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Serafina - you are a milk machine!  Yeah, I would definitely donate if you are so inclined.  I only get about 1 1/2 to 2 ounces a side, 2 1/2 to 3 after going about 5 hours in the morning.  I usually pump every 2 hours during the day, though.  And my kiddo is only drinking 2 to 2 1/2 ounces at a time max.  Now that we're nursing more, I'm hoping to make more milk.  I do have a good rotating fridge stash, though.

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Woot! That's great Serafina! Definitely try and hook up with your local milk donation group.
I've done something silly :-( I slept on my belly last night which squashed my (.)(.)'s and now lefty is completely blocked and so so sore. With the help of my three year old who is fascinated by the pump we've just taken a bunch of milk off so hopefully that and the amazing rest dh let me get while he tidied the house will sort the issue. It's blocked and sore but no red patches yet and I'd like it to stay that way.
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Yikes, sounds like what my right breast has gone through twice so far. Definitely try moist heat & massage in the shower or long hot bath, that helped me. and rest
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I really feel like throwing in the towel. I don't think she's ever going to latch.
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Don't give up Superbeans, is there a LLL you can go to, or a lactation consultant at a hospital nearby? I'm so sorry it's such a struggle for you right now :Hug

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:Hug Superbeans. Did the LC not help?


AFM cluster feeding has slowed down a bit, but it's still a PITA. I have to keep offering her the same breast for at least three hours straight so she can suck to her heart's content without being flooded with milk that she doesn't want. I also still can't get her to latch deeply during these sessions. She just wants to hang out shallowly and not get much milk - just suck.


Still struggling to get a deeper latch during other feedings. Sigh. I feel like the cluster feeding has just ruined the progress I was making with her before. I am desperately hoping I'll have that miraculous "ah-ha!" corner-turning that so many people seem to have around six weeks.  


Oh, and the plugged duct cleared, but it took several days.

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Oops, sorry superbeans, I must have missed/forgotten that you saw a LC already. 

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There's a LLL meeting Wednesday so I guess I'll try going to that. The LC said it was her tongue tie so we got it snipped. But now she doesn't want to latch because the bottle is so much easier. We've tried the nipple shield and she will nurse for awhile with it but its super painful and I don't think she's getting much through it.
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superbeans - I'm so sorry.  :(  Hang in there!  I wish I had more supportive and helpful things to say.  When I was using the shield, I hand expressed some milk into it to get her to be more interested in it, and that helped some.  But honestly, I think the thing that helped most was changing bottles - we switched to low flow Avent Natural ones, which are very breast-like and made her change her sucking style (she was initially just chomping to get milk to come out). 


slammerkin - I've been doing the offering the same breast thing as well, mostly because we've started to have a few gassy nights, and I think the quick let-down I have makes it worse - she sometimes starts to cry if it comes too fast.  But I also put her on right after I pump, which helps immensely.

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Super beans it may be the shield the first one I had was very painful. My LC have me a different one huge difference. No idea the brand she said it was German.
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I think the shields I have are Medela. The bottles we have are Medela also and supposed to work w breast feeding but I can tell the milk still comes super fast.

If anyone has any brand recs please let me know!
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superbeans - I used the Medela bottles that came with my pump kit at first, but what I had to do was go out and buy new nipples - I bought slow flow ones.  They number them from 1 to 3 - if you take the nipple off and look at the writing around the base, it should say what level of flow you're using, and you want level 1 or slow flow to be printed on it.  


However, if you want to buy new bottles, I HIGHLY recommend the Avent Naturals or Tommee Tippee.  The Avents in particular are very boob-shaped, and the best part is that the baby has to take a large amount of nipple into her mouth to use it, which discourages that shallow sucking issue.  It might be worth it to just pick one or two up to try.  


Also, I used a Medela shield at first since it's what the LC gave me and I didn't like it at all.  I was using a Tommee Tippee brand one until a week or so ago when we weaned off of it - I bought it on clearance somewhere, but I liked that one better, I think she was able to get milk easier from it.  If you want to try still using the shield, let me know, I'd be happy to send you one of mine, cause it came in a 2 pack.  I'm sure it can be sterilized.  

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Awe thank you so much for the offer. I grabbed some tommee tippee shields tonight. I can already tell I like them better. Much less painful. I'm meeting with another LC tomorrow who was recommended by the first LC. Apparently this one is good with babies who were tongue tied. I really hope I can make this work. It's starting to get super expensive and I'm just wondering if its going to even work out in the end.
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No problem, I'm glad they're better for you!  Those Medela ones are crappy.  I wish you all the luck with the other LC, and I'm sure you can get this to work - your little one will click eventually, I'm so sure of it!  I know all too well the expense of all this, I understand completely - just remember that switching to formula if that's an option for you will be expensive too.  


That being said - don't make yourself miserable, please!  If you do have to stop breastfeeding, don't feel bad - you've tried SO hard, and you have to do whatever will keep your sanity and help you to enjoy your babe.  Y'know?  *hugs*

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The expense of a difficult breast feeding experience is intense sometimes. When I was bleeding and scanned really bad and had painful clogged ducts, I spent almost $70 on gel pads, warm gel compresses, 2 types of shields, special pads, etc. But I was determined to succeed. It can be very frustrating and draining, but it is all worth it in the end. John was 7 weeks old before we successfully started nursing without any other intervention and it's wonderful. Good luck!
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We're nearing $750 for the lactation consultants and getting her tongue clipped. Plus the cost of tolls and parking (around 33 per trip into manhattan which we've now done 3 times... She's too little for public transport so I have to drive). Plus the LC thinks we should come in again next week. There's a chance insurance will reimburse part of these costs. Fingers are crossed.Thankfully we were leant a pump by my SIL and got many Target gift cards for our baby shower which have been covering all the random nipples, shields, etc.
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Omgosh! I've never heard of having to pay to see a LC! The local hospitals here offer their services for free. Well, I'm wishing you the best of luck.
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So yesterday we had Izell's lip and tongue tie corrected, it was tough for me to watch even though it lasted under a minute. I like to hope that she was crying from the dentists fingers being all up in her mouth rather than the laser part. :(  She nursed immediately after and I could tell it felt different, it was way more gentle, she felt relaxed and was overall more efficient. But now we have to "rub vigorously" on both spots 3 times and stretch her top lip up to her nostrils, but 3 times a day and for 3 weeks...she absolutely HATES when I do that! I hate causing my wee gal discomfort but if I dont do this then it could heal back and possibly have to be repeated. For those of you who may not know much about lip/tongue tie, we were told with her class 4 lip tie and posterior tongue tie its causing her to use the front muscles in her mouth/face to nurse and not her cheeks and whole face, she wears out nursing fast and cant keep up with my letdowns(which have gotten less forceful but she still has a hard time). This could also cause milk supply issues, clogged ducts or mastitis. Later in life she could have dental problems, misaligned teeth or decay especially in top front, speech problems or even problems french kissing or licking an ice cream cone since her tongue was stuck so far back in her mouth, she couldnt extend it out much at all.  I really hope this gets easier now and we did the right thing for her in the long run. Ill be curious to see what happens with my son, turns out he has both lip/tongue tie as well, seems to run on my side of the family.

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Irielyn glad it worked and you revived immediate breastfeeding relief! Sorry she was so unhappy during it. Just in case it happens to you my lc told me that you will get immediate relief then it may seem to be back to the old way for a couple days and not to worry because its only a couple days.
My lc charged 200. I wish it had been free! It took us almost six weeks super beans to figure it all out but now its great and seems worth the pain in the beginning to get him latched
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Interesting info Irielyn, and timely to boot for me....


I went to a breastfeeding support group at a local hospital today and shared our struggles to get a deep latch. There was a very knowledgeable nurse there and several women who've had lip/tongue tie issues with their infants, and the RN said it could be one of those things for us. Ava's top lip is always tucked in and she always gets a sucking blister on her lip. The RN also said that if she slides down the nipple and her sucking diminishes to a flutter at the end of the feeding that can mean the muscles become exhausted as she's incorrectly trying to maintain suction with her lips (this pretty much always happens for Ava). Plus the pinched/creased tip to my nipple indicated a possible issue with a tie. I got the name of an oral surgeon that many of the women had seen to get tongue and lip ties resolved and I made an appt for next week. Now that I've looked up more info on lip ties online I think Ava has it pretty bad. I think her tongue might be ok because she can stick it out far and it touches the roof of her mouth easily, but I'm sure the doctor will look at that too. I can hardly wait until the appt to see what the doctor finds! I really hope getting her lip released will resolve our issues. :1praying  I hope things continue to improve for you Irielyn!

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