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Mine is coming out left and right. I find it up my toddler's nose, in my bra, in baby's neck folds, and in my mouth ALL THE TIME! I've had it! I'm sick so it's not happening this week but I'm Donna get something sort of pixie-ish in the back with a few loner pieces around my face. I'm also departing bleaching it and dying it whacky colours. My current bosses can't fire me for not looking professional wink1.gif
By the way, I love the bald look on you, RF! Look at that confidence and the way just lit that pic up with your smile!
And I also enjoy the hair art, Cynthiamoon!
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Lol autocorrect. Seriously this is an improvement? Fine, have it your way. I won't mess with it :-P
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Haha skycheat- I was just looking at pixie cuts on Pinterest!

I don't know what to do. Mine is so bad that you can clearly see my scalp. I know it's shallow but it is really humming me out. greensad.gif
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Oh, wow. Does it get worse with subsequent pregnancies? Or did you lose that much with all your kids?
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No, it's never been this bad. I've got some other health issues happening and I'm wondering if its all related. Until that is figured out, my vanity will have to suffer! wink1.gif
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Mine's about the same. My hair gets noticeably thinner (think width of pony tail but fortunately I don't get bald spots. I just look like someone with thinner hair. Kalista I think you'd look great with short hair and you could even get some hair art buzzed in to hide the bald spots wink1.gif. Hair is such a funny thing, holding so much of our self worth. I think I'm tired of that and just want to have fun with it for a while
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This is what I'm thinking, minus the hot pink - probably wink1.gif
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I had that cut when I was 19, and I think it only works if you have a not-round face and straight hair. I have wavy hair and it required too much styling and made my face look extra round. I wish I could pull off that fresh look.
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That's so cute! I like the pink too! wink1.gif

Cynthiamoon- that's my thought about the round face. My face is all cheeks as it is. Lol

I might just give my hair stylist free reign to do as she pleases!
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I'd love to give free reign - except I don't have a stylist :-/
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I'm not suggesting anyone get rid of all their hair (like I said before, that was a cold winter!).  but I will suggest that you do whatever seems easiest/most comfortable/coolest with your hair, other features be damned.  I have full cheeks - they were fuller then because I was about 30 pounds heavier - a prominent chin, deep-set eyes, and other not-especially-feminine features that I worried wouldn't "work" with short hair.  but seriously, after a couple of weeks, I stopped worrying about whether I was pretty enough to make up for my no-hair, and started enjoying never having to wash, condition, brush, or otherwise manage it.  I really enjoyed the pragmatism, which was one of the main reasons I cut it.  if your motivations are fulfilled, I think you'll be happy with your hair no matter what you decide to do with it.

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I usually cut my own hair- today as I walked past the scissors I have them the extra eyeball of consideration... At least the handfuls if hair will be shorter.
I've shaved my head too, it's been about 18 years but I loved it. The growing out stage was fun too, lots of bleach and many colors were involved. Oh the days of Manic Panic hair dye and being all punk rock on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley.

Now I'm all herbalist back to my hippie roots with sensible shoes and old wool cardigans. And mac and cheese. Lots of mac and cheese.

Maybe I will cut my hair. I still have some fire engine red hair dye...
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I have a round face and very wavy/curly hair, and I don't feel right at ALL when my hair is long. I think I look way better with short hair, and even if I didn't, I don't care because I feel more like me. I totally agree with rf that you gotta do what feels right for whatever reason (my mom had shorter hair when my brother and I were kids just because we pulled it/it got in the way). And if you're someone who thinks you "can't" have short hair but have never tried it and want to, you should TOTALLY go for it. After all, it's just hair. It'll grow back.

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haha... we should qualify: it'll *probably* grow back.  but really, experimentation is fun.  that's how you figure out what you like, right?  it's also how you learn that you're allergic to henna, and that henna is often the main ingredient in those wash-out temporary hair dyes.  that was a bad semester.  very itchy. 


I've had lots of different kinds of hair - as a teenager, I had waist-length, bottle-blond hair that gradually became so brittle and damaged from cheap hair bleach that it started breaking off in handfuls.  I finally cut it while studying abroad in college, and I really struggled with feeling beautiful despite having short hair, which is so silly.  after that, I vowed never to bleach again, and not too long after that I had to swear off darker dyes too (re: the henna incident).  it's been longer and shorter since then, bald once, then this, the world's laziest mohawk:


I do regret never spiking it up.  like I said, I was too lazy to actually do much with it. 


we'll see how preferences change from here, though I do expect laziness to be a large factor.  I don't think it's silly or vain to be concerned about the way your hair looks, especially if you feel like you're losing control over it.  since hair can reflect some aspects of health, it's good to be vigilant about what's happening to it.  and regardless, it's usually such a big part of how women present ourselves that small changes can provoke big emotional reactions.  I hope everyone here can find a way to love what's going on on top of their heads!

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Now you've put the Mohawk idea in my head... Hmmm. I just may have to consider that wink1.gif
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My comment about wavy hair being a hassle when short just had to do with that cute pink 'do. I cut my hair imagining it would look like that, but it only did if I used a lot of heat and product, sort of defeating the purpose of low-maintenance hair cuts.

Now, my hair is very long. Nearing boob length. I like being able to do things like braids and high ponytails, but hate the de tangling.
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Whatever we all decide to do with these vanishing hairs, I want to see before and after pictures, please.
Laziness is certainly a factor for me. I only brush my hairs now because it contains the shedding to a few times a day. Otherwise it lives ignored and long in braids or the ever present "bun"
Which is a word that just makes me laugh. Especially when there's one in my head.
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I know what you mean, cynthiamoon.  it's pretty frustrating to find out after the fact that a style just doesn't happen, and now you have to try to make it work unless you want to look mad-scientisty all day.  and I second wrenmoon's request for photos! 

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Here it comes! Not enough to make art like cynthiamoon, but I'm finding hair all over my computer, my family's food at Thanksgiving, my baby's neck folds...And right after I gave in and cut it. I'd better invest in a good hat or two for winter.

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