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Hello Everyone!
My last appt with my midwife she brought up the subject of the rhogamm injection. Im so confused by all the information on the internet. Is it safe? How does everyone feel about this? Just thought I would get some feedback from some conscious peers.

Thank you for your help!

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I always get the Rhogam shot at 28 weeks and after the birth. I am pregnant with my 7th baby. I also got the shot when I had early miscarriages (I've had 4 miscarriages over 17 years, all 6 weeks gestation or less).

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Thank you for your response. That's the way I'm heading. I really appreciate your feedback.
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I'm the opposite, I've had two + babies, and never gotten the shot, and am not sensitized (just had titers checked).  I was reading something (I don't remember where, you could google it) about how the blood might not mix unless you don't delay cord clamping. With both of mine I didn't cut/clamp the cord until the placenta detached. 


Edit- this is my third, and honestly if I did get sensitized, I would be comfortable with this being my last baby, so that plays into the factor as well.

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I got the shot last pregnancy at 28 weeks and after birth and will do so again this time. I was initially against getting it because I didn't see the point, particularly before birth, and it is, after all, a blood product....but I had several long conversations with my midwife about it and when it was explained to me that there have been studies that have found fetal blood cells have been found circulating in maternal blood prior to delivery, I decided not to chance it.

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Good morning and thank you everyone for your reponses and consideration. I so appreciate your feedback.

Wishing everyone many blessing always - Carla

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I've had the shot three times, after the birth of both babies, and after a miscarriage. I would love to hear what the pros are of getting te shot once while preg and once after?
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I got the shot once during a miscarriage, and then learned that it had been pointless because at that time, the baby didn't even have their own blood supply. With my first, the father was Rhneg so I never gave it another thought.  This time, we did not know what DH's blood type was right away, so I looked into it more... but as it turns out, he's also RHneg, so I will never have to worry about it :)

I lean on the side of NOT wanting it though. 

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Yea, I always opted to just do the after birth shot as I didn't want to have to get an extra during preg...(dh is pos blood) But there must be a reason I don't know about why you would do it twice?
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I think (w much certainty) this is our last baby, not sure if I should get it after this birth or not...