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Hi from Brazil

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Hi everyone! I am very new to unschooling on a practical level though not at at a heart level. I have never felt so relieved as when I found out about unschooling; i finally realised there was nothing wrong with me that i had to 'cure' myself of but that what resonated deep within me was always an unschooled way of being and living. It wasn't till my daughter was born three years ago that i started really listening to myself before listening to others and hence began accepting my 'unschooled' way of being and now recently started reading on it and suddenly i started feeling not so alone in my ways of being anymore. It's hard in Brazil because the concept of education is very outdated and the laws very fixed. There is a initial unschooling movement but it's veeeery fresh. I many times feel very lonely and in need of exchange with other unschooling communities because I don't find them here in Brazil. I feel better already just by introducing myself in this forum. Thank you all for receiving me here! I have only been really unschooling with my 3 yr old a couple of months ago and it's been fulfilling, difficult and so enriching in our growth and in our relationship. And here i am, with all of you, supporting and in need of support. Thank you!
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Hello ines! Welcome to Mothering! We are so glad you are here. You should check out our Unschooling forum. The link is above. We look forward to you joining in on the conversation and sharing your experience.
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