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If you've had several babies already...

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Looking for some input from those who have...a few kids already! What changed as you had more than, 3, 4 children?


I'm on pregnancy and baby #5, and I'm just finding things....different this time! I realize that yes, maybe my body is different than with my first, and of course, I'm older. But I still feel young at 32, I'm healthy, eat very well, care for myself and pregnancy is usually a time of glowing health for me! I don't have many complaints, really, but I'm just noticing how those discomforts are showing up SO much sooner it seems!.I showed very early, felt the baby move much earlier than normal, Braxton Hicks early, my back is getting sore early, my varicose veins are aching early, have had indigestion already, and I just feel generally heavy, large-tummied, slower, winded etc. I AM taking care of myself, am staying active, doing lots of yoga, and I just feel like I should feel better still. I'm only 15 weeks.


So, is this normal? Did you hit a certain number and pregnancy just changed? Does your body wear out? What can I do to feel more vital and less 'pregnant'? 

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I don't have much for advice as I feel exactly the same as you!

I had my first 2 when I was 21 and 23.... skip ahead 8 years and I had my 3rd and 4th in my early 30's. I thought that was rough. My 3rd (at 31) was a very awful pregnancy... with sciatica so bad I could hardly walk. And false labor throughout.

Now I am 41 and wondering what the hell I have done. And I was pretty fit and healthy to start. I can't say this is easy. But here we are! I'd like to try to exercise a bit more... and everyday I am feeling a little better..not as nauseous. a LITTLE more energy than at the beginning. I think it's age but I also just know that every pregnancy is different as well.

We will get through this!



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Im 29 and this is baby #5. I feel things happening earlier, like  baby belly for one! and the relaxin, my hips hurt... but other then that Im feelin fine. every pregnancy is different for sure. that's about all the advice I have ;)

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We are the 5 club!!!:joy

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lol, pinkmilk.
I still feel 'ahead'. I'm sure of my dates, so that's not it. I dunno. Just different. Must my my age!
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On baby #4 and feel like I could have written this myself....so tired, so winded, so sore....sometimes I feel like my pelvis is going to just crack in two! 

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Im 34 and this is my 12th baby, 17th pregnancy. I tell ya, my last one pg was rough, this one not as much. But i am sore, and feel like it is measurably harder than it was the first few rounds. I have to be careful about vitamins too, as i get so rundown. Each time we do this i think we feel it a bit earlier and a bit more vividly. Good luck wink1.gif hope its not too bad for you
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hi! I am new  to  these   forums and i am due late April.


This  is my   third  pregnancy,  and i am expecting a boy.My  firstborn is a  girl, Inés,and she  is  7, and my  second  is a  boy,  Teo,  he is 4. 


I'm 35  years old and I'm  an  English  teacher. We are Spanish (with  a  tad  of Finnish :-) blood)


I  really  feel like i need   to  talk  to other mums because  with  this pregnancy (which will  very likely be  my last) I'm feeling very paranoid .. and  it  has me feeling   very  sad, as i really  wanted  to enjoy  the  pregnancy and  of course i want   to  have  fun  with my  other  two kids   and not spend my  time  worrying   about   everything...


ANyway,since yesterday I've  been feeling like my    uterus is really    tight...i feel the  baby moving  around  a  lot but everytime he  moves i also feel braxton hicks  contractions...and basically i have  this uncomfortable feeling of  tight uterus....


my second child  was    born  at 35 weeks and i'm paranoid about  pretermlabour.... 


Is this normal¿?Anyone  with  a   third/fourth pregnancy around  here?


Thank  you erveryone  for reading!

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I have had irritable uterus (lots of contractions as well as being just 'tight' a lot of the time) since 19 weeks with my 4th prenancy, and it started at 26 weeks with my 3rd. It's a bit annoying but doesn't affect when I birth. With your history I would be best to talk to your doctor or midwife though.
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i ended up going to  hospital  yesterday...  turns out they   were  bh contractions...  but  everything is fine  they are not inducing  labour... cervix  is  pefctly fine.doc just recommended  taking   things    easy...


my scond   son  was  born early  due to water breaking because  of vaginal infection... i'm  hoping it won't happen again.... there were  no signs of labour or painful contractions though...


thank u  everyone...

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