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Creating fun and balance

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Without an outside structure determining my schedule, I find that I can get stuck not meeting my own needs and feeling overwhelmed.  Theoretically, sahming could be the most awesome life choice we get to experience.  If there is support, equality(everyone helping out), lightness and fun.  

I have a few rituals that I do that feel wonderful throughout the day.  But I know that our family could benefit from more outside help and inside agreement on who is responsible for what tasks.  

What do you do to keep your life balanced?

What kinds of things do you think a family with a sahp could really benefit from?

Things that have come to mind for me are:

-daily time not responsible for child and household duties

-a mother's helper a few hours a few days a week

-a designated cleaning time twice a week where everyone buckles down and cleans for a half hour

-regular, scheduled help from grandparents weekly

-joining a group like knitting or book club

-going on dinner dates or to the movies with hubby

When I see this list I feel like, duh, just do it.  They are hardly insurmountable tasks!  And they could really add to my overall well-being and happiness. 

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Nice questions, bellyfruit. :)


I rely a lot on my dh for "me" time. That's probably not a useful suggestion for single moms, I know. Maybe another SAHM to trade childcare time with?  

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Sometimes it so hard to find that balance. I'm not balance no but hope to be one day. I like your list and will use some of your points made!
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I agree with your list. It took me a while to realize that staying home during the day didn't mean taking on responsibility for everything at home. I'm lucky to have a super supportive partner who shares in parenting and household jobs whenever he is home... And that is huge. I also just recently started having a helper one morning a week, which is wonderful if it is in the budget. I think I would add two things to the list that make my experience as a sahm so great: having a predictable daily rhythm, and having other sahp friends to get together with during the week.
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