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I booked a hotel to give birth in - very excited

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I was pretty stressed out about where i was going to give birth this time as i really want to avoid the hospital unless there's a true medical emergency but i also can't birth at home because i can't use a local midwife. So, I'm very happy to report that i found a beautiful guesthouse that's on an organic farm, about a 10 minute drive from the hospital (if there's an emergency). The place is beautiful and i know i will be comfortable there. It's very reasonably priced and the owner, who i think is an artist as there are several pieces of art around the house, is very pro-home birth. How lucky is that? Also, i can cancel up to two weeks before and only loose 20%, so the only real wrench would be if the baby came in those two weeks, in which case my back up plan is to rent a hotel room nearby. I'm due February 26 but i booked it for 2 weeks starting February 28, as i strongly suspect this one will be on the plus side of 40 given that my last was born at 40+9, and i want more time to recover in the cabin without having to worry about vacating. I'm so excited about it, i no longer spend hours fretting over where i'll give birth. And to know that it's a place that's homebirth friendly, i feel so lucky!

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I just wanted to say yay for you!


I'm due end of Jan / early Feb and am traveling to birth out of hospital as well. I've not booked a cabin yet but we're looking at a few.

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This sounds like the most perfect place for you!  I will be crossing everything for you that baby comes at the right time.  I remember reading how much stress you have had over this.... you are a rock star mama.


What kind of stuff will you pack for the birth?

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Thanks! I don't know what kind of stuff i will pack for the birth. I think the mw will bring most of it but if not i imagine a lot of sheets and cover type stuff. I'll also have to bring a lot of toys as my tot will be with us. I'm so happy we found a place that we're comfortable with.

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Also, weird thing is i went for my one and only u/s and the tech said i was 22 weeks friday and put my due date at February 28, the date that i choose for our first night at the cabin. How weird is that? Ha ha.

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Wow, nice that the dates lined up!  I like "nesting" for birth.  Last time, I packed electric candles and scented oils and bath salts and a wool painting some friends had made for me, and a river stone.  I never got to use them.  But I liked picking out what I would bring.  


How are you feeling about things with the midwives?

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I'm feeling fine about the midwives as I decided I don't really care and that it's more about giving birth and less about them and they're just there to help if there's a medical issue. I probably won't call for them to come until it's further along. There's only one of the midwives that I was worried about. The others all seem great.

I'm sure all pack all kinds of things, those are good ideas. I the only issue is how I'm going to go to bring the yoga ball out there. I'm also going to bring some toys for my toddler.

My husband has to work during that time so it'll just be my mom my son and I waiting for me to go into labour. And then when I go into labor my husband will drive up. I'm pretty excited
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Viola, it sounds very good.  Glad you are not worried about the midwives; you're right, this is about you having a baby, it is not about them.

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