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So far, Ivy hasn't been particularly fussy in the evening. She eats more in the evening, but I can handle that. It has been a little draining since I feel like I've been nursing her for a few days straight (growth spurt)! I know she'll settle down with the eating eventually, though! DS3 was very fussy in the evenings at this age. My cure for everything with him was the breast (I'm the same with Ivy) and when he'd have his fussy evenings, he wouldn't even take the breast. It was incredibly frustrating and I'm so sorry to all of you who are dealing with this! It only lasted a few weeks (I don't remember exactly how long), but it felt like FOREVER at the time.

Serafina, I am amazed at your 8oz. In 10 minutes of pumping! I've never done much pumping, but despite having a good supply, I've been lucky to get 2-3oz. total!
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Are lentils really that awful to eat when you're breastfeeding a 3 week old?? midwife says it's very bad... and baby has been really fussy these last 4 days-- people from the mealtrain brought food with lentils 3 days in a row though.... even though it says it on there NO LENTILS!! no beans... no tofu.. no soy.. etc. ugh. 


Also how do you pump while EBF?? I have been trying to get 2 oz a day for the last 3 and it was no problem, but I noticed my boobs are crazy engorged in the morning and then i have to pump. Is it okay to go for like 6oz a day for my freezer stash or is that going to make my supply all crazy so early on (we're only at 21 days pp)

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I pump at least 6oz, usually 8 or 9 per day, usually in the morning, for freezer.
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Serafina I'm curious about how long you intend to keep milk in the freezer if you're pumping so much? Won't baby's nutritional needs (and therefore your milk) change over time, making milk that's a couple months old not as good? I just read something like that the other day, but I don't know much about this whole pumping/storing process yet. 


I tried pumping today at 9:30 am after Ava ate around 9. I got 2 oz from each breast, but I feel like my breasts haven't recovered in terms of making milk since and she hasn't had a proper feed all day as a result. She keeps snacking every hour/hour and a half (with a lazy/shitty latch I might add). It could also be part of a growth spurt, but I dunno. What kind of strategy do people use for pumping? Ava only takes one breast at a feeding, so I feel like by pumping the one that she would need at the next feeding I denied her a lot of milk then. 

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I'm only going to use the freezer stash in case of an emergency where I am hospItalized and can't nurse baby. Heaven forbid! Most likely after a few months we dump it. We soon have enough for several days of feeding so I can only pump if I'm leaving baby with daddy& a bottle for a few hours. I hope that happens often! I love being away from my baby knowing that her loving, capable daddy is on the job and bonding with her, while I get to work part time, sing in a band, and maybe start gym exercise again very soon!
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I only pump once a day for minutes by the way. :-)
Maybe pump only after baby feeds?
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Does your baby take both breasts during feedings? Lily will sometimes, so I'm confused about which side to pump when I start pumping. I don't want to take away from what she gets to eat at the next feeding, so what should I do? I assumed I should pump right after she eats, but which side? 

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I think ....don't over think!
Pump both sides a bit and after a few days your supply will adjust so any lack of milk you noticed will go away.
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I tend to not pump after feeds anymore.  It wasn't really getting me anywhere, and it was killing my nipples.  I have a different system for making a stash.


I know I'm weird, but now that Norah is typically starting out the night with a 5-7 hour stretch of sleep, I will wake up in the middle of that and pump in the wee hours.  I get SO MUCH milk at that point, and if she sleeps that long, I don't even have to set an alarm - my engorged boobs wake me up.  :/  But it's for the best, since I can usually get like 5-6 ounces total at that pumping, and that makes enough for her early morning bottle (I usually let my husband feed her on his days off in the early morning so I can keep sleeping for a bit) and also some so if we go out, I can give a bottle.  That middle of the night pump is way more effective than pumping after her feeds for me - but honestly, I do it mostly because of the engorgement.  My breasts started out so small before and even during pregnancy that they're having trouble keeping up with quantity - I don't have a ton of breast tissue, so they fill up about every 2 hours.  If I go more than 3 without nursing, I have to pump or I'm in severe pain.


I have no freezer stash, but I keep a rotating fridge stash of about 8-10 ounces - it's good for a week in the fridge.  


I was reading somewhere that often times, part of the reason babies vary so much in the amount of breastmilk that they eat is because the milk ratio of foremilk vs hindmilk varies from woman to woman.  For example, a woman who makes less milk at a time will compensate for quantity by producing hindmilk quicker, making her milk content fattier and more filling per ounce.  Isn't that interesting?  


My letdown has changed this week - now, if I'm engorged at all, even a little, I squirt my poor kid in the face if she lets go during letdown.  :(  She really hates it, but she's getting used to it - I found that nursing her while reclining helps.

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Serafina is also very right - any extra stimulation you add like pumping will make you feel like you're lacking milk for like a day or two, and then your supply will adjust.  I was nervous too about not leaving her enough milk, but my boobs caught up really fast!  Letting Norah do the constant sucking thing was the best thing for it, exhausting though that was.  Lol.  

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Actually, waking up to pump at like 2am doesn't sound crazy to me haha! That makes sense to do it then. I always wake up really painfully engorged if Lily skips her 2/3am feeding. 


I finally tried side lying nursing this morning, and even co-slept a bit for the first time after my husband had gone off to work. It was much more comfortable than I imagined it would be! I really loved snuggling with my little gal in bed. I thought I'd be too nervous to sleep with her next to me, but it actually worked out pretty well. I got a little extra sleep, and Lily got to nurse and nap! I still don't plan to co-sleep at night, since my husband is the heaviest sleeper on the eastern seaboard, and I've woken up with him crushing me, totally oblivious and sleeping peacefully. It's like being trapped under a boulder lol. 

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So things were going okay with the shield but suddenly every time we use it is painful and gives me blood blisters. She is doing something the flattens my nipple (it looks like the end of a tube of lipstick) she did this before but I think had stopped. Now it's back and she has a stronger suck so my nipples are covered in blood blisters. Ugh. There is nothing I hate more about having a baby then breastfeeding. How can people call it a bonding experience?
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I'm sorry you're having such a hard time superbeans. Huge :Hug.


We're still struggling a bit but I'm plugging away anyway. I can only get a decent latch (*decent*...still not great) in a semi-reclined position with her more upright/laying tummy down on me. I really don't know why this works better, but I pretty much only use cross-cradle/cradle at the end of feedings when her latch has already deteriorated and her sucking is gentler, or during night feedings if I don't want to un-swaddle her. I have pretty much eliminated lingering nipple soreness now, though she's made me a bit sore in the last few days as she's either going through a growth spurt or is a little sick and has been nursing more often and with a somewhat deteriorated latch. When I do manage to get a really good latch I honestly do enjoy feeding her and do find it bonding, but then I'll have a period of more painful feedings and get annoyed, so it's not all roses for us still. But it's tolerable and manageable at this point.

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Hugs to you ladies experiencing discomfort!!! I once had two weeks of biting and bloody nipples and it was hell. It was ten years ago and I still cringe in memory.

Things working a little too well over here. "Little" lady is 15 pounds! 6 pounds in eight weeks since birth, not too shabby.
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superbeans - so sorry things are rough.  :(  


slammerkin - I completely agree - it really depends on the situation whether I'm feeling good about breastfeeding or not.  During the day, I usually enjoy it and love having her feed and then fall asleep on me, we get lots of cuddles and it feels good.  However, because lately we've been having a period of about 2 hours a night where she just switches back and forth between each boob CONSTANTLY and dozes off, then fusses again every time I try and move her, I cease loving it quite so much by that point.  :/  I think it's a comfort sucking thing.  That's part of the reason why I pump - at the 2 hour mark, I inevitably have to just hand her to my husband with a small bottle, because my nipples are simply raw.  By the morning, they've recovered and we're good to go.  I'm convinced Norah's latch will never be perfect - it doesn't hurt anymore during the nursing, but it's an abusive latch, and I would be miserable if I wasn't able to alternate with the bottle.


My combo pumping/nursing thing is working so well for me - it was worth all the early struggle.  I feel bad talking about it now because I know some of us are still struggling.  :(  But I do sympathize!  


Serafina - that kiddo is growing like a weed!  Good job momma!  :)  Mine started out SO tiny at 6 pounds that I still get comments from people about how little she is, and it drives me nuts - she's at least 9 1/2 pounds right now.  I'm like, yes, she is small - but look at her little chubby legs and arms!  She's got an adorable baby double chin now too, and her cheeks are gigantic!  Her pediatrician is so happy with her weight gain, and damnit, so am I.  :)  

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Breastfeeding gets so easy and especially wonderful as they get older! 3 months of breastfeeding! Love it!
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16# of breastfed baby over here.  LOVE to squish her!  I agree that it gets so easy, and at this point (10 weeks) I don't even need to help her latch in the dark, and the only issue is leaking so much to create a puddle in bed during the nights!  She wakes up soaked like she has dipped her head in a bowl of milk, poor thing!

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Yikes I realize I never updated. Hazel is 6 weeks now and things are going better. We're doing we'll with the shield again. I've been able to trick her on one side several times and get her to latch without it. We've been seeing an OT for suck training recommended by the dr who snipped her tongue tie. I think that's really helping, at this point I will not give up. She's also finally gaining weight which I think is from finally sucking properly thus not swallowing as much air thus not puking up every feeding. Also the OT is helping me donate some of my milk which is cool. I'm now getting 10-15 oz per pump and Hazel is only consuming 3-4 when she takes a bottle. So our freezer is completely full! I am looking forward to getting some space back this week and helping some moms who have supply issue
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Any pointers Superbeans on the suck training? I feel Izell could benefit from this but it also could be my overactive let down. Shes nursing great at night laying down with me its just during the day she cant keep up. Ive recently tried block feeding, feeding for about 3-4 hrs on 1 side then switch to the other the next 3-4 hrs. Also having a clean up cloth handy really helps, she will typically unlatch during my letdown, I let it pour out into cloth and then try to relatch. Its messy buts its all thats worked so far. Hoping she will grow out of this soon! And also Superbeans, thats AWESOME that you are able to donate so much milk, kudos to you and your milk makers! :twothumbs


Otherwise, shes such a cutie when she smiles, she has 2 dimples just like me! :love Shes starting to look up at me when she nurses and you can just see the smile in her eyes, its blissful! Shes slept well since birth so Im grateful for that, only waking twice in the night to nurse or go potty.

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I'm having some massive nighttime leaking issues too now that Norah is sleeping through the night most nights.  I'm not even talking 5 hours - this kid can go 8 easily!  I'm super lucky.  However, I'm waking up now in puddles (and that's WITH the breast pads) and my boobs are like rocks most times.  Gotta start waking myself up to pump!  I tried the sidelying nursing and it just doesn't work with us and my overactive letdown - everything gets soaked and she slips all over, lol.  But I don't mind sitting up to feed her, we both go right back to sleep afterward.


I have to do the exact same thing, Irielyn, with the overactive letdown.  I've been block feeding for a while now and it is helping, although I also do the towel thing if it seems like it's too much to handle.  I was having trouble with it causing her gas problems, since she was swallowing tons of air trying to keep up, but I'm burping her more during those nursing times now and that helps.  


I wish I could have a supply like some of you ladies!  I have a rotating fridge stash of about 20 ounces, but that's all I can manage.  I stopped taking the fenugreek and other lactation herbs a week ago just to see how I'd do, and I still have enough to feed her, but I'm not so able to stash anything anymore.  I also think it's because she's feeding less frequently now and eating more at a time.  As long as I can feed her, I'm fine, but I think I might start taking the fenugreek again just to get those extra 4-6 ounces a day to stash!

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