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Yay, congratulations, Earthwalker! We're really getting going now!
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I know I kind of fell off the face of the earth during my pregnancy, but I was hoping I could come back and get to know you ladies better. I gave birth to surprise twin boys on december 2nd. Granger Francis was born at 3:50 pm and shockingly his brother Finn Thomas was born 28 minutes later. The boys weighed 5 lb 14 oz and 5 lb 6 ozs respectively. They were born at home and are doing great. My recovery is slowly coming along. Congrats to all the post partum mamas!!!! Labor dust to everyone else:)
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Congrats Bibi!  You didn't know you were having twins? Wow. My twin pregnant belly won't let me forget. Still waiting on my boys to arrive.

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Congrats Bibi! I have dreams of surprise twins all the time, but I don't think I've got more than one in there. That had to have been quite the shock for you!

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Wow, surprise twins! How amazing! Congrats, Bibi!
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Wow Bibi! How awesome! Congratulations, I'm glad everything went smoothly. Welcome to Granger and Finn! : )
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I think my midwife and I had a little twin denial going on. My belly was really big. We just thought I was due a little sooner than originally expected. Plus they arrived at 36.4 weeks. I'm kind of glad I didn't know...ithink I might have psyched myself out had I known there were two.
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Lilac I really feel for you. I know how uncomfortable I was the last weeks of pregnancy with the twins...and I didn't make it as far you.
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wow Bibi! Amazing! I assume you never had a ultrasound? Love the names! How is it going with them?

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Lilac I really feel for you. I know how uncomfortable I was the last weeks of pregnancy with the twins...and I didn't make it as far you.
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It is going well. Breastfeeding is going great. Babies seem to be growing. Excited to weigh them tomorrow. I have lots of help from my family and friends. And am so glad I planned to have a long babymoon. You are right...no ultrasound.
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Great! That is terrifically exciting! I'd love to hear the whole birth story, at some point when you have time (hahahahaha). I imagine surprise twins must be one of the most brilliant shocks life has to offer...

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Our girls were born via cesarian section on December 4th, at 38 weeks gestation after my water spontaniously broke (while mopping the floors HAHA) and neither little girl was head down. Adelina was born 6lbs 11oz and Milania was 6lbs 15oz, both 19 1/2 inches long. 


Adelina had a short 4 hour NICU stay on CPAP machine for some breathing issues--but recovered quickly and was back at my side. We all went home 2 days later.




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Gorgeous girls!!! Wow! All these twins, so special! Congrats, EricsMama!!!

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Awwwwwww, Ericsmama, congratulations!  The girls are precious!  They look fantastically healthy.  I'm glad all was well and you were able to come home so quickly.  Take good care!

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Bibi - Welcome back and congratulations!! I can't even begin to imagine what it was like to learn there's another baby coming out!! Must've been amazing...


Ericsmama - Congratulations! They look so adorable :throb. I'm curious are they identical or fraternal twins?

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Eric'sMama, those little girls look great! Congrats on being home together.
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Congratulations, Eric's Mama! They're beautiful!
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So beautiful! 

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Congratulations Eric's mama!!! Your babies are so gorgeous!!!
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