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Sciatica! Yikes!

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Is anyone else dealing with sciatica? I am having horrible shooting pains from my right butt cheek down through the back of my leg. It is both really painful and really inconvenient. The leg collapses periodically and sort of locks up where I just can't put any weight on it. I asked my yoga teacher about it an she gave me some poses to try to open up the area and then I saw a massage therapist yesterday, but nothing so far has helped. If I am barely able to walk now, what is going to happen when I have two huge babies in there? I am sleeping with a pillow between my legs, but have a hard time getting comfortable and wake 4-5 times per night due to the discomfort.


Anyone found a way to ease it up? My next step is seeing a chiropractor I think, although I have never seen one before. 

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I'm trying accupunture for my hip issues, sometimes it really helps and sometimes not so much. I'm sure it's better than nothing. Let me know how the chiropractor goes.
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This is my 3rd pregnancy, and I have never had the sciatica like I do now... it sounds exactly like yours, on my right side as well.  I have found that if I do a few (or more) deeep deeep squats (w your butt way out) it seems to help?  So strange and random, but it really works for me.  Sometimes when it has gotten really really bad, I will have to hang out as long as my glutes will let me in a squat, I also have done a squatting stretch that I learned of "katy says" blog that seems to have the same effect...


The move where she's hanging out on all fours, I'll go back as far as I can (without my rear tucking, like she mentions) and just hang out like that for a while.  I'll get up, and pain gone!


Now it doesn't help when I'm at the grocery store or my kids school... there's been a few times I've tried to hide a little squat in to get some relief... haha.  I really hope it helps you... sciatica is sooo soo painful!

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(and sometimes if it's late in the evening, and I haven't taken care of it for a long time, I just can't beat it, I'll be down on all 4's every 15 mins to relieve it, finally give up and go to bed!)

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I had pain like this, but a couple trips to the chiropractor and maintenance visits took care of it and it has not been back.
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The chiropractor and homeopathic hypericum perforatum are the only things I've found that help.

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The pain hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday!  Was it all the sitting in the car to see the family?  The extra cookies triggered it?  Who knows...but I'm pretty sure I've got pelvic girdle pain instead of sciatica, nevertheless I felt suddenly incapacitated.  This of course started promptly at the beginning of my work shift.  Where I'm on my feet.  Constantly.  I was nearly in tears walking to my car.  Thank you for the squat link, I'm starting that ASAP!  Hanging out with my hot pack today, taking it easier than my life allows.  Will see the acupuncturist later next week.  Even though this stinks, it's been my worst symptom yet and I'm grateful for that.

Mothering › Groups › February 2014 Due Date Club › Discussions › Sciatica! Yikes!