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Well all three of my retiring periods have been different. Baby one period ret at 9 mos. baby 2 period on baby's one year birthday!! Baby 3 period surprisingly and very saddly returned at 4 mos. I have worked and pumped with all 3 babies. My last baby is a sleeper thank The Lord! So I'm thinking that's why. More than 4 hours with out nursing regularly. I like sleep.
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Sleep is worth it, IMO. I am still shocked to not have mine back. I routinely go 6hrs without nursing from 8 or 9pm to 4am or so.
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Still nothing. Which is great but hubby is ready to TTC

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At least I know my body still works. Got the first one at three months and have had one every 28 days since.
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Still nothing here too. Which is good because I have baby fever and I might be tempted if I had a cycle!
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Originally Posted by heyitskalista View Post

Still nothing here too. Which is good because I have baby fever and I might be tempted if I had a cycle!


I do too! Since when did our LOs stop being babies :( :(

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How do have baby fever if you have a baby? Just curious smile.gif, because I have no idea what you are talking about. Julia is totally still a baby. Until she isn't nursing every hour or napping 3xs a day, she is still all the baby I can handle!
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How do have baby fever if you have a baby? Just curious smile.gif I kinda get it because I held a week old baby last week and melted but it did not make me want
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Uh.... Is it just me or is there wildness happening with this thread? Like triplicate posts and repeating stuff?
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I just feel ready to do it all again.  Ruby is still a baby (though an easy one for the most part) but she's getting so big and I haven't been pregnant for a whole 7 months! lol My uterus feels empty and lonely! ;)  


And yes, I've seen some triplicate posts too!

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I still don't have a period and I'm with cynthiamoon on this one! The last thing in this world I'd want to be is pregnant right now!!!! No freakin way. I think one of the reasons my hormones are so not sexy right now is because I feel allergic to the idea of having another baby. One is great and good enough for now! I've always wanted two but I feel chaotic with one..I have no idea how anyone can deal with more than one. I just don't get it.
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I've been trying to find a place to put this and this seems like the thread to do it...

I had a dream that I went to a park and everyone from the DDC was there, and everyone was pregnant again! And I freaked out because I do not, and I mean do NOT want to get pregnant again. In my dream I was so astounded and happy to meet everyone in person but was afraid to get too close cause I didn't want to drink the water with the babies in it or something. Woke up laughing at myself.

Oh and no cycles yet for me. I think it's on its way but I'm in absolutely no hurry to be fertile again.
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haha... I love that dream!  I still haven't had mine, but I've felt a few little twinges, seen some mucous, and gotten a few pimples, so maybe I'm headed in that direction?  who knows.  don't care.  I hope mine comes back as easy as it was before. 

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oh, I should add that I got a little misty when I heard a song on the radio.  I should also add that this NEVER happens to me - except for the times in my life when I've dealt with depression, my emotions never got out of whack during my cycle.  and when I was pregnant, except for the tears I shed over an unplanned pregnancy, I never felt weepy or emotional.  even during my labor and delivery, I didn't cry, and it was several weeks after Oliver was born before I got teary-eyed while watching my good friend and doula hold him.  so, when I started feeling like a crybaby in the car because of this song, I thought, "what the hell are those ovaries up to?" 


especially because the song was The Devil Went Down to Georgia.  I have no idea.  but I heard "fire on the mountain, run boys run/devil's in the house of the rising sun," felt a little funny, and after "chicken in the bread pan picking out dough/Granny does your dog bite? no child, no" I had real tears welling up.  WTF, y'all?


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No cycle yet and no baby fever is a huge understatement. I got preggo earlier than I would have preferred this time around and it led to my first weaning despite my best efforts. Honestly I have had zero libido and we have had zero physical intimacy. I just can't picture another baby for years if ever
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I was on the mini pill and my libido was probably negative. Went off it to see whether it helped, it has (!!!), but no cycles yet. I'm on the old side, but want to wait until I is probably a year old to try for #2.
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I've had my period twice already and Quinn is breastfed and eats solid food here and there.

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I'm seeing blood! Ahh its so strange!
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I would like to go on the record and predict my period's return to be March 19th. This is because I stopped using the at-breast supplementer and began using bottles, and Julia now only comfort-nurses at night, and has no interest in slow-flo boobs during the day :-/

By the second day of this I has some signs that my uterus is responding. So I wanted to set a prediction date, for bragging rights. smile.gif
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Strange strange day. Major gas and explosive farts and burps every time I layed her down or picked her up.! Where's the help symbol? What is going on? Is this my crazy hormones affecting her or me being in my own zone and seeing her less in focus? She also is nomping on her fingers making funny new sounds all day long and trying to nurse my partner every chance she tries ,including his chin when he holds her as she looks up:), there's no escape frim the maddness !
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