty much out of my control and I have to just take it day by day. I pray I do not experience any bleeding or spotting, and that the SCH is gone by my 13 week ultrasound that I have scheduled.


I haven't had any bleeding still, but I'm only 8 weeks today and have 5 more weeks until my ultrasound!


Anyone else experienced this with a positive outcome (I don't want to hear the negative ones please)?

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I'm sorry. I had bleeding around 8 weeks with my son, but everything turned out totally fine. I just Googled Subchorionic and this page seems reassuring. Hang in there!!



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I had a SCH around 7 weeks that was so large that it blocked 40% of the placenta. I was on bedrest for about 2 weeks, I did have severe bleeding and cramping. It stayed the same size and then the placenta outgrew it. It was a very scary time but, I delivered a healthy baby girl at 42 weeks! 

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I had an u/s at 5 weeks that showed a SCH.   I go tomorrow for a follow up.    I haven't had any bleeding either.

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I had a sub chorinic bleed at 12 weeks in my first pregnancy(after having sex, I don't know if that was what caused it but I think so, the Dr said "maybe"). Started losing a lot of blood and then passing blood clots the size of mice. It was really scary. I stayed in the hospital for 1 night on an IV to stop the bleeding followed by one week of bed rest at home and then all was completely normal for the rest of the pregnancy! do take it easy...I hope everything will be fine! 

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I had a friend that had an SCH that stressed her out for the first few months of her pregnancy.  She had a history of miscarriage and so was completely freaked out when she started bleeding.  She had a beautiful baby boy :-)

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I'm sorry you're dealing with this...the info on it when you Google can be scary. I had multiple SCH when I was pregnant with my twins. (I had some bleeding and thought I was miscarrying, which is why they did the u/s that discovered it was twins.) It was around 7-8 weeks, and it resolved on its own. Everything turned out just fine. My girls are two years old now- nothing bad happened from the SCH.

Good luck- I'll be thinking of you!
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@ninabear I can't give you anything more than anyone else has said - just my thoughts and prayers are with you. :Hug

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Thank you all so much for the positive stories and kind words.  I'm feeling much better after reading them!  


I've sorta put myself on pelvic rest since I've read a lot of stories of women who started bleeding from SCH after sex, plus my midwife said if I do have bleeding I will be put immediately on pelvic rest.  She also said that sex puts pressure in the same area that lifting my heavy kids does, so I put two and two together, sorry DH!


I'm trying to take it easy, not lift the kids, rest as much as I can (which has been easy since I've been too nauseous to do anything!), and be grateful for each day that I am pregnant.  :stillheart

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When I was 12.5 weeks pregnant with my third child, after doing nothing particularly strenuous, I stood up and clear liquid gushed from me - I knew it was amniotic fluid. Soon after, I began bleeding bright red blood - never any cramps though. I went to the hospital and as I filled out the intake forms, I just knew I was miscarrying. I went back for an ultrasound and couldn't look at the screen. The tech said "There it is!" and there was my little fella bouncing around like a maniac (and it's EXACTLY how he is to this day.) I was told by the nasty MD after he examined me that I had a 50/50 chance of keeping the baby and that if it did live, it would likely be small at birth.


The bleeding continued for days, maybe weeks, but gradually tapered off. During the first week or so, I was so terrified that I kept having contractions just from the stress. My midwife told me to relax, have a glass of wine and to think positive.


Right on my due date, I went into labor and had a perfect 8 lb, 5 oz, 22" baby boy (good thing that SCH kept him small, right?) He's tall, strong, very smart, and we love him immensely.


I remember reading about what could help and what I'd found was lots of water, plenty of rest and lots of vitamin c. I really like Camu Powder because it's food. I took it to bowel tolerance which was surprisingly high - so I must have really needed it.

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With the Vitamin C, were you more likely to have diarrhea or constipation if you took too much?  Thanks for the tip!

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Originally Posted by ninabear View Post

With the Vitamin C, were you more likely to have diarrhea or constipation if you took too much?  Thanks for the tip!

Diarrhea, for sure. Start low and increase your dosage throughout the day - once you have loose stool, back off just a bit and that's your dosage.

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