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Spirit Baby Wisdom on TTC

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Hey Beautiful Mamas, I'm Kate Street, blessed mama to three boys after going through a whole TTC, multiple miscarriage saga years ago (I was a member of the original "One-Thread" back in 2004!). Even though TTC was definitely the most challenging time of my life, it held an amazing gift for me ~ the gift of prebirth communication. Through each miscarriage and each pregnancy, my contact with the Spirit Baby Realm got stronger and stronger. Now I'm a Spirit Baby Intuitive and can clearly communicate with Spirit Babies who are waiting to be born. 


Lately, the Spirit Baby Realm has been talking A LOT about TTC, especially in regard to those who have been TTC for a LONG time. And that's why I'm starting this thread. 


I'm getting so much new information about this and the energy around the babies wanting to come in is  SO STRONG, that basically they're hounding me until I come here and provide you with some of their beautiful (and super-cool) wisdom. 


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My TTC info won't resonate with everyone. I find that most mamas come to me once their TTC journey is coming to an end (mostly because they can't do it the way they've been doing it anymore and are looking for something new and different...and frankly, more magical!)


If you read my post and find that it resonates please stick around and participate in thread where I'll continue to share messages from the Spirit Baby Realm. And know that if you are on this page to begin with, it's because your Spirit Baby is close and has guided you here. Believe, Dear Sister...


(please note that due to time constraints, I rarely give individual messages unless strongly prompted by a Spirit Baby. My messages will come from the collective Spirit Baby Realm and will be just as targeted, comforting, energizing, inspiring, and will give you EXACTLY what YOUR Spirit Baby wants you to know...♥)


My baby just woke up ~ I'll be back with a Spirit Baby Message later! 

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wish you had something specific to tell me.....

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She does, she says she wants hits on her blog.

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russell27, I hear the despondency in your post and I know what that feels like, so please accept an energetic hug and read the message below. WifeofAnt, I hear the skepticism in yours. That is fine and even appropriate as you don't have any idea who I am, so why take my word for anything. I've learned not to take things personally and as I said, my material won't resonate with everyone. 


My intention with this thread is to open up a conversation with the Spirit Baby Realm and perhaps provide some comfort to those who have been on the TTC for an extended period of time. Whether or not people go to my blog is not my concern nor my business ~ it is up to them to decide if they want the info or not. I'm here because I'm "supposed" to be here for those who resonate. And I'm really happy to be here!


So please, stay if you if you want. 


Okay, for those with the ears to hear, here is what the Spirit Baby Realm want me to relay to you (and if you are reading this, it IS for you whether you believe or not).  The Spirit Babies want you to know that you are NEVER trying to conceive in vain. Your desire for a baby is a direct reflection of your Spirit Baby wanting to come to you ~ it's never a one-way street. And if you are drawn to this thread for any reason, even just morbid curiosity, it means that your Spirit Baby is wanting to communicate with you. You don't need ME to do this, simply talking to your baby (out loud, in your head, or on paper) can open the the dialog between you in new ways. Simply saying something like "Okay, Baby, I know you're here. I'm open. What do you want me to know?" can be a powerful way to open the floodgates or prebirth communication. I'm sure many of you are aware on some level that you're already in communication with your baby ~ the yearning is a clear sign of this. Talking to your baby in the way above can deepen the connection and the communication. These babies coming in carry a very high vibration and they are VERY eager to talk to you. So talk to your baby. Even if you don't get an answer or a sign right away or in the way you expect, you can be sure you WILL hear/see/dream/intuit something very soon. In the meantime, know your baby IS close. Closer than you think...


With Love,

♥ Kate

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And Mamas, I do have some office hours set aside tomorrow (I homeschool my boys which is why my time is limited), so to get the ENERGY and the TRUST going on this thread, I'd like to offer to pull a card for the first three women who respond after this post (russell21 and WifeofAnt, I'm happy to pull a card for you as well, if you want one. Just let me know.) Respond here if you'd like me to pull a card for you (I have a pre-conception deck that I use with some other decks) and I will post it tomorrow. 


And even if you think I'm full of shit, I'd rather hear from you than hear crickets chirping! 

With love,

♥ Kate

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Sure, why not.
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I'm in too! I know my baby is waiting...
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Yay, chuord! Your energy is beautiful! I look forward to pulling your card tomorrow. ♥

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That would be awesome! Looking forward to seeing what my card reads..
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Hi KateSt., I would really like a card too. I think I might still qualify under your quota. I am really eager to hear what you have to tell me.

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Okay, Mamas, pulling cards now. @russell27 you are first. The card I pulled for you from my Preconception Deck is "Pursuits of Joy: Sometimes it's easy to get overly focused on Spirit Baby that everything else in your life falls away. With this card, your Baby is asking you to find creative outlets that bring you JOY! Share your talents or gifts with others or do something just for you. Your soul is asking to be nourished. Life is about joy and it's time to bring more joy into your life. You and your Spirit Baby will benefit from joyful distractions immensely. Ask your angels for help in pursuing your highest life purpose, as that will help bring you joy." 


Dear Sister, you Baby is giving you a promise right now. A promise that he/she IS coming into your life ~ it is inevitable. I'm feeling there some last minute planning/prepping on his (I'm feeling boy) part before he comes, but it'll be sooner than you think. The energy of JOY is one that helps pave the way for our Spirit Babies ~ it's irresistible to them. And while you don't "have" to do anything to deserve or earn your Baby coming to you, he really wants to see his Mama happy. He's asking you to find a new way to experience joy ~ because your joy is his joy. "Know I'm coming and be happy, Mama" is what he is saying. 


So russell27, perhaps there is something you've always wanted to do or you have a childhood passion unrealized. Know that this is part of soul's expression and you came here to experience these things. Look into those things NOW. And begin something new, with purpose, with confidence and with the knowing that having YOU happy, makes your baby very, very happy. 


As a frame of reference, one of my unrealized childhood passions was dancing. As an adult I'd tried a few different dance classes and they were okay, but never what I was really looking for. Four months ago I discovered aerial dance, dancing from silks suspended from the ceiling. I KNEW after the first class this is what I'd been waiting for. My soul is SO HAPPY every week after class and I know I'm doing something I'm "supposed" to be doing.   You have something your soul is wanting to experience too, and it is waiting for you. It will bring you such immense JOY, Dear Sister. And that's what you need right now, something just for YOU. 

I have a feeling the information you need will fall right into your lap within a matter of days...


In the meantime know your Spirit Baby is around. He's wanting to talk to you, and he wants you to be joyful. Your joy is his joy. Much love. ♥

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@WifeofAnt, the card I pulled for you is "Meditation: this card indicates that your Spirit Baby would like to communicate with you more intensely. Meditation is the perfect opportunity for deepening your bond with your Baby. During meditation you may get intuitions or insights. You may see visions with your inner eyes or you may hear a soft voice in your head. Spirit Baby may have some instructions, suggestions, or messages of love to share and he or she asks that your quiet your mind to receive." 


Dear Sister, These babies coming in right now carry a lot of higher energy and are VERY vocal. This card means that your baby definitely has some things he/she (are you feeling girl energy?) wants to tell you. Meditation doesn't have to be sitting still and chanting, lord knows I can't do that anymore. If you find you can't sit still and listen, then you can do active meditations. I find that I get a lot of messages when walking in the woods, driving, or even taking a shower (water energy draws in the Spirit Realm). Another way to do an active meditation is to start a Spirit Baby journal. I did this myself when I was TTC and it made me feel so close to my son. Write down your feelings and thoughts to your baby and then see what comes back ~ even if you don't get an answer right away, you will in a dream or a sign or an intuition soon after. 


Although, I'm a Spirit Baby Intuitive, I'm really just a bridge. I help bring Mamas to the Spirit Baby Realm so you can talk to you baby ~ your baby REALLY wants to talk to YOU. 


And your baby is definitely talking, WifeofAnt. I'd be interested to hear what messages your receive within the next week. Be on the lookout and remain open....

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@chuord, the card I pulled for you is "Clearing Blocks: Pulling this card indicates there are some blocks that need to be cleared either on the side of the parents or on the side of your baby. Exploring some chakra clearing exercises would be very beneficial for both you and your Spirit Baby. Toning is another powerful way to quickly and effectively clear any blocks you or baby may have. See what feels like a good fit for you. You will hear some information within the week that will resonate with you ~ explore this avenue right away." 


Dear Sister, I'm feeling you are already doing a good job in clearing blocks and paving the way. Your Spirit Baby wants me to acknowledge that. Know that any remaining blocks can be cleared easily and quickly. When you hear the information you need, it will be like a light-bulb going on over your head and the idea will be one that feels right  ~ this will be nothing you have to force or make happen. It will happen easily and your Spirit Baby will be helping you.  


Also, your Baby wants me to point out that the very fact you have blocks that need clearing, is not something that should bring out guilt or blame. We ALL have blocks to be cleared at some point, as it's part of being human. And you may actually be helping your BABY energetically clear his/her own blocks, by clearing your own. You are both strongly connected and you will both be benefiting. 


Your Baby also wants me to THANK YOU for keeping the faith in his/her arrival. It brings your Spirit Baby such pleasure to know that you've always believed in him! Close your eyes and feel the energetic hug you're receiving from your Baby as you read these words. Much love, Dear Sister. ♥

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@Kaliakra, the card I pulled for you is "Guides and Angels: Spirit Baby is asking you to rely more heavily on your guides and angels for assistance. They are always available , and eager to help ~ you simply need to ask. This card indicates that they, along with your Spirit Baby, are indeed sending you messages. Messages come in many forms and your will come in a way that is uniquely personal. Embrace the Divine help of your angels and guides and know that you are always supported, always protected, and always loved." 


The feeling I'm getting from this card is that your Spirit Baby wants you to know that you don't have do it all on your own. And in fact, you've done all the intending, creating, and affirming you need. You've very clearly put out there want you want and desire. Now it's time to turn the reins over to your guides, angels, and Spirit Baby as the Universe conspires to bring you exactly what you need (which is always better than what our human minds can conceive).  Your Spirit Baby is asking you to let go, to relax into the knowing of his/her inevitable arrival. You've done what you've needed to do and now you just have to follow the dance that has been choreographed by your Spirit Baby and Higher Self. Everything that comes along now is a gift. Even if the gift is disguised as a challenge, know that it is helping you grown in leaps and bounds and bringing your Spirit Baby closer. 


You've done the work, Sister. Now let your very eager team support your dreams into coming to fruition. 

And know that your Spirit Baby is very proud of you.....♥

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Dear Sisters, Know that all these messages, although individualized, apply to ALL of you on this thread ~ those that have commented and those who are simply reading.

You may read someone else's card and find that it resonates with you ~ and that's because it DOES. 

The cards for each Mama indicates an area that is being concentrated on in the NOW, but at some point, each of these messages applies to all of us in some form. 

So if something feels right to you, even though it's not directed at you personally, know that it's your Baby and Higher Self who are perking up, taking notice, and guiding you to the information you need.


Much LOVE to all of you. This is one of my greatest joys. ♥

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thank you...everything you said makes sense and its stuff that Ive been trying to do but havent allowed myself. Thanks! Blessings and Hugs!

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I would love to a card pulled for me, if you are still doing it.

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I'd love for you to pull a card for me! Thank you, kindly!

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Excellent thread! Thank you KateST and you ladies joining in. Loving this energy...
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@russell27, so glad it resonates, Dear Sister. I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

@NaturallyMo and @phunkymama1 , my office hours are over for now, but the next time I offer this, you two will be the first on my list. 

@mamacatsbaby, you're wonderful! So glad you are enjoying the energy here ~ I am too! Much love to you, Dear Sister! ♥ 

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