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Trying to conceive...

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Hey everyone I am Ttc for 2 months now, i am a mother of 4, 2 lil angels and 2 living,

My wife and i :Rainbow are trying for our liddo peanut now, since our babies are now 16 and 7

we figure now is as good as any! we are in our 2ww now, I had symptoms a week ago and none since,

we use Digital OPK and dollar tree, Frer, and Digital pregnancy tests, yesterday we had a pos.gif but then we tested on the digital and negative, then tried again this morning and both were negative. so now waiting for my appt on monday, i dont think it worked this month, but hopefully next month! :seechart

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Hello and welcome!  Best wishes to you in trying to conceive. We have a forum about that topic, in case you are interested. 
Trying to Conceive

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Hello. I'm 25 years old and me and my SO are wanting to try and have a baby together. I was diagnosed in 2008 with PCOS. I took fertility drugs and my now 4 year old little boy. This year I'm trying something different. I've been taking metformin for a month and half. I just added vitex to my meds. The funny thing, I just started a day and half ago today is my 2nd day taking it and I got my AF. SO no I got to wait to see when I o so I can BD. Hoping this is the month.
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Welcome to Mothering smilezalot and ttc2! We are so glad you found us. smilezalot, you may also want to check out the Queer Conceptions thread.


If both of you could take a moment and visit the link below we would love to hear how you found out about Mothering and decided to join.

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