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Our New Baby

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Hey ladies! Just wanted to tell you I had my baby boy on the 23rd. It was a long tough labor that ended up in a repeat cesarean, but I'm happy about it. I was trying so hard for a VBAC, and I gave it everything I had. Ultimate goal was to not leave the hospital traumatized or feeling robbed. I left feeling great! Of course I'm still healing and figuring out life with our new addition, but it's about 1000X easier than last time. It's amazing how one's emotional state affects the way the body heals. Anyway, here's our new baby boy. <3

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:blowkiss Congrats on your newest addition Mama, hes a cutie pie!!! Sorry things didnt go according to plan for you but its good that you are being so positive about it, thats the most important thing you can do to help recover faster, like you said.

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Congratulations, Dalia!  I'm sorry the VBAC didn't work out, but I'm really happy for you that you got to try and that things went well in the end.  :)  Super cutie!

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Thanks, ladies. I had a very traumatic experience with the birth of DS1. I had to be put under general anesthia because I was basically screaming and freaking out. The team I worked with this time knew about what happened and were determined, I mean DETERMINED to not have that happen again. Everyone was wonderful. I want to cry thinking about the lengths they went to help me through it. It was amazing.

Plus, I got a prize at the end!!! ;-) A new baby boy!!!
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Congratulations dalia!!! I'm so glad you had a positive experience this time smile.gif and your baby boy is so cute!!
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Congratulations, dalia!!
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Congrats dalia! What a nice full head of hair on your boy!

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Congratulations on your lovely prince, and congrats for having such an A+ awesome attitude!!!  :thumb

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Thanks everyone! Here's another pic of my cutie.

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Such a gorgeous little guy!
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Drunk on milk!!!

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Precious!! Hope you are healing well and enjoying your babymoon!
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