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Awww firmfoot I'm sorry about that :(


I have an appt today. I'm really hoping something has changed but I have a feeling nothing has!! I really am still not having any contractions or anything. Last night I had some period like cramping and got hopeful it would change in to something, but nope. Nada. My mom is coming today too (to be with the kids when labor starts). It will be fun to have her to hang out with... but hopefully its soon as I'll feel guilty if she's waiting around for another week.

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Thanks for all your sympathy ladies. I know we will all make it to the end without inductions even if we have to go the extra mile, in the end I know it'll be worth it.
gracisue this is also my longest pregnancy. My previous longest one ended at 38+? weeks so this Is all new for me but I know baby is doing ok in there.
I've had some painful contractions scattered throughout the night, especially when I got up to go to the washroom and bits of plug but I don't know if it's me or because of yesterday.
Anyway, I'm a bit grouchy still but I'll put a happy face on and spend time with my dear kids. My 3 year old is so sweet , she keeps telling me "tonight baby will come" I hope she's right. smile.gif
superbeans I hope your appt goes well. With my other two I don't remember having any big signs before labor I was just woken up during the night and I knew these were the real contractions.
One of my sisters also gave no signs of "wanting out" my moms water broke just like that and nobody believed her when she said its time. So anything can happen anytime. That's the nice thing I think we would get bored if it was the same each time.
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Firmfoot, that sucks that the doctor violated you like that. I would have been so pissed. :Hug


Graci, I hope your appt with the OB goes well. Stand firm!


Superbeans, good luck at your appt as well!

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Firmfoot, I hope your daughter's right and your baby comes tonight! My longest pregnancy before this one was 38+4 and my other two came at 38+2. This is a complete surprise to me!

So, my appointment went both better and worse than I thought it would, if that makes sense. The dr. started talking to me about induction and about how the risk increases after ten days after your due date, but I could go longer if I was more comfortable with that, so I don't have an induction booked! Then, for reasons that remain a mystery to me, I agreed to a vaginal exam, so he left the room, so I could get ready. Once I was on the table, pantsless, he decided to bring out the scare tactics saying that I should have a limit of how far I'll go because they might not be able to get me in for an induction in an emergency, so it could take me a week to get induced if things weren't looking good in an NST/biophysical profile. I have a hard time believing that. The weird thing is, though, that I really don't think he was actually trying to scare me. Maybe I misunderstood him. He has a pretty thick accent. Then he started the exam. Then he said "I'm going to sweep your membranes" as he began to do so. He had mentioned maybe doing it before the exam, but I never agreed to it. I have issues with vaginal exams in the first place. I'm doing better with it than I would have imagined, but it still bothers me.

Anyway, hopefully this all becomes a non-issue and I have the baby in the next week (preferably tonight).
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Oh my gosh I can't believe these drs with sweeping the membranes! Crazy! I would feel so violated. My dr had me schedule an induction just in case so it wouldn't fill up, but said I could do it anytime up to two weeks after.
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firmfoot & gracisue  stay strong!  doctors can be such bullies!  i have gone to at least 42 weeks with every pregnancy & my babies are healthy.  sometimes they just need to cook longer.  weirdly, my midwife insists that by examination, donovan was only 40 weeks (he even still had vernix which they say "overdue" babies do not have)--however, unless the pregnancy test i took was psychic, he was definitely 42 weeks.  i now believe that my 42 weeks is another woman's 40 weeks--if that makes sense.

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It makes sense.
My baby was covered in vernix & 9 days past her "due date." I think she was two hours past it, personally (ultrasound measurements changed my dates). I'm going to Google this vernix theory.
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Wow with the membrane sweeping.  That is some grade-A bullshit right there.  I had to specifically ASK to have my membranes swept, otherwise my midwives wouldn't have even done it - maybe suggested it, but that's it.  Of course, my midwives also took a slower approach to induction in general, which is why it took me 3 days to have this kid from start to finish.  :P 


gracisue - I actually think that's super crap about the not being able to get an induction in an emergency.  Hospitals have two categories - scheduled inductions and emergency inductions.  The reason they only schedule a couple is because they need room for the emergency ones.  I would ask the hospital if you're curious, but I wouldn't buy that excuse.


Sigh.  Seems like nobody gets to go overdue these days!  Unbelievable!  On a related note, did anyone see the ACOG news: http://www.mnn.com/family/babies-pregnancy/stories/what-is-a-full-term-pregnancy-docs-update-definition  They are changing the definition of "term pregnancy" to stop that whole notion that a baby at 37 weeks is always good to go.  Now, we'll have definitions such as early term, full term, late term and post-term.  I like that there is a difference between late term, which is delivering a week after the due date, vs post term which is 42 weeks or later. 


Again - love to all the still pregnant mamas, and hoping that you'll deliver soon!  (But if you go to November, you'd better not leave this group, cause it'll make me sad.  :P)

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2nd Ultrasound Update~Babes fluid levels went from 18.5 a week ago to 9.4 today, which is still good, they consider low 5 and under, they said that was normal to drop like that considering Im due any moment now. The OB and midwives still want to monitor fluid levels once a week and do NST twice a week until babe is born, since we truly have no idea how far along we are anymore. And Im fine with that, seems like a fair compromise. It just sucks because the only OBs in my area who offer parallel care to homebirth Mamas are an hour and 20 minutes away! I still wake up every day and hope that TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! And if everyone else has their babies before me thats fine, Ill still be here!  :thumb

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Rainy, it definitely sounded sketchy to me, too. I'm really hoping I misunderstood him. It didn't convince me to schedule an induction.

Em, that makes a lot of sense to me. In my case, I've always had seemingly 40 week babies a couple of weeks before my due date. I guess this one just needs longer.

I would definitely take the sweep if it was between that and an induction. I'm just upset that I wasn't really given a choice. I probably wouldn't have agreed to it today, but might have in the future from my midwife...in a week or so, if the baby wasn't born. I'm not sure when/if I'll get transferred if I go past a certain point. It wouldn't surprise me.

Surprise surprise I'm bleeding and cramping tonight. Hopefully it turns into something so I didn't go through that for nothing.
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Thinking of all of you! I admire how well most of you are handling still being pregnant. I would be a blubbering mess. I was due October 3rd, and if I were still pregnant I may be digging in my vagina to get it out (kidding....sort of) lol! I think of all of the preggos and non preggos all the time!

I'm having good and bad days, emotionally. John is six weeks old and the love of my life. He still isn't a great sleeper, and cries quite a bit. Cluster feeds A LOT!!!! I don't feel I'm getting emptied when he feeds and it is frustrated being extra swollen! He then acts hungry all the time. Frustrating. He is getting so big! I have to go back to work in six weeks and I'm so upset about it! I'm only going two days a week, my sister in law is keeping him, I trust her, but I'm still scared and sad about it greensad.gif I'm just now starting to be able to parent my other children, cook, clean, and do all the stuff I did before he was born.

I think I want another baby in a few years!!! Five kids just don't seem like enough! Lol.
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lots of cool astrological stuff coming up-- uranus-pluto square on november 1st (which would be a birthday of 11-1-13!) and a solar eclipse new moon in scorpio (double scorpio!) for a bday of 11-3-13 on Sunday! I think that's why I'm not minding waiting right now.... 10-30-13 would be cool but I do not want a halloween bday for my bebe!! and I don't think she's coming tonight... maybe tomorrow? who knows. what a mystery. I checked myself. definitely dilating- i'm like a 2-3ish and very effaced and moving anterior... so stuff is happening!!! 

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Graci it sounds like the exact same thing that happened to me with the sweep. Doctors need to realize that there are a few moms out there who don't like interventions very much and need to treat people more individually.
Anyway, today I am having uncomfy cramps in my back and lower abdomen that make it hard to sit and bend over without feeling all sore. They are not very close together but something is definitely happening. I have so lost my plug today.
I briefed hubby on my birth requests really stressing to him that I need him to either support me or not say anything when it came to the hospital persuading me to do things their way.
I confess I am a little nervous about the hospital this time, probably because I am more familiar with their routines. And I will hate to leave my kids even though I know my mom takes care of them really well but it's not the same.
Sorry if I'm complaining a lot today. It's probably my crampy back getting to me.
I hope somebody has a baby soon smile.gif
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Much love and strength to all the pregnant Mumma's!

I still check in regularly to see how everyone's doing, but replying is a little tricky these days. Katherine is 4wks old now and is just such a sweetheart, she has developed colic which has been difficult but I think we are on top of it now, with a combination of homeopathics and a few other tricks ( cue some long lovely showers with her ). We are settling in well to our new routines with her, everything except me preparing dinners... *hides shamefully* I am definitely regretting not freezing some easy meals while I was pregnant. So my amazing husband frequently comes home and cooks which is amazing, or we have take out sushi!

All the best to the Mumma's with babies in their bellies and lots of love to the Mumma's with babies on the outside! I hope your all doing well!
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Huge hugs & wishes of strength to you pregnant mamas!! You are almost there!!!

I'm getting social again! DF is out of town all week and back to work, and I had a friend visit last night, another one today, I'll meet another one tomorrow when I venture into town for the first time with baby via bus/baby in carriage, and a fourth friend visiting Friday. Then Friday night my lovely fiance is back home. My Bleeding seems over, knock on wood, and mastitis from Sunday-Tuesday is passed and I feel good.

I joined a local mom's group a few months ago & attended a group and posted on the online forum, but haven't really established any friendships yet....But one woman responded to a private message last week that seems so so promising since she had a baby girl a week before I did AND her sons are the same ages almost as mine AND she lives in my neighborhood. Hopefully she attends Monday's monthly get together when I go, and we meet live...or then she sets up a play date with me as I've offered via PM. Let's see. I hope that works out as my sons need more friends here very nearby (we moved here a year ago), & I'd love to know women in my neighborhood who have same age babies, and the combination is just too good to be true!!!
What are you ladies doing to not feel isolated, if you are planning to be home full time with baby for more than, say, 6 weeks?
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Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it! My boys went treating with dh tonight dressed as a zombie and a mummy. They came back with enough candy to last them the next 6months or more.

Serafina - I've been home for the last 6years and thankfully I have had an amazing group of mumma friends who've had babies around the same time as me, but they're all "done" making their families now. So at the moment Katherine and I are currently friendless when it comes to other mothers who are home during the day, and we're pretty busy with my older two boys. I'm also a bit weird right now, I love visitors don't get me wrong but I kinda hate so many people holding Katherine all the time, she's still so tiny and just needs mumma. I have one friend who always wants to cuddle her and then doesn't give her back even when she starts to cry.
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Ughh,Danielle, I feel the same way about visitors!! And I have a friend who does the same thing! It drives me nuts.
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Don't tolerate it. Your baby. You want her back you reach and scoop your baby into your arms. If you want to try social niceties then add a, "baby needs mama now" while doing it.

I guess I have no shame!!!! :-)
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That's actually not a bad idea, just saying she needs her mama. Hearing her cry makes me so, so anxious. 

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Sometimes I start to sweat when Ava cries. I think some sort of primitive fight-or-flight instinct gets triggered. 

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