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So many Halloween treats!!!!
Huge congratulations!!!!!
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I posted before reading the other replies! Congrats on all these Halloween babies! And I love the popcorn and lady buy costumes
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I'm still pregnant!!!! and my midwife changed my due date- I realized that the "wheel" thing that calculates due dates bases it on a 28 day cycle- and my cycle (at least the 3-4 before I got pregnant) was 32 days long!! which makes my actual due date TODAY, November 1st, not October 28th, so I'm actually not late, and today is the due date... so far no baby or signs of labor except for crazy almost painful braxton hicks last night- so we will see!! I'm still hoping for today- 11-1-13 or 11-3-13- but not day of the dead nov. 2nd! I just don't want to hear it from my MIL because that's the day my husband's dad died and I can just hear her now saying "it's a shame that was the day your father died"... ugh. I get the whole anniversary of death thing but it's annoying after awhile- move on- my dad died march 31st, and it's not like every year we make it a day in mourning/national holiday like she does. 


so yeah- the point is- due date is actually today, i'm not "late", and I'm pretty sure based on my own self exam i'm 2-3 cm with bulging bag of water. awesome.


and congrats to all halloween babies!

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Congrats to all the Halloween babies today!!
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How many pregnant ladies do we still have? Thinking of you all!!

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I had Mathew on October 31 at 6:05 am.
During the evening and night I didn't even know I was having real contractions, I thought they were only Braxton contractions becaus they didnt regular and the tightening wasn't really in my back but more in my lower abdomen with big pressure down below. My water broke in bed with a pop when I decided I should go get some sleep and from the time it broke till Mathew was born it took only an amazing 2 hours.

This time hubby couldn't massage my back because I hardly had pain there, in fact I couldn't stand him touching my skin, it was like pins and needles when he did.
I was afraid it would be a long labor considering that he was bigger than my last two babies but it wasn't and I didn't even tear at all which is surprising since his shoulders got stuck. I had to push like crazy and my dr corkscrewed him out and they used suprapubic pressure. I believe if I had been delivering in my own position I probably would've avoided sticky shoulders. I want to ask my dr about that the next time I see her.
I really wanted to have a UC but it doesn't feel like the right thing to do without hubby being comfortable with it too. Hopefully next time.

Mathew, oct 31, 2013

Ps congratulations to all those who had their babies while I was gone, I was thinking of you all, and to those who are still waiting, I hope you have yours soon.
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firmfoot - congrats!  Oh, man, I can't believe the amount of Halloween babies!  It's too great.  It reminds me of the big flood of early October babies we had!  :)

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I had my baby Oct. 24th. We had him at home. He was posterior and large: almost 9.5 lbs, but labor lasted only 8 hours. I did have excessive bleeding, but my midwives controlled it at home. He nurses like a champ: at his one week appointment he already had gained weight.
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Congrats all you "new" mammas!!!!!!! So exciting to think of you all snuggling those tiny little ones!

My little one is 6 weeks old tonight!!! We had our 6 week checkup and she is 9lbs, 2oz . . . That means she's gained 3 pounds in 6 weeks! I'm so impressed, she is defiantly my best eater and sleeper.

Here is a post-feed chill out with mamma, and a picture of a typical morning as we start home school, hehehe!

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congratulations firmfoot & revolting!!

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Wow!!! Congratulations, superbeans, firmfoot and revolting!!!

I just realised I hadn't posted a picture of my little girl...that was weird to type. Honestly, I'm so used to having boys, I have a hard time not calling her "he" or "him"...I was used to calling her a girl when I was still pregnant, but it's become difficult again now that she's out! Anyway, here she is!

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Super cute babies, by the way, superbeans, firmfoot and eloise!
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Congratulations firmfoot, revolting and superbeans! 

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So that makes 5 babies born on Halloween?! A BIG congrats to you firmfoot for your Halloween surprise! :joy


:blowkiss Congrats to you as well revolting!!! Hope you are recovering ok, what a big boy!

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Congratulations to all the new Halloween mamas!! Yoginimama, I'm still thinking of you! You've come a long way and sound more peaceful and ready. <3
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Five new babies! Yay! Well done Mumma's!
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