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Hello from an American Expat in Singapore!

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I stumbled onto your wonderful forums while investigating favorable secular homeschooling/unschooling locales. I have been in Singapore the past year, with my husband (for his IT work) and 2 boys, which has been a very exciting and rewarding experience for most of us. My oldest (12) is very resistant to change of any sort, so has not found being half a world away from his Gran enriching at all. nono02.gif


We will eventually be returning to the states and will be investigating the best place to land. My husband is the avid sportsman (skier, ATVer, bike-rider, boat-sailer, hockey fanatic) who loves the exciting urban life, and I'm the crafty, low-impact, gardening, farmer's market-going, hiking, picture-taking nature-lover always choosing (or growing) the natural alternatives for health and home when I can. My younger son (9) and I share a love of conversation and exploration, though he really gets into the thrills with pops. We are all science/museum/zoo/theater/concert/festival nuts, and tend to be very open-minded. My husband and I have just begun to learn to quilt together, and I am interested to learn to knit someday.


I feel like I can learn a lot from the people here, and look forward to learning more about everyone!

Feel free to voice your opinion about your homeschooling/unschooling environment/support groups/state requirements/etc. I would greatly appreciate the input.

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Wow, that is exciting!  What is Singapore like?  And where do you think you'll choose to live when you are back in the states?  



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Singapore is very safe for a population of 5.1 million on such a small island. It is also very diverse, with 40% of that population being foreigners who come to work here. There are definitely some adjustments to be made by coming to Asia, but it has been a marvelous experience overall. The expense is the largest hurdle. Food is very expensive. Cabs are not, and the MRT trains and buses are even less so. It truly makes me very appreciative to have had this experience to put things socially and financially into perspective. Oh, I could go on like Anne Shirley about this marvelous time! (And would with the slightest provocation, complete with photographs, provided the chance). 😄

We will land in Kentucky while we regroup to determine the best location to lay down some roots. We are very open to anywhere that has a hospitable homeschooling environment, and ideally possesses an NHL team, and have no qualms about any ecosystem, though DH is thinking skiing is going to be his focus sport for the next few years. After the perpetual summer in Singapore, I suppose I can understand that thinking. We've become regular browsers on realtor.com, trying to find the best deals still around. I would love to have some input and conversation with others from all around the country to help in that decision. I grew up in KY and lived in FL for a decade during my 20s, so I have those fairly well in hand. So, everyone, sing out (or PM me) where you are and what you love and hate about the place. I am interested as much about the political climate as I am about general living conditions, like whether there are restrictions about catching rainwater, gardening, having chickens/livestock, use of solar energy, how law enforcement interacts with the public, and all the things that directly affect day to day life.

I truly look forward to hearing from you all, and thank you, Viola, for asking!
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