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TMI question

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Ok, this is kind of gross, but needs to be asked. I don't have a primary doc and need to know if it's worth calling the midwives for.  Since my Cesarean I've noticed some bleeding (bright red blood) when I go to the bathroom (#2.) At least every few times I go, I would say. It usually is accompanied by some sharp pain too. I had not noticed blood in the stool itself until this morning, which alarmed me. Could this be related to complications from the surgery? :(

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IF it's vaginal bleeding: You're 3 months post partum, right? (I'm going on past posts.) Bleeding bright red blood and most lochia usually stops in the first week or two. The bleeding of bright red blood after the lochia stops can mean many things. Yes, you should call your midwives or the doc who performed your C Birth and let them know.


With my 2nd baby (2nd C Birth) I was bleeding vaginally bright red blood around 11 weeks. My lochia had stopped weeks earlier. I also had a 2 year old. I called my OB/midwives office. The midwife called me back and asked me some questions (I wasn't having any pain that I remember, maybe some light cramping) and she discerned that I was doing too much and moving around too much. She put me on moderate bed rest, baby nursing constantly and toddler kept in the room with us, as she didn't want me chasing toddler around and making things worse. I was put on a "NO cleaning, no laundry, NO errands" bed rest.  Mine was from doing too much too early. The bright red blood (which she assured me was NOT a period) was simply by body's way of saying "Slow down!" The bleeding stopped in a few days and I was more careful about wearing myself out after that.


Even though it wasn't a period, I knew from my beginning studying lactation that ANY bleeding after lochia may be a forewarning of ovulation, so we used birth control methods after that. I had my first two 26 months apart and I KNEW I didn't want kids any closer together than that, nor did I want to lose my milk to a too early pregnancy while DD2 still needed it.


Now, I'm not a midwife or an OB, so I have no idea if your situation was the same as mine. If I were you, I'd certainly call the midwife or the OB who performed the C Birth and let them know you are bleeding, how much and for how long.


If it's rectal bleeding: It could well be a hemorrhoid. Most Mamas have them, no matter how our babies were born. Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on the veins in the rectum and can cause some blood vessels to expand and extrude from the anus. (Fun, huh?) If it's only a hemorrhoid, you can treat it with OTC ointments or just Witch Hazel packs. I used to make my own with cosmetic pads and a bottle of Witch Hazel. It it's a LOT of blood or happens when you haven't been straining at stool call your HCPs. Otherwise you can treat it at home.


There should be no rectal bleeding caused from a C Birth. The anus and rectum aren't even involved in the surgery, but pregnancy puts strain on the blood vessels and causes hemorrhoids. Also, eating foods that help keep the stool soft (but not runny, that will only make them worse) will really help.


Good luck. I hope it stops soon and you feel better! :Hug 

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Call your doctor. I had 3 c-sections and with each one I did bleed up to 6 weeks after the births, one was a bit longer because I had a tubal. Bleeding definitely lasts longer than a couple weeks like the person before me stated. That's just not something to go on for truth anyway. Calling your doctor is the best thing. Every person is different and responds differently to everything. All women who have had c-sections won't be the same just as all women who have had vaginals won't be the same.


Feel better soon!

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Thanks for the replies. It was rectal bleeding. I have not seen a doctor about it yet as it doesn't seem to be too bad.

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Many women are constipated after delivery due to lack of movement, fluid imbalances, meds, hormones,etc... If it is bright red anal bleeding, its possible you've strained somewhere and have a little tear or a fissure. With ds1, I had painful bm and red streaking for months, I am pretty sure I had a fissure but was too embarrassed to get it checked out, so I just suffered for awhile. I had some minimal red blood with ds2 that resolved itself by taking some stool softeners.
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