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Hello everyone! I am babymooning hehe, but I owe you a picture of my bundle of joy.


First, congratulations to Lilykay, Bibi3, Earthwalker and Eric's mama! Those babies are gorgeous! I'm glad you all had a good birth, despite your MW problems, Lily (I had a problem with my OB... she sort of abandoned me, I had to be cared by the Obs of the hospital). I am trying not to be mad at her, the way you say you try not to be mad at your MW, but it's hard.

Earthwalker, it's so great you had your VBAC! Congratulations!


Well, this is my baby Axel, born dec 6, at 4:17pm, he weighted 7lb 9oz (3,450kg), born through a c-section, a story that proves that if anything could go wrong, it will. Still, I am over the moon for my little one. He is so... perfect. Both my hubby and I cannot stop looking at him and kissing him, hehe. He is very awake and alert, and he makes the funniest little gestures. In the pics below he was 3 days old and just finished eating, and he putted himself that way on my chest.





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Oh, he is so cute!  and so fresh and new looking!  Thanks to all of you for the baby pictures : )  

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aww! the baby pics keep one going…its all worth it! 

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Congrats everyone!  I'm still finding it hard to believe that I have a real full sized baby in my body right now!

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Congrats anablis! He is so adorable! Just absolutely precious!!!
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My sweet daughter, Zephyr Haven Verity, has arrived! Born at 4;55am this morning december 14th. So blessed. Around 4 hr labor since i realized it was truly labor. 8lbs 11 oz, 19 3/4 inches long, 14" head and chest. home waterbirth, i got to birth/catch her with minimal guidance from midwife. no tearing. She's beautiful.

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Kali!! She is gorgeous!!!! Blessings and congrats!!!!
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awesome! congrats!

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Hooray Kali!!  Welcome baby Zephyr!

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Congratulations, Kali!
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Kali - so happy for you! Enjoy her :-)
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Congrats Kali and welcome Zephyr!!

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Ah, Kali, she is beautiful! Congratulations!

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Congrats! I never think to keep my clothes on in the tub!!
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Congrats! She's lovely!
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Gorgeous pictures. All of you are glowing!!!
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congratulations! So beautiful!

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Henry Francis is here! Born 12/14, 8 lbs 2.5 oz in the hallway of the hospital. When he was ready, there was no stopping him! So glad to be home and blessedly not pregnant.
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Aw yay!  Another baby!  Congratulations Court and welcome to your baby Henry!  

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Congratulations, court!
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