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we've got rollover!!...and blowouts!

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we're rolling over! this is so exciting. my husband had been telling me all week, but i finally got to see her on her tummy today without that last arm pinned underneath her!


we also have blowouts! every poop almost is a blowout. this has been going on since she was born, but she wasn't pooping daily...now she pretty much is and it's still blowouts---what do you ladies do? even if i put it to soak immediately it still stains. :( and what can i do to keep from having blowouts in the first place? i know it happens less in my cloth diapers--but any other ideas?

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Yay for rolling!!

We haven't had a blowout with ruby yet. I love prefolds for that reason!

Have you tried sunning the stains out? Maybe with some lemon juice?
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perhaps it's my life-long apathy for laundry, but I don't really care if the diapers are stained!  every once in a while I get a wild hair and clean my house top to bottom (most people refer to that as "spring cleaning," I guess), and I suppose I might make an effort to un-stain the diapers then, but if the baby's just going to keep pooping in them, why not save your time for something more enjoyable?  unless you're planning to sell the diapers after using them; in that case, I can understand why you'd want them to look their best.  but I have noticed that they get whiter after I hang them on the line as opposed to drying them in the dryer.  good luck, and let us know if you do find any tricks!

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I think she is talking about stained clothes and such, but I could be wrong. Here is how I deal with the stains: wash out the poop ASAP then saturate the stain with biokleen bac-out for several hours at least, then wash as usual. Works like a charm! If I doesnt come out or for storage stains I will soak it in oxyclean for a few days.
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ah, I didn't consider that!  I have used oxyclean on carpet before to great effect - I bet it works great on clothes!

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Oxyclean rocks--since we have blowouts everyother day or so! It also comes in a tube.
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Can oxy clean be used with Charlie's? I used to use oxy clean with arm and hammer, but just switched all our laundry to Charlie's. So far so good! If not, I also have a Bunchafarmers stick, which I remember working wonders on other stains I've used it on in the past.
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