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So who is "overdue"?

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Title says it all... whos "overdue"? How ya feeling? Im one week over today and feel like labor is nowhere near.

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Well I surely feel like I fit into this category! Its so hard to tell since I really dont have a true "due date". I was 43 wks, now Im 40 wks....Id rather just say,"Im still pregnant and due any day!" Im feeling like Ive put in so much time and effort lately, all my nesting and gathering homebirth supplies, we have went to the store 3 times and bought snacks for the birth team and every time we have eaten them and need to get more. Ive rushed around the house cleaning and after Im done I think, ok I feel ready to have this baby now...then a few days later its a mess again and Im back to where I started. Whenever labor truly starts I dont think Ill believe whats happening until Im actually holding a baby!!!

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Irie, I could have written most of that myself! I keep stocking and restocking, cleaning and recleaning. Today is my due date (by early ultrasound), but the 24th is the day I called it for my backup doctor's sake. She likes to check fluid levels soon after 40 weeks, so I wanted to buy myself a couple extra days with my LMP date.

I want to have this baby tonight. Don't think I'm having this baby tonight. But we're cooking hot dogs and s'mores over the fire, and I really shouldn't be complaining at all :)

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Something to inspire us "overdue" Mamas!



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