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Our baby boy Leander Liam was born on Dec. 2nd just after midnight :joy. Labor was intense but quick and it went very well!

He weighed 4080 g, 53 cm long (almost 9 pounds, 20.9 inches).


Right now I'm trying to come to grips to life with a newborn, who loves to sleep all day and nurse at night! Right now I'm really starting to miss uninterrupted sleep...




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Yay! Welcome, Liander! He is beautiful!

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Awwww! I love the pic of him with big sister! smile.gif
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yay!! he's just plump and gorgeous, LilyK- and love Leander Liam! So strong and sweet. Congrats!! I showed my little Veronica the picture of your tot being a big sister…she's so excited! 

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Congratulations Lilykay!  Welcome to baby Leander...so sweet and amazing!!

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Oh my goodness, all those little boys!!  I'm having a boy too, does that mean I get to go soon?!  ; )   

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Ah, Leander is so cute!
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Precious! Welcome Leander!
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Welcome, baby Mazarine!
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My baby girl was born this morning after 18 hrs of labor. Successful medfreeVBAC! Wee are still choosing a name. Details to come.
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Congratulations earthwalker!  Glad your little girl is here!

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oh my gosh!!!  wow!  Congratulations earthwalker!!  How awesome!!!!!  So happy for you : )  

I guess you just needed to go back to work!  ; )

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congrats on the new little one earthwalker! :)

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Congrats earthwalker!! Welcome to the world little one!

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yay! Congrats Earthwalker!!
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earthwalker!!! yay!!!!!!

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YAY Congratulations earthwalker!! And welcome little baby girl :joy :joy:joy:joy

Can't wait to hear the details! 

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Yay Earthwalker! Congrats on your VBAC!

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