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Superbeans, is there a lactation consultant you can talk to? I'm sorry it's so stressful for you, hopefully you can get it worked out soon!


AFM, nursing is going pretty well I think, Lily has been wanting to nurse constantly the past few days. It feels like as soon as I finish nursing her, she wants to eat again. She'll eat literally every hour, sometimes she'll finish eating, fall asleep, then want to nurse again within 30 mins of finishing... Maybe a growth spurt is coming? She'll be 3 weeks in 3 days. My plan as of now is to try offering both breasts during each feeding, but the problem is that she typically falls into a deep sleep while she's still on the first boob, and is nearly impossible to wake up enough to latch onto the second. Thoughts? 

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dahlia - I think our babes are maybe a day apart, right?  Mine is 2 1/2 weeks as well, and she is totally doing the same thing, eating CONSTANTLY.  She's also still always falling asleep when she nurses on that first boob, and it's really hard to get her going on the second.  I wish I had a suggestion for you, I don't - but I feel your pain.  :P


Still chugging along here - Norah has latched a few times without the shield, yay!  However, if she's really hungry, she rages too much to settle down, so I have to use the shield at those times.  I'm still pumping every 2-3 hours or right after she nurses to be sure my supply doesn't tank as recommended by the LCs, and it's working well.  She's just eating so, so much today that I can't keep up boobwise and I'm both giving bottles and nursing. 


I decided the other day that I really don't have a problem with this situation anymore - she would be taking bottles soon enough anyway when I go back to school, and her latch is actually really good - I don't get any nipple pain at all and she's stopped biting down.  Plus, it lets my husband share in nighttime duties, and it's really helping - and he admitted the other day that he likes being able to feed her as well.  And as long as I nurse for at least half the feeds every day, I'm having no trouble pumping and I've got a nice fridge stash building.


My goal is to get her exclusively nursing without the shield before 3 months of age to be sure I don't have a big drop in supply - I can probably just start pumping occasionally then.  I think we can do it!

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Nighttime cluster feeding is killing me. I've been working on her latch all week, and sometimes she gets the good, deep latch that I need to be comfortable, but more often than not she doesn't. And when she's constantly on and off the breast in the evenings, and crying about the letdown being too much, there's just no winning. I have to allow her a shallow latch then or she'll just scream and scream, and every attempt at a deeper one just results in her sliding down again anyway. And two out of the last three nights she's had a huge spit up after all this constant nursing. I feel like she's not hungry, but wants it anyway and then spits up a huge quantity. It's getting really frustrating. Oh, she's almost 4 weeks.


And I woke up around 3 am last night to raging pain in my left breast. I think I have a blocked duct. I took a couple ibuprofen and this morning it doesn't hurt as intensely, but it's still pretty sore. So...yeah, fun times. :(

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Anyone have experience here with lip or tongue tie? I think we may be dealing with this issue and was wondering if anyone could share any info.

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I feel your pain (literally), Slammerkin. I'm finally on antibiotics after having blocked ducts/mastitis twice in a week. This second bout of it was way worse- high fever, lots of boob pain, no fun. I hope yours clears up for you!! I read that massaging the affected breast can help. About the latch/let down issue, here's a link to a page I read last night that helped me understand helping Lily breastfeed more happily/effectively. Maybe it can help you too :) http://www.pamf.org/children/newborns/feeding/understanding.html 


irielyn, I wish I had some info for you!! 

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Irielyn my little one has a tongue tie. We were given conflicting advice from LC who thought it needed clipped and the midwife and ped who both thought it might loosen with time. It does make it difficult to get a good latch but I decided to see if out would loosen and it has quite a bit. Still not perfect so we may still need to get it clipped. They say it takes seconds to clip it and there is immediate relief for breastfeeding. If it isn't clipped and doesn't loosen out is linked to possible speech problems.
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I have had a couple clogged ducts, and I had to feed and then pump while massaging with a warm compress for quite a while. I would wake up with raging pain, but was able to work them out within the day.

AFM....NO MORE SHIELD!!!!!! We have successfully nursed two whole days with no shield and I love every minute! John is 7 weeks old now, so it took a long time to get here, but we are doing amazing!!! Yay!!
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My little girl is just 4 days young now and we have been having latch issues and nipple blisters which are quite painful, I can never seem to get her deep enough and she can never stay deep on it when I do get a good latch, she ends up on the tip of my nip nearly every time, OUCH!!!  Ive done alot of research on it and had a friend come over and look at her who is LLL group leader and LC, she said she definitely has a lip tie class 4, we cant get a good look at her tongue her mouth is just so tiny. We have a specialist in our area who is amazing at diagnosing and correcting lip/tongue ties with laser, Im just so scared to have to go through this even though laser is less invasive and they heal faster than with snipping them with scissors. I just hate to cause my girl any pain Im so conflicted! And Ive also heard you can very well just struggle through it, but they can have problems later in life like you said, speech problems, dental issues, supply drops. I may just go in for a consultation and go from there.

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:grouphug   Hugs to us all.  I'm only 5 days past mastitis and I already feel like it was a lifetime ago.  I am trying not to let my breasts go too long between feedings again.....   

I never get to a second breast per feeding.   I rarely get to the 10 minute mark per feeding, so no time to switch....  but frequent, oh yes.   23 feedings per 24 hours, even  (I logged yesterday).

Luck to all of you dedicated BFing moms overcoming tough difficulties!!!

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Wildgreen, how can you tell if its stretched over time? Id really like to take the "wait and see approach" but I fear the longer we wait the harder it will be on her(you have to follow up with stretching of the lip after correction which can be painful the older they are and harder to do) and the longer I continue nursing like this the more chance I have of getting plugged up or mastitis....ugh! confused.gif I just want to enjoy nursing again without all this pain!

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I noticed that he was able to stick his tongue out farther. He hadn'tt been able to make it past his lips. His latch is better. But I took him to the pediatrician to have him check because I wanted to be sure it was to be sure he was gaining enough. At his two week he had a decent gain and at his one month up almost two lbs. And he looked at it and said it was much better. I was not completely opposed to cutting it but I also preferred the laser and the closest person was four hours that I know of. Or my ped would have clipped it
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Thanks Dahlia. I reeeally need to not end up on antibiotics. I've already been battling a yeast infection/thrush, and another round of antibiotics is only going to make things worse. I think I way overdid it on activities the last three days and my body is rebelling. Really wish I didn't have a doctor's appt tomorrow morning. :(


Most of her feeds are normal and she can handle the flow - she finishes one breast in about 15 minutes most of the time and doesn't appear to want the second breast - she just conks out. But I think she mostly just wants to suck during these evening marathon sessions, and gets mad when the milk keeps flowing more than she wants. Then she gets overfull.


Sorry to hear about you mamas battling tongue ties!

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Lactation specialist is coming tomorrow. I've just been pumping and bottle feeding because she started getting jaundice. I keep trying to get her to latch but still no real luck. She'll take a few sucks and stop. I really hope I can get this working, it's been a huge stressor and add on family visiting everyday (up through next Monday) and it just isn't happening.
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can you put a moritorium on any houseguests or visitors until mama and baby get breastfeeding well established?  Seems like getting mama and baby in bed for a nurse-in (with tons of skin-to-skin contact and nursing on demand until baby gets used to latching) is so much more important than hosting any guests!  Good luck with the LC tomorrow, mama!  :thumb

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superbeans - I 100% feel your pain.  I wasn't really able to get Norah to latch effectively for the first 2 weeks almost, and I was pumping like a madwoman.  I still am to some degree - I pump every 2-3 hours or after her feeds, whichever comes first.  It's the only way I can really be sure I'm keeping up my supply.  The LC will likely give you a nipple shield, which I do think will help, especially if your kiddo is taking the bottle.  Don't fret about it if you do have to use a shield - you can totally wean them off of them, it's possible.  I have Nono completely off of it on my right boob and using it about half the time on my left (my nipple is a bit flat on that side, so if she's super hungry and cranky, she does NOT have the patience for it without the shield).


I get it about the visitors as well.  My MIL won't stop coming over, and then when I go to get a bottle for the baby she makes comments about how I should just go try and nurse her... as if I can comfortably nurse when A) she won't let go of the baby for anything and B) it takes time and patience and requires me to relax, which I CANNOT do while she's there.  Eventually I'm going to tell her that the baby WOULDN'T be getting the bottle if she wasn't there.  And if I go in the other room to do it, she'll make comments about how I shouldn't be "shy".  This woman tries my patience.

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It is possible to wean off the shield! I finally did it! I packed them up for good yesterday! It's so amazing!!

Good luck to all you struggling mommas greensad.gif
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abk - yay for you!  I'm so excited!  :)  I just nursed on both sides without the shield as well, so I think we're pretty close to ditching it too!  

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Awesome!!! We were stuck with it for almost 6 weeks. It was a lifesaver, but I thought he would never nurse without it.
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 I am finally getting around to pumping and building up a freezer stash in case of emergency.  I found a used pump at the local children's second hand shop, sterilized all the parts that come into contact with the milk, and sat for fifteen minutes with the electric pump while my 8 year old watched on with glee and held his sleeping baby sister, and we got 7 ounces on one side and 1 oz on the other, since I had recently fed her on that side.  Isn't that kind of a lot?  It seems like a lot to me, like I really ought to be finding a local group to donate my milk to.   

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Wow that's great serafina! I've been pretty much exclusively pumping (while trying to get her to latch) and I usually get 2-3oz per side, 3-4 per side in the morning. She's only drinking about 2 per feeding so I've been freezing a good amount which will be good when I go back to work.
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