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Hooray!!!!! Wonderful and congratulations Lida and Ophelia!
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28 babies: 17 boys and 11 girls so far, three sets of twins, biggest baby 9 1/2 pounds.

I'll be adding another boy and will surely top the weight category!

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Forgot to add: birth weight was 6lbs7oz, one oz off from the u/s measurement. He was 21 in long.
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Aw, LOVE the baby pictures.  Jet is precious.

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Lida, Gabriel is gorgeous! Glad he has safely arrived.
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My baby boy was born on Christmas day at 7:19 pm as an accidental home birth. Totally unassisted and born within 3 contractions in my bathroom with my wife on the phone simultaneously with the midwife and 911. He is perfect and healthy. 7lbs 8 oz, 19 3/4 inches long. Born at 39 weeks +1 day. Welcome to little August:
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Wow! What an amazing story! Congratulations and welcome, August!

(Ps, we have the same sleeper wink1.gif
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Welcome little August!  What a wonderful Christmas gift, and a blessed swift birth too!!  Congratulations!

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Glad August arrived so swiftly and safely given the situation.
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Yay for all these gorgeous babies!
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Finally getting around to posting a photo of Roisin:

And I love this one of her with my 5yo, Diarmuid. He's so excited to be a big brother!

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Ah, that is so cute!
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Congratulations to all the new mamas and love all the cute baby pictures :throb. (Sorry for the late congrats, barely had anytime for myself over the last few weeks)

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Welcome to the new babes!!
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aw! so adorable!

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one hand typing...

baby boy born at 43 weeks on January 16-full moon in cancer- at 2 40 am after a two days of leaking fluid a day of irregular light contractions, and 5 hours of labor.  he was a challenge for me but was born in the water with dad, biggest brother, sister, and my best friend there.  11 lbs, 6 oz and 21" long...my biggest for sure- his brother was 10, 12 and we thought that was a record!  i tore a little and am sore all over but don't regret waiting.  he's perfect and chubby and starving!!  resting and cared for, we're doing great.  i can't wait to have time to write his birth story and to get some pictures on here!

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Yay, congrats! I'm so happy you finally have your baby boy here! I can't even imagine how hard it must've been waiting for him to make his arrival. I really admire your patience and trust while waiting. And wow, mama what a big boy you grew!
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Robin's birthday-





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yay!!!! so happy for you- what a wait, and what a wonderful chubby baby boy! I cannot imagine what those last days were like with him in there. and what a gorgeous family. happy babymoon!

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