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Reasonable stripping routine?

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Ugh, diaper stripping is by and large my least favorite variety of stripping. *rimshot*

So as far as I know our current problem is a mildewy ammonia-y thing. Maybe over or under using the detergent.

This time I'm going to go with an initial wash on the highest heat and most water possible with rockngreen, borax (waaaaay less than the box recommended) and oxi powder (waaaaay less than the bottle recommended). Then I'm planning on running two more cycles, hottest and most water, with nothing added at all, and then one last cycle with half a cup of white vinegar. Then dryer instead of the line to seal up the PUL while I'm at it.

Does that sound like it might do the trick, or will I still have to clothespin shut the noses of anyone that comes near my baby?
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I got rid of our ammonia smell in the prefolds with baking soda in the wash, which caused a tiny rash, so the next time did the same plus vinegar in the rinse (to balance ph), it worked great. Plus basically using the other products you mentioned
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Baking soda! That's a great idea. How much did you use?

For anyone who sees this in the future, the routine listed above did a great job. Everything came out sparkling white (or hemp brown or whatever) and smelling less like unholy death..
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A big shake? I think maybe 1/2 a cup by that was something I made up. For vinegar- I filled the fabric softener dispenser, so again maybe 1/2to 1 cup
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