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Worried about too-fast birth possibility

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We live over 1.5 hours from our birth center/hospital on a windy mountain road....my last birth was 4 hors start to finish...and due to past birth trauma, I want an epidural (or something)....Just worrying that it will be too fast and I'll end up having him in the car. Sigh...,Still a few more months, just thought it might help me to put it into words, the anxiety is waking me in the night lately....Thanks for any responses!

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I can really see how precipitous birth would be a worry in that situation.  There's no way of knowing how long your labor will be, or how well you'll tolerate the drive.


This is a really natural parenting oriented site, so this kind of suggestion doesn't come up often, but have you considered talking to your OB about induction?  There are some doctors who would happily just schedule you now, for a date near your due date.  There are a lot more who, under your circumstances, would be willing to evaluate you in the last weeks of pregnancy and make decisions then.  If you go in for a checkup at 39 or 40 weeks, and all the indications look like you're very favorable for induction and.or it's likely you'll go into labor in the next few days, they could induce (or schedule an induction for the next day or so) instead of sending you home.  That might give you the best chance of getting the epidural when you want it - you could even note in advance that you want it, and ask for an anesthesiologist to be sent over as soon as possible after you check in. 

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Wow, thanks for that idea, I will ask my midwife/ob about that. Maybe like if I can make it to my due date, schedule it for the day after. We have other little kids to worry about and I can't imagine what we would do with them if it started in the middle of the night, plus I know this is an unpopular view on natural parenting boards, but I am SO attached to my epidural idea (have had birth both with and without, and it's a huge, huge preference of mine.). OK, I will start researching induction and see how it might be handled most gently. Maybe it is wise to listen to my intuition, which is telling me something could go really, really wrong if I wait until I feel birth beginning, then get the family cared for/settled, then attempt the perilous drive.......

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Induction after 39 weeks, ESP if it is baby 3 or more, is generally considered acceptable by the medical types, and esp if you have a "high bishop's score" (google or ask OB/CNM about it). How far along were you with your past pregnancies?
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Just want to chime in that going with your gut is a good idea.  If you want that epidural, you should have it, and an induction sounds like a great way to ensure you make it to the hospital in time and get the pain management you need.  And also a way to avoid driving while in hard labor.... that sounds like hell to me, and not the safest thing.


If you have fast labors, and your cervix is favorable, induction is likely not to be an issue.  I had a precipitous birth with my second, and even though I only live a few minutes from the hospital, my midwife has offered to induce me any time after 39 weeks so that I can for sure be in the hospital, which is very important to me.  I haven't totally decided yet, but if I go in for my 40 week check and I am well dilated and effaced and baby is engaged (I was last time), I might just go for it.

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I have five kids, pregnant with number six, and am in a similar situation as you. Babies number 2 and 3 both came in 4 hours, then baby number four was super quick, 1/2 hour. For baby number 5, we could no longer afford a home birth and our insurance only covered a hospital an hour away. I ended up choosing an induction and epidural (that 1/2 hour birth was traumatic!), and it was quick and easy. I will do the same this time. The anxiety of a road-side birth, plus the logistics of getting someone over so quickly to care for my five kids, makes it the better choice for me. And we still can't afford a home birth unfortunately.
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Your situation is one of the reasons that inductions can be a great choice. :) Best of luck with making the arrangements. 

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Just wanted to wish you luck! I think I'd also be looking at a gentle induction in your position. Take a look at cervical balloons, stripping membranes, breaking bag of waters, and cervical ripeners as steps you can take before jumping to pitocin. I don't know enough about the timelines of those methods to know if they will work for you. Also I've heard it's possible to have pitocin to start, and then lower it to see if labor continues unaided as a way of reducing the risk of a super intense reaction to the pit.

Also, don't feel Bad about the epi. I am still going to try for natural next time, but ended up with an epi because I couldn't even hold myself up anymore I was so tired, and I couldn't sit or lay down comfortably.

Hugs!! And good luck!
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You awesome mamas, all so supportive. And now I have some things to research too, like things to try before necessarily doing the pitocin.  My mind is eased considerably. Now going to be researching/mulling over whether to do it in the 39th week any day, or wait until the day I am full term...

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