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Waxing during pregnancy.....?

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Hi all smile.gif

Just thought I would ask your thoughts on waxing
while pregnant...
I personally am a fan of the Brazilian Wax (so is my husband)
and hope to keep this up.... All I can really find online
are horror stories of skin sores and bleeding and a whole
lot of pain! greensad.gif I know brazillian waxes are not pain free but
the bleeding and sores concerns me ....
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I think if you are already doing it, you should be fine.  If you do have issues then stop, but otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it.  Its not on my current list of to-dos but if it was I wouldnt move it off.  

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As long as it's still comfortable (well, as comfortable as a Brazillian wax can be!), I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see why pregnancy would make you more susceptible to bleeding and sores.

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I have to add, I wonder if the horror stories were from mamas who either had not done it in awhile, or, were doing it for the first time.  

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Yes I wondered that too. I have been waxing for years
so am used to the pain, it was just the sores and bleeding
that concerned me greensad.gif
Perhaps the negative reviews came from people using
inexperienced waxers?
I will update with my results soon.....
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Apparently pregnancy can make your ladyparts more sensitive.  I don't remember any such problems before, but this time around, when I had sex at about 6 weeks pregnant and felt only slightly dry for just the last couple minutes of it, for several days afterward I felt like I'd been rubbed with sandpaper!!  This wasn't internal but the inner labia and back edge of the vaginal opening.  So I can imagine that the outer labia might be more delicate than normal too.

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you will have a lot more blood flow to the area, but if you have been doing it for a while and are confident in your waxer it should be fine. Don't let someone new try on you right now!

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