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Preterm labor, looking or suport

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My husband and I are about 26 weeks pregnant with our third child. This is our 6th pregnancy. I'm feeling very discouraged in the facts. I've been having Braxton hicks since about 10 weeks, I have fallen down the stairs at 12 week, they said the baby was health and then at 25weeks I went to chase after our oldest when he ran toward the road. I pulled a  mussel and we went home as I started back labor and instance menstrual cramping. After I went home I noticed I was bleeding. We went to the hospital right away, we waited for 45 min with me in full contractions, we then said ok an ultrasound that shows a low-lying placenta. We were released because I was not progressing and even though I was bleeding the could not find ware. My husband and I are vary uneasy about the discussion but followed the orders to take it vary easy. I started taking cranberries extract because my doc had told me that my pee was showing a uti. The doc had sent it out for cutler, I find out 3 days after we left I had a bladder infection with no symptoms. I picked up the prescription planning to start it the next morning. It was my first time out since the hospital and my contractions were getting intense.  We went home for the night only for me to wake up ever 1-2 hr sill with painful contractions. I figured it was just my/baby's position I was tired , stressed, and still had a sore mussel. I tried to rest. Through out the next day the contractions were getting to be unbearable, they were now 5min apart. I tried heat, cold,  changing positions, I was drinking tons of water but was could not eat, My tummy was un easy. Finally my husband convinces me to let him takes me in. I told a diff set of docs what was happening, he could not pick up any contractions and sent me to a delivery room after finding I had dilated since 4 days ago. They kept saying it was my uti doing all of this, I know UTI can be dangerous but I hadn't had a chance to even start my prescription and this was still progressing from the other day. They got it in there heads that I just didn't take m meds because I was being stubborn and got 5 doc (no joke) in the room to convince me to go on bag I.V. for the health of my baby. I tried telling them I was fine with it but could not even talk at that point. They then explained what we were looking at having a baby at only 26weeks. They kept saying if I would have taken my meds, it could have been avoided. After getting steroid sots and meds to try to stop the labor my bp dropped under the safe zone and I could only take every other dose by the time my bp was normal so they wanted to keep me till the labor stopped. The let my husband and I stay 3 days each day stressing the antibiotics and how they think I'm having contractions because of the UTI. I know it is possible. But my mommy intuition thinks it is something else. We were discharged today even after they finally picked up my top out contractions. The cervix had stopped progressing after I had completed the meds to stop my labor. now I am at home still in awful pain that they say is normal and not to worry, This may just be how it goes till I deliver....My husband and I feel vary uncomfortable with there decisions and don't know what to do. our midwife won't take us on now that we know we have a low lying placenta. We aren't abele to do our home birth and I'm in constant pain. Has any one had anything similar happen? I feel like we are in this alone. thanks for letting me vent.

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Kame89, I'm so sorry to hear you've had such a rough time.... I was so scared when I started having contractions and bleeding at 26 weeks. Thankfully mine stopped... lots of fluids and rest seem to be helping me, so far. The pain (back pain, menstrual-like cramping) got better after about two weeks. I hope yours will too.


And it's all so much worse when the doctors you go to for help misunderstand or judge you and make it even harder.


Hopefully with the UTI under control things will settle down, even if not the only factor it should help the overall situation I would think.


And even though the placenta is low right now, assuming you can keep that baby in for another 10+ weeks it might well prove to be up high enough on a later ultrasound  - they often "move" as the uterus grows and usually end up in a good place... perhaps your midwife would reconsider if you have a later ultrasound that shows better placement closer to the birth.


Good luck...

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Oh Kame- I am sorry you are having a rough time.  I have spent almost the last week on bed rest trying to get rid of contractions.  This is also my 6th :)  I know how hard it is to be resting when you have lots of kids running around and being noisy!  But rest is so important even though we don't like to hear that.  I wouldn't stress too much about the low lying placenta- I would assume that it will grow higher as you grow- perhaps to satisfy your midwife you could just schedule a late u/s to confirm- although my midwife knows where my placenta is by the heart tones or something.  But I know what you mean about the midwives though- mine said obviously 28 weeks is no time to have a baby at home.  


I would starting drinking rose hip tea like it was water to combat the uti and junk.  Do you do essential oils at all?  I am having great success taking lobelia under the tongue and lavender oil on the lower belly for contractions.  Although that still requires me to lay down to get rid of them.  

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I'm very sorry. Aside from the low lying placenta and a fall right on my stomach (at 8 month pregnant with my now 6 year old) I don't have experience with what you describe & preterm labor.


But the others are right about placenta. My stomach is slow to grow and most good midwives know that often times a low lying placenta will raise up. Mine didn't until around 30 weeks last time. I was in for an earlier one (22 weeks) and if I followed the "protocol" to go back in for another US at 26 weeks I would have probably risked out of having midwives last time. I skipped that appointment (claiming family travel / etc) and went in later (30 weeks) per my midwifes suggestion. She knew it would raise up,


Make sure you are super hydrated and getting good protein and please keep us updated.

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So happy to read from all of you. I really am thankful of the time you took to type at me. I am handling the contractions a lot better now, increased my water and my husband has been doing a lot to help me out wile all so reminding me to take it easy. I have a tendency to push my self. I home school and have found a ton of activity's for the children to start doing when 'baby and mommy do not feel good' . This bed rest thing is driving me crazy but yes you are all right, it dose make a difference! I am open to essential oils, I love tea, and I will be talking to a different midwife hopefully soon. My husband is vary scared that we need more intervention then what a midwife can provide us. We actually were going to do an unassisted birth till a few week before this all happened and I was having dreams of the birth not going good and preterm labor. Then we started having issues. I would like a midwife however my husband is pushing for a hospital birth now, I have a strong feel we should only do a hospital birth if the baby is early but having to find a midwife right now is not easy and comes with a big price (they are not covered by our insurance). I know it is worth the coast, however no refunds if we did go early. I feel at this time maybe letting the dust settle and evaluating ware we are at in a few week might help? maybe this was just a hiccup? Thanks again for the support!! you have no idea how it has helped. Just reading that other people took a few min. out of there day to say something. It means a lot.

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Thinking about you and hoping things are going well mama.
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I went to a new chiro and you have no idea how much happier everything is with my uterus now! I would search out one who does Webster but also specializes in prenatal- I actually had no idea that chiros specialized in prenatal :)  Anyway mine is recent graduate of Palmer- so maybe you could call there or pm me and I will see if he has a buddy or something over your way :)  He was in Iowa City before he moved over my way.  Anyway it was like the baby moved so much and now is positioned such that I haven't had any contrax since.  


I would assume this is a hiccup but this point if you hire a midwife you will need lots of catch up time with her anyway- I would wait until maybe 34-35 weeks personally to make sure you are going to be able to have a home birth.  I would perhaps look into a doula for the time being.

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I'm glad you're feeling somewhat better, Kame89. I have a really hard time saying no, setting limits, etc. but am getting better at it these last few weeks - no, I can't carry my 3 year old around all the time, someone else will have to feed the cattle... It's not easy. I like to be and be seen as strong and capable, independent, and so on... and it's hard to defend my limitations when there are people in my life that I don't really want to discuss my health with (my employer...). Sometimes I'm just dumb though, today I bought a 40# bag of dog food and the cashier asked if I wanted someone to carry it out and I said "no, I can do it!" What was I thinking? I'm not sure... They're happy to do it and make no judgment on me for accepting the offer... fortunately my car was in fact very close by.


I also wanted to share with you that we are in a similar quandary with where and with whom to have this baby, if it helps to know you're not alone.... had been planning an unassisted birth (as my first was), and taking care of my own prenatal care. Decided I had better at least meet with a nurse-midwife a few times when I started having the bleeding and contractions at 27 weeks. (Someone who could be familiar if we ended up deciding we needed to go to the hospital.) Well, it turns out the first appointment I can get is still weeks away, and I've been doing fine for the last week.... now I'm starting to wonder if I should go back to Plan A and just keep taking care of myself. At this point I guess I'm going to keep the first appointment; though I'm tempted to cancel it if I have no further issues I would kick myself later if I do end up needing some help and haven't got a thing in place. Sigh.


Keep taking care of yourself and best of luck.... ((hugs))

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