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Baby books: do you keep one?

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With DS1, I half-heartedly filled out a baby book, but there are a lot of blanks! I feel like many of the fill-ins are cheesy, don't apply to me, or are superfluous. Maybe these fill-in the blank books are just not suited to a more natural approach to birth and parenting?


Now with DS2 I'm wondering if I should even bother. Did you/do you fill in a keepsake book? I've thought about making my own, but can't imagine when I'd find the time! Do you think it's important to record baby's milestones? Did your mom keep a memory book for you, and have you ever looked at it?

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Honestly, I have been too busy to even keep baby photo albums for all but my first child. Someone gave me a baby book and a baby photo album for my third, but I didn't really make the time to fill them out. I used to feel bad about that and the inconsistency of only one of my four children pictures in his or her photo album, but when I think about how often I look at the one Mom made for me, I realize it doesn't matter that much.


In other words, it's a nice thought, but if you're too busy making good memories with your child(ren) to write down the memories, don't worry!

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