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AND ITS A GIRL!!!!! :love  7 lbs 12 oz 21 inches, after an intense but amazing 4 hour labor she was born peacefully in the water at home at 1 am on All Hallows Eve, I got my October baby!!!! We are still working on how we want to spell her name(difference of opinion with the honey), but I want to spell it Izell Winonah Zhora.....Izell(Eye-zell) is a family name we fell in love with, Winonah is Native American for 1st born daughter and Zhora means earth worker. Ill get my birth story written and pictures up whenever I get the time but just wanted to give everyone an update! I STILL cant believe this has finally happened!!!! There truly IS an end...or shall we say beginning!  familybed2.gif

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Huge congrats Irielyn!!

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Originally Posted by slammerkin View Post

Sometimes I start to sweat when Ava cries. I think some sort of primitive fight-or-flight instinct gets triggered. 

Of course it does.  Mothers have evolved to take hearing their newborn cry pretty seriously, as caring attentively of newborns has been fairly critical to our species' survival.



Irielyn congrats!!!!!!!  :joy woot woot!!!!

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I freaked out every time John would cry, I mean pull over the car to comfort him even if we were right down the street from the house because I would start crying at the sound of his cries, up until a few days ago. He is 6 1/2 weeks and I do not feel compelled to jump up at a little fuss. I do not let him cry it out or anything, but I am able to finish a shower if he starts fussing while I am in there. lol


CONGRATS IRIELYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad this day has come for you!!!!!!

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Congrats Irielyn!!! 7 lbs 12 oz does not sound like a post term/late baby at all- she sounds perfect! 


I am still waiting. I feel crampy/backachey/chilled out today, so I'm hoping labor is just around the corner and we have our baby girl tomorrow. I checked my own cervix and it's definitely OPEN like 3 cm and so much weird mucus-y stuff is coming out- and I think the bag of waters is bulging because there is a round water balloon feeling thing in the middle. so.... halloween baby or a 11/1/13 baby is what i'm thinking. I went to the store to get caulophyllum thalictroides homeopathic remedy for softening my cervix even more... so we'll see what happens!


my husband is hilariously on edge about me starting labor. ANY thing i say indicative of it he gets all jumpy and excited. hahahah! 

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yay!!  congratulations, irielyn!!!  i'm so glad you got your october baby!

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:joyCONGRATS, Irielyn!!!!!!!! Sooo happy for you!! Finally! You must be on cloud 9!

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Congratulations, Irielyn!!! So happy for you!!!

I have a little news of my own! Ivy Helena arrived today! A beautiful Hallowe'en treat! 8lbs. 1oz. 20" 5 hours of active labour that was only really intense at the very end (because I was pushing before my water broke, which comes with a lot of pressure, apparently...I'd never done it before). That's on the long side for me and I actually experienced some early labour, which is unusual, too. Everything went really well and we're both doing great! I'll write a proper birth story later.
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Hooray! Huge Congrats to you too, Graci!!!! I'm loving the last minute October babies!!

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yay  for Halloween babies!  congratulations gracisue!!!

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yay for more beautiful babies! Congratulations Irielyn and Gracisue! enjoy these early days together! So special! xxx


Irielyn - Izell is a beautiful name and i just love that her names have such special meanings


Graci - I just adore your wee girls name! Ivy Helena is just stunning!

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Congratulations Irielyn and graci! Halloween babies!
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WE DID IT GRACISUE!!! Congrats to you and your family! :blowkiss

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Congrats graciesue!

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Me and all my kiddos!!!

I made his costume from red and white felt and a bag of popcorn!!!
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So cute, Abk!! Gorgeous family :)

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Ourbaby is here too! When I woke up Wednesday morning I turned over in bed and felt leaking. I never had any pee leaks but tried to convince myself that's what it was. Went on through out Wednesday so we want to the hospital Wednesday night. Turned out I was also having contractions and didn't know it! They picked up through the night and our little girl Hazel was born today (Halloween) at 3:24 after 1 hour of pushing. I did have a lot of tearing but otherwise pretty smooth smile.gif oh and I really disliked my nurse but that's okay because I loooooooved my doctor and he made up for it.

My kids just left the hospital in their Halloween costumes (George Washington and Barack Obama) funny that's how they were dressed to meet their new sister.
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Congrats to you all, Irielyn, Gracisue and Superbeans!  Oh my gosh, so many last minute October babies!  I love it so much!  We're so close to not having any more pregnant ladies - all mummas soon.  :)


abk - that costume is adorable!  Clever you.  :)


We went an old traditional route and chose the ladybug outfit - I was actually worried before she was born that it would be too small for her, but lo and behold, I popped out a 6 pounder, so all was well.  :)  It fit perfectly!



Happy Halloween!  :)

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congratulations superbeans!! 

awesome baby costumes!

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Congrats to you as well superbeans, that makes 3 in 1 day?! HOO-RAY!!! partytime.gif LOVE her name, very beautiful!

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