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Weekly chat - October 26 to 31

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Seeing as I am still pregnant I've started the next thread.
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Our numbers are dwindling, firmfoot...that means it can't be too long, right?

My uncomfortable contractions are back, but still not regular. Yesterday was my due date according to my midwife...according to me, it's tomorrow...either way, there is nothing else I can think about. I had a dream this morning (after finally falling asleep at 6, having been awake since 3) that I was at some kind of celebration and pretty much every woman I've ever known was there. They'd all just had a baby...I was still pregnant. I've been dealing with this pre-labour nonsense for weeks. I know, logically, this won't last forever, but it sure feels like it will.
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My due date was yesterday, still nothing here! Not even any contractions. I've started getting the texts/emails/phone calls from friends and relatives asking if baby is here yet.
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Im beginning to wonder if I should have joined the November due date group?! This last month of pregnancy has been so full of surprises with the MAJOR changing of my "due dates" that Im beginning to wonder if this babe will give me a Halloween surprise! I just REALLY want an October baby at least...

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My due date was yesterday too. I had some contractions during the night...two. I don't know if I should be disappointed or happy about that.
My three yr old said this morning that it will be born today so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I also am hoping for an October baby but I don't want a Halloween baby.
I think I'll skip church today, I just can't face all the comments. Most of them know I am due around now.
Is anybody else thinking of nap time just two hours after waking up? I just could sleep all day it's strange. With my other pregnancies I had tons of energy and got a lot of things done.
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I'm still pregnant too. boo. I've been having pre-labor cramping/contractions and baby's head is down really low so my hips are achey and i keep getting her leaning on my nerves which shoots crampy pain down my inner thighs. super fun. I wake up every 90 minutes at night to pee, and she's really running out of room, i don't know where she thinks her feet are going... but out my side/into my stomach/lungs is getting really annoying- I want her OUT! My husband thinks today is the day, but i don't feel any different than yesterday or the day before. My midwife said I wouldn't go past halloween, and she's really intuitive. I'm starting to get really mad at everyone who says mockingly/teasingly "you know... it's your first baby, so you'll probably go a week overdue at least" STFU!!! this random lady walking down the street said it to me and I nearly flipped out on her. I would so much prefer "you look like you're about to pop" to the NEGATIVE and unsupportive former comment. Can't you see how goddamn uncomfortable, anxious, impatient, UNCOMFORTABLE I am?? ugh. 


I went to go see my friend who just had a baby yesterday and I got to say, even with all the diaper changing/feeding constantly it looks a hell of a lot better than feeling claustrophobic and unable to move in my own body. I have a hell of a lot more compassion for disabled people and fat people now. 

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Irielyn, I can only imagine how crazy I would be if my EDD was pushed back by weeks. If you think you're due in early October, you definitely expect a baby before November! I'm really hoping for an October baby and was so sure she would be (based on my history of birthing my other babies at 38 weeks), but now I have my doubts and am starting to worry about the pressure that will be put on me to induce, starting with the inevitable conversation about it at my prenatal appointment tomorrow.

Firmfoot, I'm tired enough that I feel like I could sleep all day. When I'm in bed at night, however, I can't seem to sleep.

Yogini, I get those nerve pains, too. I never had them in my other pregnancies. They're horrible.
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Gracisue...if they are going to push induction could you try asking if they were willing to monitor the amniotic fluid levels and heart tones until there is actually a need to induce? I know given my current situation if I had an OB or even a CNM through an OB practice they would have probably induced a LONG time ago.

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I definitely plan to ask about that! Hopefully it won't be an issue, since they usually induce 10 days after the due date...hopefully I'll have the baby by then! The way midwifery care is run in my province is fairly medicalized (though more in line with my views than the OBs) and, the area that I live in places even more restrictions on the midwives than they have provincially. For example, in my last pregnancy, I was transferred to an OB because I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The midwives are supposed to be able to keep a woman's care if she isn't insulin dependent (which I wasn't). When I asked why I was transferred, I got a standard "that's how it's done here" answer. I was able to get transferred back and somewhat change the policy (they take it on a case by case basis instead of all women immediately being transferred). I declined the test for GD this time (since I never really believed I had it), which already has my midwife nervous. I think she expects me to rock the boat at this point, but it's still pretty draining. If I was in your situation, the pressure would be incredible!
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I'm thinking of you ladies!! Here's hoping you all have your babies soon! 

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firmfoot, to answer your questions from the previous thread, i did have a midwife (two, actually) present at the birth. i think my real trouble was that i had switched from being on my knees in the bathtub to lying down on my back for pushing. i never thought i would be on my back at all, but it was allowing my legs to fall to the sides rather than having them close together and encumbered by the width of the tub. it worked to get his head out, but it wasn't working beyond that. maybe a mild dystocia, but i'm not sure. i do know that when i stood up and put one of my legs up on the edge of the tub, i was able to push him right out. i had read quite a bit about shoulder dystocia before this birth, so when they said, "okay, stand up", i jumped right up. 

they took a video of the couple of minutes from when his head was crowning (lying down) until his birth, so i can get a better idea of how things went down by watching that, but i haven't had the guts to do that yet. i've never seen myself in labor before, and i know the end was intense.


em, i love that picture of all your kids! it's adorable.

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Thanks for your reply Maine mama, that's actually encouraging to hear that a position change helped so much. Hope you are enjoying your baby joy.gif
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I miss suzie mccool, hope she returns!
My thoughts to all the pregnant mamas! :-) I hope you all get to meet your babies pronto!!
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How are you doing Iri? Fingers crossed that you're holding your baby!! 

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Oh Im holding my baby alright.....INSIDE of me!  bigeyes.gif  Im like a gestating elephant, this pregnancy may just last all year! But Im ok, even though I may sound annoyed, I still enjoy being pregnant and am relishing everyday that I have with just my 2 boys(my partner and son) before we 3 become 4. The hardest part is just the not knowing when part or how far along I really am, not much I can do now but wait....Im getting good at that. Im still thinking of the rest of us too and hoping we will ALL be holding our babes in arms before the end of the month!

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You are an inspiration, seriously!! I love your positive attitude so much! You will have your beautiful baby soon, I know it!

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today is my due date... and no baby... but I lost the plug!!! When I told my husband he thought it was some big serious thing that meant the baby is coming right now and my midwife happened to be there and catch it in a photo (he came home in the middle of the appt) ... so hilarious. I'm definitely having lots of cramping and BH, and have a feeling sometime in the next 48 hours she will be here.


I'm kind of upset and also simultaneously trying to not even think of this as a possibility- but the only other woman who is anywhere near close to my due date that my midwife is taking care of is due Nov 7th and also lost her plug today, had bloody show, and is also having cramping- and lives 45 minutes away. So we're both simultaneously having pre-labor symptoms and my midwife told me to rest and relax as much as I can because she doesn't want to have to not be in the same place at once. She says it's NEVER happened that she hasn't been able to make it to a birth because someone else was having their baby at the same time, but it's just really bad timing with us, and I trust her intuition if she's telling ME to chill and stay hydrated and blah blah blah to hold off on labor... that means the other lady is closer. So i'm hoping the other lady has her baby tonight/tomorrow early and then my midwife gets a little break... and then I can have mine-- because i feel like if I were to go into labor tonight it would probably be at the same time the other lady is having her baby but my midwife would already be at her birth- and i haven't even MET the backup (didn't even know I had one/who she is) and I would rather have an unassisted homebirth than have someone I dont know/just met come deliver my baby. 

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I went to my OB appointment today. I was thinking of cancelling but in the end I didn't. I shouldn't have gone though and am not going back till after baby is born.
She did the usual, bp, heart beat everything was normal as could be. I am measuring a little large but that doesn't worry me too much because I don't think it's extra accurate anyway.
The Dr checked me and said i am 2 cm open but that doesn't mean much either. Then the Dr said she will strip my membranes and before I got out of my surprise the deed was done. I didn't want it done I guess I need to think faster but I kind of expected her to ask before going ahead.
I don't like messing with my body artificially, it's usually not a good thing. I now feel crampy and crappy and I don't think it was effective anyway which is good because I want baby to come out when HE is ready and not because his environment is being invaded.
The dr also want to book me for induction on Saturday but I am cancelling that appointment when they phone. Saturday I will only be 41 weeks, what's the rush?! Baby will come when he's ready. Honestly, I am afraid to get induced. I hear it's really different from natural birth and also more painful. It also increases certain risks of baby malpositioning ect.
I was also sent for a non stress test which I passed no prob but which was probably useless and a waste of time anyway. I had t in the labor reception triage area and all that the non stress test did for me was stress me out a bit. I don't like dentists, doctors or hospitals ever since I was a little kid and being in the labor triage really reminded me what I am going to go through soon. greensad.gif I don't look forward to my hospital visit at all because this time I want to labor and deliver in the position I want and I know it's going to be a struggle to get my way. I have other requests but that one is important for me. I don't know if I can rely on DH support for this because I don't know if the hospital staff will persuade him that their way is better
I just want some peace and quiet to birth and would rather just birth at home and forget the whole system.
So my dr appointment turned out to be a little stressful.
Does anybody else enjoy sitting alone (as alone as you can get with a hubby and two kids) in a dimly lit room where there is not much going on and most importantly, where it is quiet? Lately I like that kind of peace.
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Firmfoot I totally relate to everything you said in your post! Hugs. I would resist induction at 41weeks too!!!!
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Firmfoot, first of all hug.gif. We seem to be in similar situations. Although, I didn't have a membrane sweep forced on me. I'm sorry that happened to you. I had my appointment with my midwife yesterday and, as I figured, we talked about induction. What I didn't know were the guidelines for my area. I suspected they were worse than they are provincially (and they are), but I didn't expect to be set up with a consult with an OB today, which I was. They had to set it up with whoever was on call. I'm quite lucky, since it was one of the better ones. My midwife said they like to induce at 10 days "overdue", but the hospital will only do two inductions a day, so they do some earlier. It's clear that she has no say in any of this, so I have to wait to talk to the OB about how I have no intention to induce based on what day the calendar says and certainly not earlier than they normally would for hospital convenience!
I keep hoping I'll go into labour before the appointment with the OB, but I'm running out of time. I woke up at 1:30 to a relatively (compared to what I've been getting) painful contraction. I went to the washroom and had some bloody show. I was excited and then...nothing. Well, four hours of no sleep and a big sobbing, messy breakdown, but no labour. It seems like I should be encouraged by the bloody show, but the only other time I had it before labour was 16 days before DS1 was born! I don't find it as encouraging as, perhaps, I should. My midwife kept saying she couldn't imagine I'd make it 10 days past my EDD, but would anyone have guessed I'd still be pregnant just under two weeks longer than my longest pregnancy?! I certainly didn't see it coming! Now I have to have a stressful conversation with a stranger about my body and how I don't want him messing with it...most people around here seem appreciative of early induction, so I imagine it's not a conversation he has very often.
I'm so done with all of this.
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