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Our little baby girl Temperance Lee arrived peacefully earthbound into a warm pool of water at home on Thanksgiving @ 2:12pm surrounded by her mama, daddy, sister and brother (and a few others). What a wonderful experience. 7# 5oz   20" of sweet joy! 




Congrats to everyone else!!!

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congrats to all the new mommys and babys

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 Tristan Edwin was born Thanksgiving morning at 7:05. We are home now and all doing great. He is breastfeeding wonderfully, and my nipples are hating it! Things went faster than I expected, and I will post later! I am so proud of my little family!

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Awe congrats on your Thanksgiving babies Meks and Tiffa!!! Beautiful and I love their names!!!

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Congrats mommas!


Tiffa-reassess your latch, nips shouldn't hurt unless there's a problem like a shallow latch or lips not flanged out etc.  I'm dealing with a semi shallow latch, getting better. He was doing good till milk came in and those few days were rough latching well and I had some soreness. Now I get a very brief pain tingle at latch if my breast is very full. You can get a lc or lll leader to assess for you :)  I like the name Tristan.

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Thank you both.


Hippy - I kind of suspect the problem is that he has a hard time getting his tiny bottom lip over everything, and he kind of tucks it under. I have tried to work on it a little, and any tips would be great! In the hospital I didn't bug him about it too much because he started out slow and the stupid nurses kept wanting to poke his feet to check his sugars (which stayed exactly the same). So I didn't want to interrupt him when he was finally getting something. Now that we are home I definitely need to work on it, before it turns into a really bad habit. 

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Congrats all :-)
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Tiffa. I have the same lip problem sometimes.  I gently press my breast in to see if his lower lip is out.  If not I place my finger tip right where his lip is and gently slide down his chin.  That's been enough to roll it out and not break latch.   The top lip I have to check too, it's harder for me to flange out.  It really took a few days after engorgement to get the hang of all over again.  I felt so bad, but he was getting enough and gaining.  I can def tell if he's latched wrong.  I'm careful about how often I unlatch if it's shallow so not to make him upset.  Here's kellymom tips.  We did a bunch of laid back nursing too. http://kellymom.com/ages/newborn/bf-basics/latch-resources/  poo guy being poked :(

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Congrats tiffa and Meks !! Beautiful babes and awesome names .
I'm like hippy - I wouldn't even call it a problem but when my guys lip is in the nip feels tender so pretty much each feed I pull his little lower lip out . If I don't his suckle sounds like a kiss and he's taking in air . Keep at it !
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A much belated post of my two sweetpeas smile.gif
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So precious Sparkle!!!

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awesome photo!


I think the lower lip thing is common when starting out.  I hear clicking/kissing sound too if it's not right.  

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Thought I'd post this here too...

Lucas Jonathan born at 42w2d, 11/26, 9lbs 3+oz, 21in.
24 hours after my water broke we headed to hospital, got started on a low dose of pitocin, baby was born 4.5 hours later. He came out with his hand up by his head, ouch! He's had a bit of jaundice, but is doing great. I had forgotten the 'fun' of engorgement. orngbiggrin.gif

Eta: just cause I can't resist showing off my cutie...

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Congrats everyone!! SO much baby love!

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Thanks for the advice everyone. Just wanted to pop on and let you know how things are going. I did work on his latch, which greately improved the pain. Although he still struggled against it. But then when my milk came in he somehow just started doing it perfectly on his own. :) Nursing is already feeling like second nature now. Although I am exhausted. Lucky for me he isn't very fussy, so I am able to rest some between feeding.

 I wasn't quite prepared for how hard everything would be. I definitely don't feel like myself, but things are getting slowly better. I have a lot of support from my husband, and from his mother, who took the week off work to help me.


I hope you are all doing well with your little ones! 

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