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Supporting a friend through transition

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I don't know which subforum to post this in, so I'm just going to put it here and if it needs to be moved, I'm sure the mods will handle it. :)


Hopefully someone will have some experience or advice?


I have recently made friends with a woman who will be going through sex reassignment surgery/Gender confirmation surgery in a month. She is an amazing person who has had the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of others by telling her story of her discharge from the military (for gender identity disorder, she served honorably for many years and tours overseas) and subsequent actions.


What is the best way to be supportive before/after surgery other than just typical being a friend stuff?

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I'd say the typical friend stuff is going to be so important for her.  Also, just listening.  Surgery is scary stuff.  She may not have the support of all her family or friends, so just being there, and supporting who she is is going to be great.  Beyond that, food, pampering things, magazines, games, cards, stuff like that.

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I just saw the movie (it's available on Netflix) called Becoming Chaz. It's very eye opening about what she went through, her feelings and how her family and friends reacted. I think watching it would be very useful.

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Thank you both so very much. 


I won't be able to be physically present at the time of the surgery. She will be leaving the country for the surgery, initially she was going to go alone. When another friend learned that, she put together a fundraiser to send her with a companion who was knowledgeable about transitioning, and is a reproductive justice activist.


But I will do what I can to be supportive before and once she returns (I forgot to ask how long she will stay before traveling back.)

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