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Awwww, sweet baby girls !!! Congrats Mamas!!!!!!!!
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Aw- beautiful birth and wonderful wishes to you !
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Amila, congratulations. She's a doll.

My baby boy was born this morning. I woke up at 2:30 to pee and had so much pressure. In my head I was thinking that labor better start cause I don't know how I'd handle another day. Fell back to sleep and woke up at 3 with my 1st contraction. Had 3 and decided to get out of bed and make some RRL tea. Started timing the contractions at 3:30. They were 2 minutes apart, but only 30 seconds long. Called the midwife and doula and told them to come around 3:40-3:45. Drank some tea between clearing out. Finally at 4 woke my DH and he said, oh now baby will be born right as the kids are waking up. I told hi , no. smile.gif He started making coffee and warming up the entry, turning lights on. So I went and sat on the toilet for contractions. Between each one I'd get up and dash to get something ready. Had one contraction while trying to get the birth supplies out, that was torture. I tried squatting and then laying on my side. It hurt! From then on I ran between contractions to make sure I was back on the toilet before the next one hit. I turned the bath on, got my tea, camera, towels, bowl for the placenta and phone. Midwife had tried calling, so I called her back at 4:20, she wanted to make sure it was the real deal. I hurried and told her, "yes and I don't think It's gonna wait!"
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Sorry I'm on my phone so this'll be at least 2 posts.

I felt like I couldn't handle the pain much longer and knew I had to be going through transition. I kept thinking I wish my water would break then I could start pushing. My DH came in the bathroom then and asked what he should do. I told him to sit so I could lean on him. Then I had to throw up. That was a disappointment cause my water didn't break like I thought it would. smile.gif I knew I had to get in the water so I had my DH test the water with his elbow and then he helped me in. I squated at first and my water broke. There was a cloud of maconium. Then I had to push for real so I sat back and told my DH thr baby was coming and he'd have to catch. His head was born and I had to wait for another contraction before his body was born. My DH caught him and took the cord off his next. He handed baby to me and got a towel to wrap him up. Then I had him check the time. 4:30am! May have been a minute or 2 earlier. smile.gif In all the excitement I actually didn't check to see what he was for the first 5 minutes. I was just making sure he would cry cause he was a little blue. We got out of the tub right away and he latched on to nurse at 4:40. Doula got here after 5. We cut the cord and handed baby to Dad so I could squat and deliver the placenta. Midwife got here around 5:45.

It all happened so fast there wasn't anytime to think about delivering the baby ourselves, even if that wasn't the plan. He's perfect and all the kids love him. He nurses like crazy and has a good strong latch.
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Congratulations 100%mom! Sounds like a lovely birth, even if your midwife didn't make it.
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Congrats Amila! She is gorgeous! I am glad everything went so well. 

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Oh and to you 100% Mom! For some reason I didn't see the second page. Crazy delivery! How did your husband like it? :)

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Awesome birth story 100%. It scared my husband a little, though.
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Congrats Amila :)


100%-wow, that's amazing.  How are dh, baby and you?  A boy!!!  

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I welcomed baby Sylar Jones into this world November 10th at 7:48 am. He was 8 pounds 1 ounce and 20 1/2 inches!
I was 40wks and 4 days! I had such an amazing birth experience and everything went great! We're home now and I can't get enough of him! smile.gif being a mom is amazing!
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We welcomed our second DS on 11/13. Finnian Timothy joins an older sister and brother and two very happy parents.
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Congratulations, starfish
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Congratulations Starfish! What a lovely name!!!

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Thanks so much! We are blessed out.
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Look at all those baby boys! I can't wait for mine to arrive. :D

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Good job starfish ! Enjoy.
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Congrats starfish and laurenearley! Beautiful baby boys!
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Beautiful Lauren!
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I am really excited to read about your babies!
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Arthur arrived on the 19th of November, on his daddy's 30th birthday! He weighs 7lb 12oz and is 53cms long! He is such a good baby and we are totally smitten!

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