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congrats bree91 he is so cute

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Congratulations bree! Now daddy won't forget Arthur's birthday. smile.gif He's a cutie and looks so big already. My little guy was 7 lbs at birth with a small head so he looks tiny
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Jameson Philip was born at noon on November 15 via c section due to measuring big and my intuition. 8lbs. 14oz. , 21.5 inches long, 15" head circumference.

Glad we went with the cs because there was a true knot in the cord and OB thinks it may have been a problem. CS recovery is no walk in the park and we are also dealing with jaundice and latch issues but baby is perfect and we are all in love !!!!

CONGRATS to all Mamas!
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congrats ka2003

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Congratulations ka2003, she reminds me of my oldest. Cutie. We delt with jaundice with her.
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Our sweet boy, Elias, was born at home on November 13th. We are all happy and doing so well.

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Congrats mamas!!! SUch beautiful babies!

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Congrats Bree, ka and Noah!!!!
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Cograts Noahkat!!!! The pic of you and Elias is precious!!!!!
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Yay, mamas! Congrats!!!
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We did it!  Aralia Helen, born 4:20 am, nov 23rd, right on her due date!  6#7oz., 19 1/2" long.  My first one!  She is wonderful!  She's super patient as we learn how to swaddle and change diapers, and she loves having her hands held.  I even adore her crying because it's this ridiculously cute high pitched squeak/squeal!  Aralia Helen means "golden, shining light."


We had to have a late transfer out of the birth center we were with because I had a few high blood pressure readings.  Thursday morn they said I had to find a new midwife, Thursday afternoon I met with an intake nurse at a difference facility, Thursday night my water broke!  Friday morning I met the midwife who would deliver Aralia for the first time.  I had to go to the hospital birth center but they were so fabulous: big birth tub, they didn't make me stay on a monitor, blood pressure was normal the whole time, they even put up Christmas lights to make the room more fun and dim!  Because of the ruptured membrane I had to be induced, but my MW made sure it was super minimal.  I took 2 very low doses of mezopropyl, then everything took off on its own.  Active labor was about 7 hours, pushing for about an hour, she came out and we were both strong and alert and present.  She's a champion breastfeeder!  They tried to make us stay longer in the hospital than we wanted to because her bilirubin is a teeny bit high, but we convinced them to let us go home before our second overnight.  


I haven't been a super active poster but I have LOVED reading your stories these past months!  Congrats to everyone!

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Congratulations kellimae
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Our bay boy arrived November 2, at 4:54 pm, I was 39+0. My other babies came at 40+0 so I was expecting a smaller, not quite fully baked baby, but he was 7# 13oz and 22", not a shrimp at all! joy.gif

We are settling in just fine, I'm learning to deal with the lack of sleep. I think that part was much easier when I was younger. wink1.gif
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Congrats liss & Kelli!!!!!
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Here she is! Rooney Bliss. Born peacefully at home on Sunday 11/24 at 5:51pm after 4hrs of labor! 7lb. 7oz. 20.5 inches long. An amazing home birthing experience!

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Oh my gosh, congrats, mamas!
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Sila she is precious !!!!! I adore her name .
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A belated announcement on this board, but my husband and I welcomed our daughter "E.A." on November 6 at 7:26 p.m. via emergency c-section. She was 38+3, 5lb25oz, and did well during labor. ~36 hours worth of labor was made worth it by her sweet face. You can't tell below in her photo that she was born with a full head of dark hair!

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Such beautiful babies! I am jealous!


Sila, Bliss is the most perfect middle name. If I was having a girl I might consider stealing it. 


Electric, what a sweet little trooper. It's so nice that you have focused on how proud of her you are. I hope you are proud of yourself as well!

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Tiffa, I promise you are not far off! smile.gif

That is so nice of you! E was totally a little trooper! The c-section seems so surreal, like someone else did it and not me! I don't know how to describe it. Healing is going very well, all things considered! But E makes everything worth it. I love my girl smile.gif I hope everyone is having as wonderful a time with their babies as we are with ours... and what a special time of year to welcome a baby smile.gif We are doing Christmas in Fairbanks; snowy and sweet and peaceful! So many good things!
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