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Free to a Good Home:
Pet Coturnix Qail-- this week only!

Will Ship To: Phoenix area

I am delving into backyard quail raising and it's going great so far. I only am in it for the eggs and do not eat meat. I have several 2.5 week old little roosters that are gentle and tame. I will be returning them to the breeder for meat purposes if no one wants them as pets. They are extremely easy to care for, low commitment as they live only about 1.5 to 2 years. Would recommend only 1-2 if kept indoors- after that they get smelly- but 1-2 would be manageable. Two males can be kept together if you want more than one-- as long as there are no females around for them to fight over. Would recommend keeping them in a pet aquarium.


I am returning any unclaimed roosters to the breeder on November 3rd!


PM if interested. Would be happy to answer any questions.