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A year ago I found out I was pregnant- let's share stories!

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It's probably around this time of the year that many of us found out we were pregnant. Here's my story:


We had been using FAM for 7 months and on;y trying to conceive for the last three cycles. The first two I would get really antsy and test waaaay to early and then cry when my period came. This month my husband convinced me to at least wait till I was 'late.' So on Oct 31, Halloween, it was the day my period was due. I didn't have ANY signs of it coming, which I had been having the previous months, but I still wasn't sure if I was pregnant. I decided to wait till the next morning, the 18th day in a row of temps being up, to pee on a stick. I also didn't want to find out I was pregnant on Halloween for some reason. 

So, Nov. 1 at 6:30 am my husband and I were both getting ready for work. I peed on the strip and we waited. After a minute or so there was the faintest line ever. BUT IT WAS THERE! My husband's eyes got all red and teary and we hugged. Then I danced around the bedroom singing, "I'm pregnant" over and over. He had to go to work first and as soon as he left I went and bought a digital test just to be sure. I got a two pack and the first one displayed "error!" I freaked out and ripped open the other test. Clear as day it showed "pregnant." I took a pic and texted my hsuband. That night after work we went to Babies R Us and bought a onesie that was on the Halloween clearance rack from the day before. It says 'My Mummy Loves Me."


What's your story? 

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I have always had really short luteal phases, and had lost two prior pregnancies due to it. (The third loss was a blighted ovum at 10 weeks). My ob/gyn had pretty much given up on trying things to lengthen it, when I asked to try the vaginal progesterone. The month I tried it, I had a 13 day luteal phase! The next month... I was pregnant! 


We went to Walmart to buy formula using WIC checks for our foster baby... we also had 2 and 3 year old placements at the time. So we had a baby, a 2 year old, a 3 year old, and my husband's 9 year old with us, using WIC checks to buy formula, and I was buying pregnancy tests. We got some pretty nasty looks for that one! 


Came home, and I was too afraid to pee. I waited until that evening, when my husband was downstairs with the kids. I remember coming down the stairs, and looking at him, and he just knew. We were both terrified, there was no joy for either of us at that point.


I never expected to get a baby out of that moment, not for a minute. Looking back, it was a great moment, but at the time, I was just scared shitless.

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Resque, what a story!  I'm so glad you have a little baby this year.  And Chipi, I love your story too!  It could be an EPT commercial, haha.


As for me, I've shared here before that I didn't want to have children.  But I also didn't want to use hormonal birth control anymore, so we'd been using NFP/condoms (100% successfully!) for two and a half years or so.  Since I started tracking, my normal (as opposed to my immediately post-BC) cycle was right around 28 days, give or take a day.  Last October, we had sex one day before I noticed any fertility signs, but I guess I must have just missed the early ones, because by day 34 my temperature still hadn't dropped, and when I woke up to write it down, my heart sank, and I knew I was pregnant.  I waited 'til my husband went to work to buy two pregnancy tests at Target (I felt so awkward buying them!  It was probably the third time in my life I ever did), and took them both when I got home.  They were both unequivocal, and I told my husband while we were driving in the car that night.  The conversation went something like, "so I took a pregnancy test today."  "Oh really?"  He knows about my interest in women's health, and he said later he thought I just "took it for fun."  "So how did that go?" he asked jokingly.  "Well, I wouldn't bother telling you if it was negative," I said.  He got dinnerplate eyes and said, "are you serious?!"  In hindsight, it's pretty funny, and I love my son more than I ever thought I would, but I had a real sense of dread for the first three or four months.

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We had been trying for about a year, we had three early miscarriages and decided to take a break from actively trying. We started saving money for adoption and got an application form. We only had sex two or three times that month. Chris and I got into a fight about something, and I said I was upset because I didn't think I was pregnant and we had been trying for so long. Chris said that I better not be pregnant, because we only had sex a few times, and it was probably the mail mans! The day my period was due I started throwing up. I took a text nov. 19th and saw two lovely lines. I texted Chris and said "apparently it only takes once" and he called back right away over the moon. I took two more tests and texted pictures to my best friend in Ontario, who was suitably excited!
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Wow. I'm so glad you all have babies you love out of this. And Resque--what a fabulous reminder that I don't know anyone's story.

Ours is pretty simple: my cycles have never been regular even on bc, so when I went off bc (in August) I wasn't sure what to expect. We tried Nfp and I was pretty sure that I ovulated in October--which is when we agreed to start trying... I woke up about 11 days later with serious cramping but no signs of my period. After a few more days of feeling 'different' I was pretty sure I was pregnant and said as much to my husband over a glass of wine. He then asked why I didn't know--partly. I didn't want to jinx things ( I figured it would take a while!) and second , I wanted to finish my wine! I took the test I had at home ( I'd had a procedure a few weeks earlier and needed to be sure I wasn't) and the response was unequivocal--I wasn't surprised, husband went 'whoa'. So were the two different kinds of tests I bought the next day (Halloween).
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I actually didn't find out I was pregnant until Dec. 6th .  My cycles had been wonky for a year and I thought I was going through perimenopause ( starts early in my family @35) .  Usually when my period was more than 42 days late I'd take a test and it would be negative. Well , this time I took one and it was positive ! I took in the morning before my husband went to work . We were both in shock for awhile. Icalled my Dr. to get a blood test , went to that appointment a few days later and then she called us at 6:45 the morning she got the  results .We were super excited but also a little freaked out.


I always joked with people saying I didn't think it would happen to me...I've got a 9 year old.  ( he's 10 now)

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I had had 5 miscarriages in the previous six years, the most recent two were October '11 and May '12 and I had told my DH after the October miscarriage that I had one more try in me. Then we had the may miscarriage super early and I still didn't feel settled about being done but my DH was definitely done. The emotional toll it takes in me is significant and it didn't seem fair to keep putting my family through it. So in the end of September 2012 I gave all my maternity clothes away and decided to focus on building my practice. I felt ok about it, my cycles were getting irregular for the first time in my life and I thought maybe peri menopause was coming...so I figured it was time to sadly be moving on.
On October 21, a Monday, we dtd and I had major pain afterwards (turned out to be a raging yeast infection) and I went to my women's health lady two days later. We did not use protection because I was so late in my cycle that i thought i had already ovulated the week before. We also didn't finish because of the pain... While I was at the appointment I was having ovarian pain and asked the gal to check my ovary for cysts. (Nah. Turns out I was ovulating.)
Ten days later I found myself falling asleep at 7:30, and then I bought and ate three packages of bacon in four days, I even licked the plate to get all the grease. I hadnt eaten bacon in over 20 years. After a date night where I yawned through dinner and bailed out of a movie cause I was too tired... It finally dawned on me that I was pregnant again and as soon as that thought solidified the name Rowan came into my head clear as a bell.
So I wasn't surprised when the test was positive one.
My husband, on the other hand was floored. I think his words were also "are you serious?"
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I had a 13 week miscarriage in June. We had been trying since then and I was annoyed it was taking "so long". I didn't think I was pregnant but took a test the day before my period was due because I'm impatient like that. Lol. When it came up positive, I cried. I was terrified. I seriously think the loss stole my pregnancy innocence! The first 12 weeks were torture!!

I called the midwife's office first (it's hard to get a midwife here) then I told my husband! Lol. He was thrilled and that made me feel a little less scared!
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Last year my DH turned 40 so I took him away for the weekend to celebrate. Since we were using FAM to try to get pregnant I was aware of my cycles and every morning after temping he would ask how it was. This was our 4th month trying and I ovulated on his birthday. I generally had short (10-11 day) LP and this month around then (maybe 9 dpo) my temp dropped so I figured it wasn't happening. But I didn't get my period, and I had an acupuncture appt that evening and the next morning my temp went up! I tested at work that afternoon (it was a Friday) with a cheapy test and got a very faint line. But I didn't tell my husband until Sunday morning after taking more tests on Sat and Sun and getting darker lines. I always wondered if the acupuncture that night made something stick or if it would have held anyway. Now my husband likes to joke that he wanted an iPad for his birthday and he got a daughter instead (and still no iPad)!
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