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6-month-old's sleep deteriorating

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My almost 7-month-old is back to crying/screaming at night for an hour or so before finally sleeping. Then she sometimes wakes up crying after 10 or 30 or 45 minutes, even though I'm right here with her as always. Even the breast isn't enough to console her sometimes now. What is happening?!

She is a bit congested at night (semi-stuffy nose). And we have been away from home for a few weeks, visiting family. And her bedtime has become later than ever before due to the time zone difference. (She is falling asleep between 8 & 10pm, depending on how long she resists...)

I wonder if she's having nightmares. Isn't it soon for that? Tonight at 9:45pm she has woken about 4 times already -- barely wakes, but enough to cry for a few minutes and have a hard time being consoled before suddenly dropping back off to sleep.

Maybe she is just overtired...? She doesn't have a very regular sleep schedule, but she usually does get 2.5-4 hours of napping per day after 9.5-11 hours at night...
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Bump... Mammas -- Experience with this? Advice? Encouragement? smile.gif
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Is she teething? Many times I've just had to go with the flow and the answer presents itself in the form of new teeth...or a cold...or a growth spurt... This is a conversation I've had with my husband more times than I can count:


Him: What wrong? Is it X? Is it Y? Did he/she swallow something sharp? Oh my god, I bet he/she swallowed a tack or a coin.  Or a battery. 

Me: Does is matter? He/she is going to keep crying whether you know the answer or not.  And no, he/she did NOT swallow a tack, a coin, or a battery! We just have to get through it! So go away and leave us alone!


It's usually teeth.


Hang in there! :)

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The things you mention in the second paragraph all sound like enough to disrupt a 6mo's sleep to me. As well as possible teething as the PP mentioned.

I'd suggest concentrating on just getting back into your usual routine at home. Try to minimise disruptions as much as possible and make her sleep a priority. Other than that you may just have to ride it out until she gets better and resettles into her routine. To take care of yourself, sleep when she sleeps during the day if you need to and get DH to give you a break whew get possible. Even if he can just take her for a walk while you make dinner some baby-free time can make a big difference.
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Sounds like ur little one is teething or has a little bit of a cold but may want to look into teething my baby rosaline is 6 months n a half n gets a bit cranky if there's no chewies around for her to try to sooth her gums
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Thank you, mamas. She might be teething. She went through a more obvious teething stage with more drool and biting a couple of months ago, with no pearly whites to show for it. I *think* I feel something in the lower gums now. I think.

Yesterday she took one extra little nap in the afternoon, and in her early evening nap I woke her at 5pm, after just 45-60 minutes of sleep. I also prepared some homemade teething balm for her last night and applied it. She went to sleep very easily at 7:30pm, and she is still asleep now at almost 7am. Let's see if we can do it again tonight...
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With our 6 month old, we decided to give her tylenol for a few nights to see if it was teething or not.  We figured if she was in pain, then pain medications may help her.  In the end, pain medications did not help, and we then spent some time trying to adapt our sleep routines with her instead. Early bedtime, helping her fall asleep on a sleep surface rather than at breast /in arms, and introducing a lovey.  We had been scared off of these techniques with our first child, fearing they were not AP enough.  But with our second, we realized that when we all sleep better, we are all happier. Now our 6 month old sleeps through the night about 1/2 the time.

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Noticed my daughter doing the same thing! But I also noticed today that she had 3 teeth coming in at the same time.. So rest assure, once those suckers pop out you should be good

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Aah, yes, my DD's first tooth appeared two days ago. I feel validated and truthfully relieved. smile.gif
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