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O no, that stinks. Sorry to hear that. I was there off and on throughout. Some of us have stuck around and have a nice little private group on fb now. IKWYM about each group being so different.

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17 weeks at work taking selfies :)

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Originally Posted by Water Mama View Post

I was for a little while under a different profile name. Then I posted about using the BabyPlus Educational System and got a lot of backlash. I was so emotional and hurt by some of the comemnts, that I left the DDC only to return to Mothering when DH and I started TTC this Fall. I am having a much better experience this time around :)

You probably ran into women that are trolls at TWWS. I've caught a lot of crap from them.

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What is TWWS?
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Originally Posted by shenanegans View Post

What is TWWS?

Trolls With Wooden Spoons

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17 weeks! And my little guy, just over 2 years.

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20 weeks.

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You're all so beautiful. I <3 this thread so much!
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18 weeks tomorrow!! And getting nice and round. orngbiggrin.gif
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I've been hiding under winter sweaters, but no longer fooling people with a little extra weight-got several congratulatory comments the past weekend from strangers--17.5 weeks:)
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20 weeks with baby #5



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20 weeks now!
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I can't believe we're halfway!!! How did we get here so quickly!!!

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I know! This pregnancy is going so fast.
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18weeks 2days

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I'm 19 weeks along today! (Baby #3) I can't believe I'm almost 1/2 way. DS1 (who's 5) took this pic while standing on the stairs. LOL.

I love seeing everyones' bellies!

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Almost 20 weeks with #4. I really changed shape a lot in the last week to ten days. Interesting to see what the next weeks bring for us. 

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19 weeks yesterday! Ah, my face is chunking out.

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I don't remember which, if any of these I've posted, but I just finally grabbed some photos from my phone, so here they are!



(same dress! It's officially done until postpartum! lol)



(almost 21 weeks)


I don't feel like I've gotten much bigger since about 16-17 weeks. I'm 21 weeks on Saturday, and I'm still only up about 7lbs. Which seems weird, but my fundal height is measuring right on track, so meh. 

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