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Nursing mamas check in :)

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I've noticed a few of you ladies are also nursing, so I thought I'd start a thread so we can talk about how it's going and plans for it down the road.


As for me, I'm still nursing my 20 month old. I started weaning her in August to prepare for ttc because I didn't know how sensitive my nipples would get and her latch is terrible (long story). We're down to just the prebedtime nursing session, and I'm really not sure she's getting anything. I'm pretty sure she'd be fine letting it go at this point too. My nipples seem to be okay though, and I worry about her nutrition since she's got some food allergies. She can't have any type of milks, so I do bone broth with her, but that can be such a hassle. There's a part of me that wants to keep her nursing (and do the tandem thing) because I think she needs the nutrition, but I think she'll be done soon.

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I'm nursing my 3-year-old. She's down to about 4x a day (before bed, morning, before and after nap, and occasionally randomly during the day). I night-weaned her shortly before getting pregnant, and I'm glad I did that. I don't think I have a whole lot of milk to begin with, so I'm curious about whether she will wean during the pregnancy, assuming I dry up at some point. I think I'm okay with it either way. Right now it's mostly comfort, although I know it's still good for her health also. It is a bit painful for me now, but I think I can put up with it since it's not so often.

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ecnarwold, how did you night wean? My little fella will be 3 next month and I NEED to get more sleep. Does your 3 yr old sleep with you? Mine does and I think if he moved out of the bed, it might be easier. I think he senses my movement and wakes every time I roll over and asks for "mick." Even if I just sidecarred a twin bed, I think it would help. He screams SO loudly when I say no that I'm afraid nobody would get any sleep. I need to do it though - I can't go through the whole pregnancy like this and roll right into waking every hour or so with a newborn.


He's actually increased the frequency of nursing since I've become pregnant - and I know he's getting plenty of milk because he sits up and burps a huge burp every time (and I can still feel let-down and hear his gulping.) I wonder if it tastes better? I thought it was supposed to taste...less appealing? I know that after baby is born, the colostrum can cause loose stool in the nursing toddler because it has a laxative effect - but not at this point, right?

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Still nursing my 23 month old right now, but we're working towards weaning. She's nightweaned for about 4-5 months now I think, and slowly distracting her from day feeds. She nurses on average now just at bed, and then one other time during the day- either first thing in the morning or just before dinner depending on when I'm working. 


She's not ready to give it up, even though I have virtually no milk, but I am SOOO emotionally ready to be done. She's gotten very demanding and whiny about it, and I feel like it's coming between us now, because she always wants to nurse, and I never want to. lol. I wish she would just cuddle with me!!

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Still nursing my 25 month old.  No soreness either.  This will be my 4th time nursing through a pregnancy though.  :)

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I'm nursing my 9.5 Month old still. I work and pump, but he chows down regularly after work and at night 3-4 times a night. It's gotten a wee bit painful for his latch (and when he bites!), but he seems to still be getting plenty.

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Metasequoia, this is how I night weaned. I explained to her that she could nurse when she went to sleep, but then the mommy milk was going to sleep until it was morning, and then she could have mommy milk again when it was morning and time to wake up. I put her to sleep in her own room, usually with nursing, and then when she wakes up during the night I'll take her to the potty if necessary, then hold her and walk around with her until she's asleep and I can lay her down again. Depending on when she wakes up, I usually get her back to sleep in her own bed the first time, and then when she wakes up again she can come in our bed. She would sometimes ask for mommy milk during the night and cry when I reminded her that she had to wait, but she would still fall asleep fairly quickly when I walked with her. (holding her upright with her head on my shoulder has been the most effective way to get her to sleep, besides nursing, since she was a newborn).

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I could have written both ecnar's posts. Still nursing my 3yo, and imagine I will all the way through like I did her brother during her pregnancy. (tho, he weaned right after she was born)


We recently nightweaned. It was the only way we conceived! We'd been trying on and off for a year. I basically told her the "nurses" were night-night and that she had to wait until the sun woke up to nurse. It was a struggle--and like ecnar, lots of walking around in the middle of the night, but we did it.


I ask her often if there's milk left (due to the pregnancy) and she insists there is, tho it seems not as much. And my nipples, I literally recoil in pain when she latches! Tho of course it's only that initial latch. She keeps asking: "why they hurt, mommy?" I can't wait to tell her. :)

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That sounds like a lot of work! There's just no way that I could get up and walk around carrying a 30lb toddler during the night. He also gets angry when I tell him no and often hits me.


Last night I told him no at least 6 times. I kept a flashlight under the pillow so that I could check the clock when he asked because part of the problem is that I don't know what time it is when he's asking. If he wants to nurse at 6am (when it's still pitch dark) and I let him, he'll almost always fall back to sleep. I'd prefer to wait until we can actually see the light of dawn but that often means we're up for the day at 5am or 5:30 because I didn't let him nurse back to sleep and that just sucks.


I'm going to try to stick with this and hope that he gets the message eventually. I know that walking with him would just result in me getting hit while he screamed and then I'd just get angry at the whole situation and that wouldn't do any of us any good.


I actually thought about hauling the mission oak sofa upstairs (not that I could do it) to sidecar to the bed last night because it's like a giant one-sided crib. :)

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Dandylion - by any chance were you in the Feb 2012 due date club? Your name is so familiar. smile.gif

This is my third pregnancy that I have nursed thrfough. DS1 nursed all the way through my second pregnancy, and I even tandem nursed them for awhile before he weaned. DS2 really did not like the changes in my milk and weaned himself when I was pregnant with my third. So far, DS3 hasn't noticed any changes.

I haven't noticed any more nipple sensitivity than usual, but my skin gets very sensitive and DS3 likes to stroke whatever skin he can reach when he's nursing. It gives me such a creepy, crawly feeling - I really hope that I'll continue to enjoy nursing him.
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I was for a couple of weeks, and then I opted for the March 2012 ddc instead since I figured I would go over like I did with my first. We're you on the ttc board before you joined Feb 2012?

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Still nursing my 19 month old, though working on night weaning. No soreness at almost 7 weeks, though I feel the faintest inclination that it might be starting to get slightly more sensitive. Usually she can nurse upside down and backwards and I barely notice, but I'm starting to notice more if she does anything weird.

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I'm still nursing my 23 month old son. He'll be two november 19th. He only nurses at night. Lately though, he has been wanting to nurse during the day. Like throwing fits if I don't let him nurse when he wants. It doesn't hurt yet, but my nipples are becoming sensitive once again, so it makes my skin crawl half the time when I nurse him. Not sure what I'll do when it becomes painful to nurse. We have two bedrooms and have two older children so if I put him in another room to night wean him, he'll be waking up my other kiddos.

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I'm nursing my 10 month old as much as I can. I feel TERRIBLE that my supply has decreased and I try to do what I can (take supplements, drink plenty of fluids)...but I still notice a dip, especially at night. If I don't drink enough nights can be rough. My LO will struggle to get back to sleep if she doesn't get enough milk and I can tell she's frustrated. I don't know if I should supplement with formula or just give her more fruits/water/etc. Does anyone have any advice? She gets a solid 5-7 feeds a day but has always been a light but frequent eater. I figure she must be getting enough 'good stuff' from those feeds but mainly I worry about her being dehydrated. Especially with winter coming...it's just so dry out now.
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My 15 month only is nursing just twice a day, upon waking and going to sleep. Keeping fluid levels up is my constant struggle. I just can't drink enough water it seems, which pairs well with the need to pee every 5 minutes! :)

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That's rough phobemom you could add water in a sippy to prevent dehydration, but adding more solids is probably a better route that a corn syrup based formula. Goats milk might be a good option too. Just offer the book before meals, and hopefully you can make it through.

As for me, I think she's weaning. Most of the time she's fine with just cuddles at bedtime now, and I think it's my desire to keep going that is preventing her from weaning.
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Wow, there are a lot of nursing moms here! Nice.


My 29 month old is still nursing. She's also getting three molars and has a head cold, so she's nursing around the clock. It's making it so much harder to climb out of the nausea hole, because I just can't keep food going in my mouth often enough. I tried getting her to take a break at night, and she seemed to take it well, but woke up half an hour later screaming in rage, which was actually worse than the extra nursing would have been. It'll all get better soon, though, right?


Oh yes, and my almost six-year old is still nursing about once a week at bedtime. He's a diehard. :) He did say the other day that he was "almost out of the nursing phase, except when he really wants some mommy milk." 

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I haven't nursed in almost a week. My almost two year old (november 19th!!!) was only nursing when he went down for naps and for bedtime, but I started developing an aversion and couldn't grin and bare it so I started putting him down with his favorite blanket and he doesn't seem to mind not nursing now. I made my goal of nursing to two years old (or close enough to it) that I feel I did well. My original goal was 18 months, but decided he wasn't done yet when we got to that point. :)

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My not quite two year old is Unofficially done too. SHe still asks once a day or so but is ok when I say no or offer Milk in a cup. I was soooo ready to be done so this is a relief. We're cuddling so much more!! <3
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My not quite two year old is Unofficially done too. SHe still asks once a day or so but is ok when I say no or offer Milk in a cup. I was soooo ready to be done so this is a relief. We're cuddling so much more!! <3

Same here. Levi will sign "milk" or tug at my shirt like once a day, but I offer a cup of water instead and he's fine. I was ready to be done when he was striking for 5 days a few months ago. Then he started up again at nights.

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