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Slammerkin, here are a few articles that were helpful. Izell has been getting the same nursing blister you were talking about. I hope that you can find a dr who is skilled in this area, it will make all the difference. Also see if you can compare her lip to some of the pics in the last link. 

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I'm so sorry to hear of the struggles some of you are having...that really breaks my heart. greensad.gif
I hope y'all can make it through & breastfeed for a long time!
Lillian is almost 6 weeks & is ebf. We've been blessed to not have any problems. She's had a wonderful latch since birth. I would love to make it to a year with her. The longest I made it with my older kids was 3 months.
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And am I the only one who is in love with their baby's milk breath? It is just the sweetest smell to me! Dh said I'm weird lol.
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Irielyn, I think her lip tie looks like a class IV, so pretty severe. Counting down the days till our appt with the oral surgeon next Weds! The other women at the breastfeeding group had high praise for this doctor. :)

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Nursemom, I am in love with the milky breath too! And I also get an extremely happy surge every time he has a milk mustache or milk on his face. It's like "Yeah, I did that!" Lol. My husband also says I'm weird. I guess I kind of am. Haha
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I love the milk breath, milky face, and milk drunk satisfied expression!!
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I'm not a huge fan of the milk breath, but I do love the milk drunk face, especially when it's covered in milk!

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Thats good that you found a reputable dr Slammerkin...let me know what you decide to do and hope you find some balance! We are still struggling which Im assuming is either shes in a bit of pain or just trying to adjust the way she nurses now that her lip and tongue are free. Hopefully we see the light at the end of the tunnel soon!

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I really hope things get easier for those of you with issues. I wish there was something useful I could say. I must admit, I didn't know about lip ties.

I love milky babies...the smell, the milky lips and the drunken face! Definitely one of my favourite things in the world!
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Haha, I love milk drunk babies! And I love how she looks right into my eyes while she nurses sometimes. She just melts my heart. 


I'm thinking of you ladies having troubles with breastfeeding! I hope everyone can get their struggles worked out very soon! But, if breastfeeding just doesn't work, don't feel bad. It's certainly not for lack of trying, and you are all great mommies! 

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Okay, so.  I was reading through this thread last night, with everyone talking about lip ties... and I seriously think Norah has a lip tie.  Her tongue is fine, but she does ALL of the things associated with lip ties - she tucks her top lip in, she gets the little bump in the middle of her upper lip, she latches and unlatches a lot, my nipples get that pinched look after she nurses, she flutter sucks at the end... I talked to my husband about it when he got home, and we looked up some more info and took a look at her lip.  It's not a BAD lip tie, but it's definitely there, and my husband agrees.  I think the only reason my nipples aren't destroyed is because I'm only nursing about half the day - I do always get pain initially though.  I also read somewhere that a lip tied baby can have a gap between their front teeth after they come in, and I actually had that gap myself when I was young.  My dentist even told me it was because I had some gum tissue between them, which is obviously part of the lip tie.  My mom never breastfed me, so I wouldn't have known.  


None of the LCs at the hospital ever looked in her mouth - everyone just assumed she wasn't latching because of nipple confusion from the bottles and just told me to use the shield.  This is so crazy! Now I know why I have to usually give her an ounce or so from the bottle to top her up after nursing her - she would get so tired from trying to suck that she'd take tons of breaks and quit early, even though I could check afterward and there would still be milk coming out.


Now, I DO think she had some nipple confusion, don't get me wrong.  But that issue is gone now, and her latch is still too shallow.  Dealing with the lip tie will help, I know it will.


We have her one month appointment on Monday, luckily, so I can bring it up then.  I'm going to just exclusively pump this weekend and add some pumping sessions in just to be sure I maintain my supply.


I can't thank you guys enough!  I never would have known!

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Rainy, so glad you were able to make that realization about your daughter. Everything you have described definitely sounds like a lip tie.

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Rainy, I hope we both get our daughters' issues resolved and that BFing becomes easier. 


Irielyn, keep us posted on how things are progressing with Izell since the procedure!

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My baby is 2 months old today!!! He is nursing perfectly, growing strong, starting to smile, still not sleeping more than a couple hours at a time, and so sweet!!!

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ugh, lip tie here too! why did i never lift her lipbefore??
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So things seem to be getting better but still having our moments of struggle. Shes having to pretty much re-learn how to nurse the right way all over again. We took her for a chiro adjustment yesterday, my chiro offers free visits for your newborns 1st month, we saw improvement right away and continued most of the night. She said that her jaw was extremely tight due to only using her mouth muscles and not her whole face. One thing I should mention thats worth knowing for those of you in similar situations, the specialist who did the procedure said you hardly ever see babies with a lip tie and not a tongue tie as well. We couldnt tell ourselves with Izell's tongue since it was posterior meaning far back.


And she still HATES when I have to stretch and rub it! :( 

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Glad to hear things are improving Irielyn! I'll keep it in mind to make a chiro appt for both of us afterward if Ava does end up getting snipped. My chiro specializes in children so that's handy.

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I just never suspected, since breastfeeding has been going great with no pain, and weight gain has been unbelievable. Definitely calling Dr Monday morning.
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We're in the same camp. Great weight gain, no painful breastfeeding, however, Jasper has had extreme gassiness. He sucks a lot of air and doesn't seem to be able to flange out his upper lip. When I checked it yesterday, it definitely looked like a lip tie. I have it, too. My oldest doesn't seem to have it, but my middle child tore his frenulum this summer, and he also has a small amount of decay on his middle incisors (one of the problems they say can come from a lip tie).

I'm not sure how I feel about correcting Jasper's tie. I'm going to ask our doctor and try to weigh the risks and costs of surgery vs. leaving it alone. He is clearly thriving, and I know from my experience last time that the gas will regulate.

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