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excited to meet you all!

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Hi everyone. Please be patient with me as i am completely new to using s forum! I am a stay at home mother of 3 and my oldest is 2 1/2! I also have 9 month old twins. All boys! My family of 5 is crammed into our small cozy 2 bed 1 bath home along with our dog, a boxer! I am trying to live a much more natural lifestyle. Its a work in progress but am getting there day by day. Currently 90% of me cleaning products are natural and home made (laundry soap, softner, dishwasher tablets, etc). I am also using essential oils on my family and seeing great results!
My switch to trying to live chemical free seemed like an obvious choice as my oldest loves to eat anything! He would suck on baby wipes and try to drink fabric softner! My youngest twin also suffers from a rare condition callef urticaria pigmentosa, which is a form of mastocytosis. His condition restricts medications and pain relief he can use.
I think thats my life in a nutshell! Always looking for ways to better my family and ways to save money!
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Hello, I am new to this all and I am a parent to a beautiful 6 Month old baby girl. I'm just here to get some ideas on parenting I am just 17 still have to live with my parents while my partner is living with her family. This is just for the time being I love them very much n yes we are a same-sex couple trying to be. This hard to Be apart and just see them time to time but once I am 18 We plan on living together and getting married after I graduate from high school and when she earns her degree. So just looking on some help being same-sex couple and just being a new family starting off and being parents to this beautiful lil person we are raising and getting to know
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Hi ladies, and welcome to mothering!

Im Sophia, mom of 3 year old DD and 6 month old DS. Mothering is a very warm environment and I'm sure you'll be able to find answers to all your questions.

New n young, I just wanted to extend a hello to you personally. I'm also a queer woman and a young mom (I was only a year older than you when I had my first). If you feel you need support with anything feel free to send me a private message.
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Mothering › Mothering Forums › Welcome to Mothering! › New Member? Introduce Yourself!  › excited to meet you all!