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Serafina - my kiddo is growing like a weed as well!  She's 7 pounds now, meaning she gained 3/4 of a pound in a week!  No wonder she's eating constantly.  :P  Her newborn sized clothes are pretty much at their end, which I'm happy about because I only had 6 or so newborn sleepers and onesies, but I have craploads of 0-3 stuff (I honestly expected her to be so much bigger at birth that I didn't bother with the NB or the NB diapers, I wish I had now!)  She fits in her Thirsties Duo Size 1 covers now, and the preemie prefolds I'm using are about stretched to capacity, but luckily I can bikini fold them and use a Snappi.  She just needs a pound or two more and we can get into the next prefolds.


So, I was setting myself up to breastfeed this afternoon, and I grabbed the pillow and set Norah down on it in position.  As I leaned over to grab my nipple shield, the little monkey reached up and just latched on to my nipple!  I couldn't believe it!  She's been so resistant to the nipple without the shield, and just like that, bam!  She nursed for a bit, but she did get confused after she let it go - but it was just a bit of a snack nurse, so she didn't get upset, she just went to sleep.  I think it was because I had recently pumped and my nipples were a bit swollen.  I'm going to nurse for the rest of the day, and see if I can get her to do it again.  :)


Every day we make some progress, which really keeps my spirits up regarding the breastfeeding.  She's a smart baby, and I know we'll be nursing exclusively and without the shield eventually.  :) 

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That's great, Rainy! I'm sure you'll be breastfeeding exclusively so soon! Keep up the good work! You rock :) 

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I seriously don't think we will ever nurse without the shield at this point! I can get him to latch for a minute, but then he pulls off, starts shaking his head, and starts majorly panicking. He is six weeks old, and we cannot get this figured out. I guess it's not the biggest problem in the world, and we nurse exclusively. But I want the skin to skin with my baby. I hate the barrier between us greensad.gif

I'm sad. Some days are worse than others.
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Oh hugs to you abk!!! I was having some blues for a week myself but thankfully it passed. It's like wearing a lead coat around, impossible to forget about it no matter how thrilled you are with your baby. ((((Hugs))))) I wish I could say something magical to make you feel better.
I found that a big glass of wine with my fiance helped.

Rainy that is so awesome!!!!! The effort to get it hammered out now will so pay off when one day you are enjoying the convenience of rarely dealing with bottles/pump/shield and just you & baby anywhere/anytime is the norm. It's handy for lazy moms like me.

Last night i nursed in the Moby wrap while cooking pasta and baking chocolate cake, while cleaning up the kitchen and doing laundry, and while watching tv.

Every evening she has a hard time latching on even when she's crying to nurse, she unlatches after a couple of swallows and screams. This lasts 15-30 minutes before she falls asleep. I think it's just over tired and processing the stimulation from the day so it's hard to settle.
My point is that nursing in the Moby and walking around also is handy for getting her to relax and nurse and fall asleep for the night (of course she stirs and needs to nurse at least twice during the night but lights stay off and we don't get up)! The combo of the relaxing effect of breastmilk, distractions of seeing moving objects go by as we walk around, and soothing movement of being walked around is usually too much to resist and she settles and nurses/passes out.
If anyone else notices ineffable evening fussiness and difficulty latching& staying latched when baby is clearly tired and wanting to nurse but screams when latching/unlatching constantly, then I recommend trying this! I use the wrap cross carry position quite tight, then to nurse I take one arm out to loosen baby down and angle her to nursing position and support her head to get/maintain the perfect latch with my hand and then the other hand is totally free to do other things like housework. I've even done grocery shopping in this fashion with previous kids.
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I know that my breast is the best pacifier which I am perfectly content to do most of the time but we have done long car rides coming up for the holidays. Any suggestions for best breastfed baby pacifier? And bottles as well for if I happen to leave him with dad for a couple hours?
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I always either waited for white noise/movement of car to put fussy baby to sleep or  sat next to baby and contorted myself to nurse to sleep, since it always took under 5 minutes and then baby  slept and i could stop.  so i have no idea! 

I need bottle & pump recommendations too, at some point I'll need to leave dad with baby & a bottle or 2,  for 4-5 hours when I go to band rehearsal.

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The NUK pacifier is best for breast fed babies. It is kind of flat and long, it comes in a 2 pack at any store. It sounds like it wouldn't be good, but it is the best and recommended by all LCs I know.

A double electric pump is the most sufficient. I use a madella, but it's quite pricey. I need one that I can't pump in less than 10-15 minutes at work, and it's the most effective. However, if you need it very rarely and have time to spare, any pump would be fine. A manual pump is much less effective at getting more milk out.

We have Playtex Nurser bottles. They are more like the breast, but a well established nursing baby can probably switch back and forth without trouble no matter what kind of bottle it is. The Nurser also allows for less air into the baby which is always good. Less gas.

Those are all of my recommendations. Lol. I use the pump to store up milk for when I return to work, never use the bottles right now, and use a paci very rarely, but those are the best of all three for me!!

Good luck!
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I have an Ameda Purely Yours pump that I got from my insurance and I absolutely love it - it's a double electric.  I was renting a huge beast of a Medela pump from the hospital in the meantime when Norah was still in the NICU, and it did the job okay, but the Ameda is much more comfortable and portable.  I do agree with abk though - if you have the time, you can use a manual, it just takes a while.  I like that I can get the milk out in about 10 minutes with my Ameda, mostly because I'm pumping after every time I feed at the breast and then during the night as well.  I heard that pumping while you nurse from the opposite side can be an easy and effective way to build up a freezer stash of milk.


Norah likes the Nuk pacifier at the moment, but she's a picky one when it comes to pacis.  It changes daily.  We use them mostly to help her settle in the car seat.


We use the Tommee Tippee bottles at the moment, they're quite boob shaped.  I find them awkward, but they are helping her latch, so I don't mind.  We have the ones with the extra vent that's supposed to help reduce swallowed air.

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I think I must be the only mama ever to have never used a pacifier!  I feel like such a bizarro from another millenium!  bag.gif




Man I think this girl has nursed almost nonstop the last 7.5 hours, only brief nap breaks in between.  Every mid afternoon until after 10pm she's just a boobaholic, cluster feeding like nuts.  I don't mind, I guess, it just feels kind of astonishing that she can be so desperate for the breast more than hourly.  I bet she's 12 pounds already, if I had to guess, which would mean  nearly 3 pounds in 3.5 weeks.  I'm so curious to see what the scales will say next week at the dr.   My mom laughed at this and said when she took me to get weighed they thought the scales were broken because I was such a chunk.  I started walking holding on to stuff at 9 months and then walking for real at 10 months so I apparently got skinny by the time I was 1, but I was a sumo wrestler looking baby with a mop of black hair, pretty funny photos compared to the white blonde haired skinny toddler I ended up being just a few months later.  Kiddos change so much in the early months!

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Gah, this fast letdown is such a pain in the ass! I'm trying to work on Ava's latch, but it's impossible when she keeps pulling back all the time to try and control the flow of milk. Even if I do manage to get the deeper latch I'm looking for she just slides down the nipple a minute later.

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well we started out fine and then about a week or so in Porter started sucking air like crazy. I also have a super fast letdown that chokes him and makes the sucking worse and makes him pull and chomp.  My nipples are standing up to it fine. Only a little sore when he gets started. But the air sucking is driving me nuts because then he's super gassy and angry after nursing.

His latch looks fine, even my midwife said it looked fine and told me to just take him off and relatch when i hear the sucking but no matter how many times i relatch him it doesn't stop..argh!


never had this with DS1. will it possibly stop as he matures?

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oh yeah, we use avena pacifiers.  used them with my first too. 

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We use the "soothies" pacifiers. She only really really wants one if she's gassy though. Sometimes my letdown is too fast too, and the milk literally shoots out of my boob, which Lily can't keep up with. Her latch has improved a ton over the past 2 weeks though. I can't wait for my nipples to be less sensitive though, just drying off after a shower is painful. What are your thoughts on light drinking while breastfeeding (meaning one or two drinks), and how do you time the drinks so baby isn't affected? If you bother with timing at all?

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My pediatrician actually brought up drinking and said feel free to have one drink as often as I want. He suggested having it when he is nursing.
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I'll have one drink. I had two one night and it knocked me over so that's out. I have no tolerance anymore. I don't bother timing it but it does make sense to do it while nursing since it takes 2+ hours to leave your system and that would give you optimal time
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Just wanted to say how much Ive enjoyed reading about your breastfeeding journeys with your little babes! Im so happy and grateful to be nursing another little one again, what a truly amazing gift we can give our children!


This picture was taken an hour after babe was born, my son woke up and ran and hugged me...hes doing SO good with his new sister, I couldnt be more proud!

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Beautiful photo Irielyn!

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That is a great pic Irielyn. Will working out impact my milk supply? I really enjoy a very high intensity boot camp class. I actually did it throughout pregnancy once a week my last class was one week before he was born. I would love to go back after my six week appointment but don't want to risk my milk supply.
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Love the photo Irielyn


Wildgreen, I'm not positive, but I'd think working out is just fine as long as you keep your calorie intake up. Good for you for staying so active through your pregnancy!!  


Ugh, I had a blocked milk duct a week ago, which went away, and now I have another. I just feel achey all over and have a headache, plus my boob is red, very tender, inflammed and hot. Not fun! 

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So I think I'm having some problems. At first I was pretty relaxed about it but then everyone at the hospital freaked me out that i wasnt breastfeeding her enough... and now she won't latch at all or even attempt. Before I was just trying when I thought she was hungry but they said I need to try every 2 hours for at least 20 minutes. So I keep trying but she's just getting more and more frustrated. I don't think she has ever successfully latched and has only had colostrum that I dropped into her mouth. She's 2 days old now and I'm getting nervous.
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