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Meh, mine will be a mess as it grows out but day to day it saves me aggravation. Right now I'm all about the short term solution wink1.gif
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I love my hair. Showers take 5 min and alli have to do it brush it. No styling no nothing. Love. Here we are do you have a friend that could cut your hair? You could find a picture online of the cut you like and when you go to the stylist you could say you only have your baby sitter fora little while so that they focus on getting it done instead of chatting.
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Definitely don't go to a school salon like aveda! My friend ended up with only half a cut before she was like "um... I gotta go feed my baby..."

I think my guy usually takes like an hour, but you can shave of 10mins or so easily by washing that morning, so all they have to do is wet it.
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I am getting ready to chop. My hair is the longest it's ever been right now and tangling like crazy.
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The fact that I'm coming on to complain...shows me how much this sucks. I am a pretty picky person overall about stuff but this haircut is SO bad. And whats worse is now I'm afriad to get it fixed. I have never had short hair. The whole experience felt so pressured, I cowered instead of standing up for myself so now I must suffer the consequences. She called it the Dorothy Hamel cut, after she cut it. She showed me pictures but basically made me feel like I had to do it then &there or that I was wasting the time she invested in me. What about my time&my hair!! I just let her walk all over me. As I left she said I'd be back for a bikini wax b/c my partner would like my hair so much...umm....At first I told her it wasnt even AT ALL & she agreed but made it quickly worse without even explaining or waiting for my permission. She said it was like getting on a rollercoaster. When i paid her 30 $ she asked if i need change because i gave her 40 $, im so happy i said yes but she tried to push. I didnt let it show it bothered me too much but that seems like so expensive anyways for like 1/2hr. This sucks this sucks this sucks. Ok I'm not going to say all the things she said..but I'm in shock &remembering how horrible I felt. She said I wouldn't have any hair falling in my face but it is&its so uneven, some goes way past my eye & other side way above greensad.gif. I'm contemplating figuring out how to post a picture without my face but I know I don't know how. Maybe its not as bad as it looks but I have a feeling it really is. Tomorrow will be like waking up with a hair hangover. Even my daughter seems to look at me funny& can't grab my hair as she wants. Ok thats it, I have fallen into negativity, especially reminiscing about my daughter being able to pull more. I am really hoping to find an easy headband&see if that helps. Thanks for bearing with me. I know my posts arent the most cheerful. You all have been there along the way& I guess I just needed to vent. I don't think its helping me b/c I know I'll wake up & my stupid haircut will be there with me. At least I'm too busy to look in the mirror ....this is depressing. My ego won't let me go. I even think how I look will make a bad impression on my daughter, or it may be my selfesteem doesn't feel up to the task of feeling good&I'm afraid of it rubbing off on her. Pity party greensad.gif
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Sounds like a bad bad cut, here we are. I got one right before the baby was born that made me cry. The fortunate thing is that it grows out eventually. A headband sounds like a good plan. I hope when it grows a bit you'll feel better!
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Here we Are, that does sound like a bad experience all around!  I'm sorry that happened.  As for the stylist, at least you know you won't be going back there again!  And as for the hair, like Ruheling said, it'll grow.  I don't know about you, but I've felt like the last few months have flown by - before you know it, five or six more months will have gone by, and you'll have a whole new hairstyle, whether you get it cut again or not.  And I bet your baby likes it just fine!  She probably does notice that it's different, but she doesn't care what you look like.  She knows you by touch, by smell, by sound, and by love, and she could be blind and still feel the same way about you.  Oh, and if it's any consolation, if there's still hair to grab, she'll find it.  :P


And a bit of practical advice - if there's someone who can cut it in a way that you think you'll like more, go for it.  It may be shorter than you anticipated, and it may be a totally different style, but if you feel good about it, it won't matter.  And that'll be better than growing out a cut you hate.  My two cents, anyway.  Oh, and another thing - the comment about the bikini wax?  Ridiculous.  So many kinds of ridiculous.  What a rude see ya next Tuesday. 

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I just keep disliking it more&more. I am planning on only wearing a balacalva, a hat covering my neck down to shoulders. I want to wear it inside too. This is so extreme. I am truly realizing how attached i was to my look. My partner tells me it looks good, like a rockstar. I think its like random pointy spikes of hair poking out from the back of my head uneven& sloppy. My self esteem is feeling so challanged.
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Love it, Cynthiamoon smile.gif
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