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Congratulations Taryn and welcome baby Linnea!
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Congratulations Taryn!  I love the name Linnea, how lovely!  So happy it all went well!!

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Chloe Allyson was born on the morning of 12/29. I was 41 weeks and 5 days! She was 8 lbs, 8 oz and 22 inches long. Long labor but all was well and we're both healthy and doing great smile.gif
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Welcome Chloe and Linnea
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Congratulations, Taryn and millerin! Welcome, Chloe and Linnea smile.gif
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Congratulations millerin!  Chloe is so sweet : )

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yay Taryn!!

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Congratulations millerin!

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Finally, Linnea! Wow long and slim! Congratulations, Taryn and Millern! Chloe looks so sweet! looking forward to the birth tales...

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Welcome to all the new babies!
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Here are a couple pics of Linnea. :-) I couldn't get them to load from my phone the other day.

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So sweet! Look at those cheeks! orngbiggrin.gif
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yay! beautiful!

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We welcomed our little boy, Jet, into the world, this afternoon, 3:42pm. 9lbs, 5.5 oz, 22.5" long, born with a true knot, merconium, and the cord wrapped around his neck. He had a bit of trouble in the first hour or so, but the nursery was able to work on him in our room. He's been doing well except for running a higher-than-they like temp. We'll see. I had a wonderful, intense, birth and doing very well!
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Congrats on Jet's arrival!
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Gabriel Xavier, born at 5:10am on Jan 3. Intense labour, cute baby
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Congrats Ophelia and Lida!!
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Yay! Congratulations Ophelia and Lida!
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Welcome Jet and Gabriel!  I hope you both feel great relief having your babies here, and have a wonderful babymoon!

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Yay! Such adorable babies! Congrats everyone and keep 'em coming!
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