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Toddler, new baby, iPads and compromise.

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While my mom was here to help out during DS2's birth and first few days of life, she hooked DS1 (2 yo) on a few different iPad apps. We're mostly screen free at home (though DH and I both have iPads). At first I was uncomfortable with DS1 using the pad, but I got over it, thinking "once Gramma is gone, we'll be back to screen-free baby." 


I was wrong. In the insanity of getting used to a new babe and life as a family of four, we've put those favoured apps on our own iPads and let DS1 play with them when we need a break. Seems to be mostly when we're trying to prepare a meal, but I won't lie, it has proved to be useful at other times, too. I'm trying not to beat myself up over this, but I hope that once the dust settles, we can get him off the pad. He's only two!!


Do you find yourself making unexpected compromises lie this to get through the day? Is it really so bad?

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I think the short answer to this is "no."  My 3.5 year old does play some games on the IPod occasionally, but my big compromise is giving her up to an hour of TV time a day. No. Not giving her.  Expecting her!  I would love to be different, better(?), more patient, less introverted, whatever it would take to make me not need an hour's TV break every day.  But I have to take myself where I'm at right now, and I know what I'm like when I don't get that break.  So, TV it is.  I think that, especially with a new baby in the house, you have to just do what you have to do.  In time, you'll probably find that the time limits itself because you'll be more available to provide other fun activities. 

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This is us very much except for Netflix, not iPad. DD1 is 2.5 and DD2 is almost 3 months. We've settled into having the tv on for most of the day, but were mostly screen free before DD2 came along. We've had issues with thrush, nursing strike then a terribly painful virus forDD1 and my standards went totally out the window. We are much better settled now that baby is easier and she actually is interesting to my toddler. Today I tried and was able to get away with no tv until 3pm and only about 40 minutes then. I chalked it up as a major victory. My point is that desperate times call for desperate measures and you can change your routine again to not include screen time when life settles and you've caught your breath. Today has been brought to us by a few days where we were too busy for much tv with lots of errands and outings. Good luck mama! I'm aiming for minimal tv here myself.
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newmamalizzy, you're so right. We have to take ourselves where we're at!

skycheattraffic, good luck to you on making your way back to minimal screen time!

I guess we all make compromises at one time or another. The important thing to remember is that it doesn't mean things will always be that way! Thanks for reminding me!
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We made the compromise and began allowing some screen time for DD, 2.5yo. Like newmamalizzy, we built it into our day -- DD can expect an hour or so of Curious George or another show immediately after her nap. I just need the break for myself -- it keeps me from burning out. 


I think what helped us feel good about the compromise was to decide what we really objected to when it came to screen time. We decided we were particularly worried about 1) exposure to commercials, and 2) DD choosing to be in front of a screen over other physical/social activities. For someone else it might be show content or something else...  Anyway, we addressed our concerns by using only Netflix (no ads) and managing her expectations for when/where screen time is appropriate; we designated a certain time (right after nap) and place (upstairs on the screen in our bedroom) for "TV watching", and while she enjoys and looks forward to her daily ritual of screen time, we don't have power struggles over TV watching when it is time for other activities.


As I get more and more pregnant with my second baby (and more and more tired), sometimes our block of TV watching will stretch into the afternoon beyond what I'm comfortable with, especially if I don't have other activities lined up. But I try to remind myself that the quantity of her TV watching wasn't one of my major screen time issues... which makes it easier to let it go for now.

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