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Wow 8 hours I can't even imagine in my wildest dreams my little guy doing that! He I is great at night don't get me wrong I feel very lucky. He only wakes to eat but that's usually every two hours once and a while we get a four but at least he is all business eats and falls right back to sleep.
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Wildgreen, Ivy's similar. I'm really paranoid about my supply, though. I had supply issues with my first two babies. Actually, it was more like information and support issues because I had both good information and support with my third and had no breastfeeding issues! Anyway, my problems started with DS2 when he started sleeping through the night (8+ hours) at around 2 months old. Many women are able to do that and keep a good supply, I'm not one of those women. I set an alarm so we don't go too long between feedings. I give us one stretch of 4 hours, the rest are 3. We rarely make it to the alarm. I did the same thing with DS3...I don't remember for how long. I'm looking forward to being able to be more relaxed about it.

I still haven't been able to get her to latch well side lying. It's such an unnatural position for me, but I'm really looking forward to getting that working, too. It doesn't bother me to have to wake up often to feed her if I can sleep through it!
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rainydaycraft-- have you tried the breast pads made for overnight?? I was having that issue too with leaking at night once baby started sleeping a 4 hour stretch~ and when i nurse one side the other side just flows lke a fountain.... Bamboobies overnight pads are amazing-- they have a waterproof outer side and they're huge (almost the size of my boob) so I don't wake up all wet. 


I freaking love breastfeeding. It's so fun. My baby is so good at it. I We were having issues in the beginning when she would get so hungry she'd be crying and couldn't get a good latch, I told her she was so good at it while she was learning and now shes a professional...almost 3.5 pounds in 6 weeks!!

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Good job, Yogini! That's the same amount Ivy's gained at 6 weeks old. It's awesome that you love breastfeeding. It's so easy to love when things are going well!
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I'm so glad most of you seem to have conquered all the breastfeeding issues! When John and I got past our struggles I felt so relieved and happy. Now, it's such a joy every time. Baby was 10 weeks before he started sleeping in more than 2 hour stretches, but now we usually have 3-4 hours between night feedings. It's weird, but if he has like a 6-7 hour stretch, I do not like it.

I went back to work...I now work three 12 hour shifts a week at the psych ward. My employers have been very supportive of me pumping whenever I need. I have been pumping more than he needs and I love that! It's so odd to me that he only eats every 3 hours for my sister/husband on those days because we still nurse every 2 hours at least.

Here is my sleepy nursing boy!

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Beautiful pic abk.

Breastfeeding is going great here too. I've been on the elimination diet for 3 weeks or so, but haven't noticed a difference in the gas/fussiness. She still has those bad evenings where she will cry for 2-3 hours, but they're getting farther apart. She's having more "happy time" these days.
I'm actually able to place her in the bouncy seat for me to take a shower! This is huge for us, because she normally won't let me put her down. Small victories! wink1.gif
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She loves her boobies! smile.gif
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Irielyn the OT does suck training exercises like sucking on her finger and getting her to do certain things with her tongue. She also massages the sides of her mouth which was part of Hazels problem (she couldn't create a seal and was sucking in air at the corners of her mouth). It's been soooo helpful. If you think it might help you can get a referral for a feeding specialist from your pediatrician and just have her checked
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