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22 weeks tomorrow!
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Literally seeing growth daily. Almost 25...

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22 weeks, finally getting a "real" bump (or, it feels more real to me!).


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I feel like I'm copying @HopefullyMama's post! 22 weeks and starting to get a "real" bump :) We found out on Friday we are having a baby girl and are so excited! Love seeing how everyone is growing! 

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I took this last Friday I was 24W exactly.

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You all look so beautiful! I think I had a sudden belly growth spurt a couple days ago. I definitely need to take a pic. smile.gif
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Looking gorgeous ladies!!! Here I am at 23 weeks. It's middle of summer here, so I'm in this bathing suit alot haha.

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@Gratefulgoddess, I am so jealous of you and your beautiful beach! Maybe I can get out to ours this weekend, weather is supposed to be hot here in LA.


Beautiful belly :)

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gratefulgoddess, beautiful!

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Thanks ladies!

@Water Mama - don't worry it will be summer before you know it! I was born in San Fran and lived in NC- so I know feburary feels like a million years til summer, but it will be here before you know it!

Love seeing all the beautiful babies growing strong and healthy!
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Grateful goddess, you are so lucky!! I have been back in Canada for 6 years now and although Montreal is an awesome city I am so sick of the endless winters. Its killing me. I find it SO hard getting out of the house with all the winter clothes, dark short days and crazy cold. And with another baby coming, I can't take anymore. I am even considering moving to Israel, where my husband is from, and we always said we would never move there. We don't have any family here so having family around and good
weather sounds pretty tempting right now!!
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22 weeks and 2 days. Definitely feeling like I had a growth spurt.

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Here I am 25 weeks today. The kicks are definitely getting really strong at times! I organized a prenatal support group and the two women that came this weekend are both having girls as well as another friend who just announced it on FB that she is also having a girl. sigh. I am feeling more excited about seeing this baby boy, my second son who is three and a half is so sweet...talking to my belly all the time asking the baby "are you ok baby? I love you!" . It really melts my heart!

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23 Weeks on the 23rd--my birthday and Facebook pregnancy reveal day! (P.S. I only wore the heels for the photo ;)


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24 weeks 3 days. 

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25 Weeks  5 Days.  Yup, those are pajama pants.  It's just that kind of Sunday afternoon...


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26 weeks. Whether I look big or small from day to day very much depends on how baby is laying. This was an "out front and center" day. We weren't going to do a FB announcement but then this week we finally decided we kind of needed to. 

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25 weeks! This probably isn't the best top for showcasing the bump. wink1.gif

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26 weeks,

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